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Goomba army

A wallpaper I made for work using the current beta of the new Blender release coming out in April. Testing the new particle system... yes that is right. These guys are billboarded particle effects.

Freaking awesome.

Anyways, this is what is considered a "sketch" or "test" in Blender, but it looks awesome. So it is a deviation. SO THERE... the actual size of the image is 3200x1200 for dual 1600x1200 res monitors. This is my background at work currently.

Goombas belong to Nintendo

.... Mark 2 Available: [link]
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The goomba's are revolting!
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Hope Mario laced dim tennies:sprint:
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Well, on the bright side, you will get a LOT of points.
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this is terrifying.

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Mark 2 available
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hmm... should add top hats.
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o.o and if you know any flash....make them do a little wiggle @_@
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Could add it to the particles, but that would increase the file size by at least another 12mb. Flash wouldn't be able to support the number either.
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haha! Are these planes with mapped images? Woaaa, they're so many. I now hear the music of Super Mario Bros. in my head. hehe! ;p
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Ugh, it is about 7500 goombas in the scene, raytracked with cubic lighting... a new feature as well, but I used to have the new atmospheric generated sky in the background, but it made things take too long to render.
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haha! That must have been tough. :phew:
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Blenders upcoming particle system allows you to do plains always facing the camera in a single step. Making this render (ok presentation setup and render time always take MUCH longer) pretty damn easy.
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