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Couch World chase scene by ShotgunDude Couch World chase scene by ShotgunDude

This chase scene will be featured early in one of my planned live-action videos about the Couch World, a fictional dystopia, I made up, that happens to be in every couch on Earth and can actually be visited if you lift the correct cushion on your couch. You can find out more about the Couch World in the description of this folder:…

In this story, my fictional roommate, Samuel Daniel, and his grandpa both get pissed off, when they want to watch TV and both can't find the remotes for their TV's. But when I try lifting one of the cushions of our living room couch to see if one of the remotes are under there, all three of us suddenly get sucked into the couch, transporting us to the Couch World. We walk around the Couch Word, looking for the remotes, as Samuel and his grandpa both get more pissed off, when they still can't find their remotes.

Much later on, we meet the Annihilator, a mysterious hooded man in a gas mask, armed with a .12 gauge Remington 870 shotgun, two Beretta 92 pistols, and a samurai katana sword with a red grip and black ribboning. Apparently, he often ventures into the Couch World, either to retrieve things that the couch trolls have stolen from him or just to put an end to their evil, once and for all. When we tell him why we're here and that we don't even know how to get home, he decides to spare his time to lead us to our destination, since he's used to having to go to the Couch World to retrieve his belongings.

After walking a bit, we find an abandoned red 1969 Dodge Charger R/T that's actually a replica that was built in the Couch World, because the couch trolls have been using our remotes to change the channels on our TV's to other programs in order to learn how to make replicas of our civilizations. In order to get to our destination faster, we get in the dystopian Dodge Charger and ride off in it with the Annihilator behind the wheel. When we finally reach the couch trolls' base, sneak in, and retrieve our remotes, the couch trolls spot us and attack us. We manage to fight our way back to our car and floor it out of there, but the couch trolls send their units after us in heavily armed vehicles, such as spaceships, hovercrafts, and replicas of WWII aircrafts.

Not long after the couch trolls catch up to our car and start shooting at us, we hear a loud whistle on the other side of some tall hills beside us. The hills pass by to reveal an enormous freight train storming beside us. The train is being hauled by engine #561, a replica of one of the L1s 2-8-2 Mikado type steam locomotives that were built and operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR). Now, our only options are to follow the train or somehow get our car onto the train for safety and to get farther, without getting stuck anywhere.

I actually love how this turned out! I think I did fairly well on the motion blur, and I don't think I ever drew a train more realistically. But as usual, I'd like to hear what your thoughts are. And in case anyone is wondering, the dark blur next to the blue couch is an oversized TV remote, but I think I used too much motion blur on it for it to be recognizable as a remote. But at least you can clearly see the giant TV remote behind the mountains in the background, right?

HOWGIRLSDOSPACE Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
a lot going on here, cool
ShotgunDude Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks. And this is just concept art.
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