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I will be doing a lot more frequent updates over on my patreon! You can see sneak peeks of upcoming projects, my written novel ( I have published the first book will be available soon) My graphic novel, WIP wire sculptures, and apparel designs! Come check it out! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!! 
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I'm still chugging away trying to catch up on work! I have some amazing news for all of you!

Randall I are finally engaged!! He proposed to me! Here is the story of how he did it:

For those that couldn't be with us yesterday here is the short story of how he proposed:
My fiancé and I had been together for eight years and I was beginning to think he would never pop the question. yesterday December 12th, he took me to breakfast where two members of his family from Indiana met us. This was a surprise. They said they were in town and wanted to see us. Somehow I had the idea for them to see "wild lights at the Columbus zoo" I had wanted to go for three years and it seemed like a good interactive activity. Little did I know this was what he wanted me to do.
He had planned this for a month. Even though I thought it was my idea, we arrived and were met with all of our closest friends. He had royally screwed up my bday this year so he covered saying this was a surprise party to make up for it. He purposely bickered with me all day so I would not think anything were out of the ordinary.
He is just that way. Ha-ha.
We walked around enjoying the lights whilst I helped herd our group, not wanting anyone to get separated in the dark. Suddenly, my boyfriend stopped and all my friends made a circle. I thought we were just taking a picture, when suddenly, my boyfriend turned to thank all of them for being there. There were tears in his eyes and he turned to me. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. One of our friends perfectly captured the moment when he asked me, and the embrace when I said yes. He got me a tanzanite and diamond ring because he told me I am more unique than just a plain diamond. He used to work in jewelry. I am so happy after eight years to start this new chapter with my soulmate, and so blessed to have such great friends that share our lives!

[b]I am currently in the process of creating a patreon because we REALLY need funds so I can afford my art materials and also jumpstart my novel and graphic novel! I have already completed the first 10 or so Chapters that exclusive patrons will get to read before they are released, and there will also be other opportunities such as possible wire sculpture commissions! [/b]

I have had no access to my large computer as my office is temporarily being rented so I haven't been able to work on the last staggering commissions I owe. ALl of the started sketches and customer files are on that computer. However I do have my cintiq and have been working on my wire sculptures as well, so I can continue to create new things. I hope a lot of my loyal followers will take this opportunity to help me continue to create and support a story I think will touch a lot of people!

I'm engaged by shottsy85
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                                           Shottsy Arts- Twisted Tails will be at Bronycon for our 3rd year! Find us at Booth #410!!

  • We have a LOT of new items, and will be heat pressing t-shirts and our awesome bags right at the show so it is unlikely that we will not have your size in stock if it is a size we carry! 
  • We carry sizes S - 2XL and they do run large, but if you are worried that we don't have your size and are going to want one of our awesome designs, you are allowed to bring your own articles of clothing for babies, children, or larger plus sizes and we can press at the show for you, for 25% off! 
  • We also have brand new awesome wire sculptures, and lots of other rare merchandise and collectibles including some G1 ponies! Hope to see you there!

                                         Bronycon 2015 by shottsy85
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It appears that there is a new policy that vendors who are not accepted to the con also can not share space with friends and sell their wares. I have been a vendor at Trotcon the past two years, but sadly we did not get accepted for a booth this year, apparently along with a lot of other regulars. So, while this is sad news to all of you hoping to get some of our brand new pony designs: 

Luna Dreamwalker by shottsy85

Or those that didn't get the chance to get any of our epic designs from last season (still available): 

Chrysalis Transfer Design by shottsy85

I live literally 5 minutes from the convention and am happy to make arrangements for any patrons coming into town for Trotcon that would like to buy prints, Messenger Bags, T-Shirts, or Buttons of the items we have in stock! 

Note me on here, or Message me on our Facebook Page to make arrangements!

Rarity Laptop Messenger Bag by shottsy85Big Mac t-shirt and Bag by shottsy85

We will also still be attending all of the following conventions: 

  • The My Little Pony Fair: Chicago, IL - June 27th - 28th (Shottsy Arts-Twisted Tails table, will be next to The New Gray Mare)
  • Anthrocon: Pittsburgh, PA-July 9th - 12th - (Tables O-17 and O-18)
  • Bronycon: Baltimore, MD - August 7th -9th (Booth #410)
  • Matsuricon: Columbus, OH - August 14th-16th
  • (We are attending Dragoncon for Market research and are still looking for a room we will of course split the cost and I may even do some art! )
  • Youmacon: Detroit, MI -October 29th -November 1st
  • Ponyville Ciderfest: Milwaukee, WI - November 20-22
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Here are the following Conventions you will see me at this summer and fall! I will be bringing my shirts, bags, buttons, and wire sculptures to share with all of you! I hope to see some of you!

The My Little Pony Fair: Chicago, IL - June 27th - 28th (Shottsy Arts-Twisted Tails table, will be next to The New Gray Mare)
Anthrocon: Pittsburgh, PA-July 9th - 12th - (
Tables O-17 and O-18)
Trotcon: Columbus Ohio- July 17th- 19th
(We didn't get our own booth this year, so you can locate me at The New Gray Mare's booth)
Bronycon: Baltimore, MD - August 7th -9th (Booth #410)
Matsuricon: Columbus, OH - August 14th-16th
(We are attending Dragoncon for Market research and are still looking for a room we will of course split the cost and I may even do some art! )
Youmacon: Detroit, MI -October 29th -November 1st
Ponyville Ciderfest: Milwaukee, WI - November 20-22

I am also going to be attending one day of NYCC in hopes of networking and finding a potential background artist for my graphic novel I also have in the works! Busy busy busy I am! Keep your eyes out for update, and the launch of my store website and Patreon as well! Lots of great opportunities for anyone who supports me and my art! 

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Today was my birthday. It didn't go as I hoped, but I still feel grateful for all the things I have achieved so far, and the friends and family I have in my life. I feel sad about certain things going on right now, but also hopeful and excited for what the future will hold. My dad is getting me the greatest gift I could have asked for which is my very own heat press which wasn't cheap. We will be able to save money in the long run by not having so much inventory and overstock of designs and be able to press on demand when my store launches! I am so grateful he is investing in me and my business a bit.

I will be trying to update more soon, been super busy clearing out and cleaning the final bits of our old apartment but we are officially DONE with it! At least as far as I know.. Now I have to finish unpacking and organizing our current place. Anyways I miss you all! Keep your eyes out for my Patreon launch! I could really use support so I can pay bills and keep making art! I'll have lots of great rewards for my supporters!

I hope to accomplish a lot in this chapter of my life.

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This year has been one of the hardest so far, but through all my trials and emotional stresses, I am happy to at least know I got into my favorite convention! This will be our third year selling and I can't wait to hopefully see all our familiar brony friends, and maybe meet some new ones. Last year my grandma passed just a few days before and I had to fly out to meet my boyfriend and friend immediately after her funeral, and barely had any time to set up. The amount of support I got from the brony community and fellow vendors was so unexpected and something I will never forget.  Thank you again. I hope we have a very successful bronycon this year too, as it seems we are doing a lot less cons this year. 

I sadly had to forfeit my spot at Babscon because of financial reasons and timing, but thanks to the awesome :iconpurpletinker: I may still be able to ship some product there! Be sure and stop by her booth if any of you are in need of a really high quality laptop bag with an epic pony on it! I am sending very limited supply so get there soon! 

Otherwise I am picking up production on my graphic novel project again and may be creating a patreon with some really awesome perks and prizes for those that want to help me get it off the ground! 
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Hey, to any of my watchers that perhaps live in the Ohio area my boyfriend and I are looking for a male or a couple in the columbus ohio area that would like to rent the third bedroom in the duplex we are in the process of moving into. It is a 3 bedroom 2 story with 2 and a half baths so you would have your own bathroom. 1400 a month split 3 ways or 4 if a couple is interested. 

Things fell through with our original planned roommate so we are in dire need of a third or couple. I am a full time artist and work from home, and we make t-shirts and messenger bags. Would love a fellow art lover, or artist that is cool with two hard working but fun individuals! Also must be ok with cats, be ok with not having or bringing pork into the house (we are jewish) must also not be bigoted in any way, be respectful and clean. If interested please message me on here for more information! 
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Hello everyone! As some of you may know, my best friend was told by her husband of 10 years that he doesn't want to work on the marriage, and he basically wants her to leave. He doesn't support her as an artist or as a free spirit who wants to believe in whatever she believes. She is moving in with us, but after 10 years of being a good wife, cooking, cleaning, and helping her husband, he is planning to kick her out with nothing. She needs money for a lawyer for her hearing in one week. Please help a fellow artist, Pegasister, Writer, Creative. She is selling my little ponies and doing customs. All of the info is below. She is my best friend and we will all be grateful if you can help her! It will be helping all of us!

[b]From her words:

"Hey everybody! I seriously need to make some sales as fast as possible. The short story is, I need to pay for a lawyer so I can be as prepared as possible at a (divorce) support hearing next week. I have been adding new things to my website, as well as creating a GoFundMe: Please help! "[/b]
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Hey everyone! I went ahead and FINALLY gave in and did it! I am stil not quite sure how it all works, or what I'm doing, but Shottsy Arts now has a Tumblr presence! Please follow us and reblog to show your support!
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Sorry I haven't posted much. My boyfriend and I were taking some time to decompress after the business of Bronycon. Lots of things have happened recently. My grandmother died a couple days before Bronycon, which was sudden and sad, but she had a long and wonderful life. My family also finally sold our farm that has been in the family since I was three. It's good it sold, but sad to see it go also. It wasn't doing anyone any good sitting there, but being a money pit, and this way the whole family can get some funds out of it, but my best childhood memories were on that land, so it's sad. At least I got some good pictures. 

Today is also my boyfriend and I's seven year anniversary together! We have had our ups and downs. One messy breakup two years ago, and lots of struggles, but through it all we are still together, and in many ways he has been a huge inspiration and support for me and my art. Very soon I will have more work with a graphic novel project I am working on hopefully posted to this gallery. More of my WIP can be seen on my business facebook page at

Next convention Shottsy Arts- Twisted Tails will be at is Matsuricon here in Columbus Ohio- August 22nd - 24th.
Then after that we will be at Youmacon in Detroit Michigan! 

So lots of work will be being done between then and now! Got some exciting things coming up soon! 

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We have finally finished weeding and masking hundreds of transfers, and just yesterday we finished the last of the heat pressing! We are really excited for Bronycon this year! Lots of new products including new lunch bag coolers, new t-shirt and laptop bag designs, and lots and LOTS of merchandise! We have the potential to actually hit our business goal, and hopefully finally get a bit out of debt and really get things going! Still need a new print head, and are saving for our own heat press. 

Things have overall been going very well here. My grandma did pass away just a few days ago, which me and my boyfriend are very sad about. She was a wonderful, awesome, positive, and inspiring woman. She lived a very full life and died at the age of 91. Even though she lived such a long great life and I have no regrets it just is never enough time. It also is terrible timing as I have to go to he funeral thursday and then fly out straight to the convention right after. I know she would have wanted me to go, though. She was always so supportive of my art and career, so I am hoping to do extremely well for her. 

You can find us at booth #106! Look for all my wire sculptures and epic ponies! 
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Going to be at the My Little Pony Fair with my affiliate :iconnewgraymare: I will be selling our bags and shirts at her table "The New Gray Mare" She has LOTS of awesome G1 all the way through G4 ponies for all you collectors out there, as well as lots of other creative goodies, including pony chocolates!! For all those going hope to see you there! 
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I am so honored and happy with how many amazing compliments we got on our work! This year was our best ever Trotcon! Even with the setback of being placed directly next to competition without realizing it until it was too late, we made our minimum goal, made new friends, and got some new exposure! I talked myself hoarse having to get attention and draw people to our booth with a neighboring vendor that seemed to pretty blatantly be heavily inspired and ripping off our "Epic Series" designs. We even had some people who passed by our competition first go, "Wow I wish I had seen yours first!" One really awesome patron, however, decided to buy one of ours as well even after just having purchased what my hilarious, no shame having, boyfriend was lovingly calling "the knock off brands". Then he did an awesome promoting video blog of our items!
You can see the video here: 

Just goes to show that people can spot quality, and also appreciate original art. You can also see my wire sculptures that have not yet been photographed and put up on DA yet, as well as some work by our affiliate and best friend at The New Gray Mare. 

I will be going with her in the next two weeks to Nashville to the My little Pony Fair, and we will have our bags and shirts there as well, so be sure and stop by! After that we will be at Bronycon. 
The Vendor Map has now gone live, so you can find where we will be selling our wares ahead of time and do your best to make it over! Supplies are limited and if there is a specific bag or shirt design you will want be sure and make it over! New pictures of our brand new bags will be uploaded soon! 

We are Booth # 106
Hello Everyone,

I have some news.. Our beloved one year old Bengal, Marbles that was a birthday gift for my boyfriend last year after we were ready to move from the loss of our beloved cat Spike has the same affliction that wound up taking Spike from us. He has urinary crystals and blood in his urine. We have to get x-rays and they will tell us the next steps. The vet bills are already high, my birthday is at the end of this month and his is May 16th.. Not a great thing to happen for our birthdays. He may need surgery or just expensive food so I am asking for donations.

Please understand I am already swamped with work and art so I may not be able to do art in exchange although I will try and do something if time allows. I am also streaming again sometime today if I am not at the vet. If you wish to donate please send money to our

paypal at :

and note me that you donated so I may at least tell you a huge thank you!!

Please spread this around we dont want to lose another cat especially not one so young. Pictures of him below:

*Marbles is the Light colored one that is his gf Raisin*………

Marbles is full of personality! Please help us give him the best care we can! I will at least do my best to do some sort of thank you! Again please help us help Marbles and spread this around!

My Mac Pro is being backed up to Carbonite. I figured it would be a good investment since our business is being started. Also my computer has been making a really bad internal clicking sound, so I will have to be taking it in.. SOON after that as I get time I will start working on giving my DA an overhaul and updating, and making it just all around more professional looking. So look forward to that! 

Also Shottsy Arts will be attending Matsuricon in Columbus Ohio this summer! Got accepted and table is all paid for! Hope to see some of you there!
Shottsy Arts -Twisted Tails just got juried in to the artist alley at Anime Crossroads!
Date Friday, December 13, 2013 @ 10:00 AM ~ Sunday, December 15, 2013 @ 4:00 PM

For those near Indiana the address is: 2544 Executive Dr Indianapolis, IN 46241

We will be selling my sculptures, wire sculpture pendents, prints, t-shirts, and our messenger bags! We will have the designs that have been posted on here as well as some new designs! Hope you will stop by if you are able to attend! 
Shottsy Arts-Twisted Tails is back from Bronycon and we did awesome! Thank you everyone that came by and saw us, and an even bigger thank you to all those that purchased from us! We truly appreciate everything! I can't wait to do it again! We will be opening our own site in the near future where I will have a store of my products, and my sculptures! Now I am taking a bit of a rest as my hands have been hurting.
My Design just went live today! It was actually accepted and we REALLY hope to win! Please please make an account on and vote for the green iguana!… If it wins it will be made into an adorable plush!