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I know I have been rather uinnvolved here for the past while. DeviantArt just hasn't excited me in the past while. It may be the combination of all the 'bad stories' I keep hearing about DA, the way it feels more like a business than a community, the fact you can't sort the 'most popular' view to show only certain categories(its either all or one), and that I am just not getting enough attention here anymore - I only seem to only get attention on recently uploaded art and continued attention on things I don't want to have that much attention, while the stuff I do is ignored. Plus, I am already updating to 3 other locations(because of this, I will often wait a day or two before uploading here). One of them is my website that I put a lot of work and continue to do so. What is the point of visiting it when a person could just come here? Uploading a thumbnail and a link to my site just doesn't seem to work here. Because all of this, I decided to only upload big projects or pieces I just don't deem worthy of my website.

If you are one of the few people wanting to keep up to date on all my art, you can see my Tumblr at:
or directly at my website:…
You will need to if you are interested in my SuperUltraMega comic, as I don't upload that here anymore.
If you havent noticed already, I have been uploading some comics recently. However, they have been uploaded in "clumps" rather than on seperate days. this is because this isn't the only place I have for sharing them. The other places are at:
My personal website. It goes here first. It also has its own page there:

I also have a Tumblr acount. The comic goes here second.
You can also view it from my main website.

Yes, I also have a Facebook Page for it.

So many choices! To bad there wasn't a way they could ALL be viewed from my website(like with my Tumblr), though I have been looking into that..
For some time now, I have been contemplating about my account here on dA and with my upcoming project, I've been contemplating even more. The issues I have is how I feel that my gallery is a bit messy, partly because I've gone through so many subjects and art styles and feel that I have gone far beyond then now(especially the weapons).Another issue is how I no longer want to be seen as a certain type of person that some of my past art may represent(such as how my "Weapons of Destruction" art is still my most popular art). That brings me to my next issue: my user name. It no longer represents myself. I came up with it back when I had a major obsession with weapons(mainly from games, though. I have limited personal experience with real weapons.) and had thought it would be "the coolest". While they did bring in a name change option, this requires a premium membership, of which I have some separate issues with. In all honesty, I am rather conservative at spending money(along with not owning a credit card). Furthermore, I never really had that feeling of "community" from dA(though I do get this from Jalopnik and Newgrounds), but rather, that it is a company, here to do business. Therefore, I would be giving my money to a business that is here to make that money, rather than a community that came together to provide a good service to people, with my money just being a donation to help them out(I suppose that was a little deep, but I'm just being honest. Doesn't cover that I'm not much of a spender, though).

I do have a few possible ideas for solutions to these, but I am not sure which one to use.
First, I could just tidy up my gallery, move unwanted art to the scrap gallery and just deal with leave my username alone.
Second, I could do the previously mentioned solution, but give in and pay for a membership, JUST to change my name once.
Third, I could make a new account just for my new project, keeping this one for all my other art work and deal with having two accounts, logging in and out to check messages.
Fourth, I could do it the old fashioned way of completely closing this account and making a fresh account, dealing with re-setting up my clubs and watches, along with me losing all the past comments and others losing their faves of my art.
Finally, I could forget all of those and just use my own personal site for my project, only posting links to it from here(in comparison to uploading all of it as a deviation).

Will anyone actually post their comments about this, so they can help me?
After quite some time, I have finally finished making myself a new site and got it up and running.

If you look in the Pictures section, you will find art of mine that I do not have here.
Let me know what you think of it and please report on any problems you come across.
Well, I got "The Orange Box" for Christmas and yesterday decided to try Team Fortress 2.
Just as I hoped, it was fun.
I've seen plenty of it on the internet and though it would be a fun game. Not only did I like the art style, but the overall design of the characters and the weapons/items they use. It appeared to be well balanced design, too.
I haven't tried out all of the classes and game modes, but I'm going to get a feel for the game before I get really involved.(I have played other class-based shooters before, though.) When I first played it, I tried the Offense class, but kept getting killed. So I switched to the Defense class. I started with the Engineer, but when things started to heat up, I switched to the Demo Man. I didn't do to bad with him. I'll be trying out the other classes the more I play.
I kinda wonder what would be "my" class. I thought it was the Scout, but I'll have to build up some experience before I can use him effectively. For now, it's the Demo Man. I like grenade launchers and sticky bombs anyways.

If you know of any good servers, please let me know. That would be nice.
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If there is something to be said about adults making child pornography, then wouldn't there be something to be said about children(minors) making adult pornography?
I'm back now!
Well, actually I've bee back for a while,
I've just been busy with moving in
and no one bothered to comment on my last journal,
despite the fact I put actual work into that one.

Oh well, I did some drawing in my free time.
Maybe some of them will appear in my gallery in the future.
Well, I'm gonna be gone for a possible while, as I'm going to be moving. It's a big one. I'm gonna be moving from medicine Hat, Alberta to just outside Sault Ste. Marie(pronounced Soo Saint Marie), Ontario. That's about 2400 km, or 1491 miles.

My parents bought a house there and I'll be coming along. We took a trip down there to get the house and I really liked it there. We camped while we were there. There's lots of that and many other outdoor activities there. Turned out to be bit of a vacation!

It's definitely different from the prairie I grew up on. A lot of water, hills and it's almost an entire forest! A lot of photography opportunities! The people we met there where very kind. We had stopped and waited by the office for the house we got and had a bunch of people come up and ask if were were ok! Some even chatted for with us! It's still Canada, though, so it's not too different.

Don't get me wrong, though. Medicine Hat is a nice city, but I've come to believe that it's a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to stay. The people are nice, but underneath a lot of them, they just care about the money.  Not to mention some of the stuff here is real expensive. It's also extremely dry for a place with lots of water. I went to the college here, but decided not to return, as some of the stuff in the course would have been a waste and some of the teachers are assholes. There's a couple colleges in Sault Ste Marie, so I could always return to college if I wanted to. It was nice to experience Medicine Hat(I especially liked the Vintage Vehicle Club), but I just ain't staying.

I know I haven't been doing much here, but I do have some projects in the works. Some vehicles, some weapons, more photos, but also some characters. I'd really like to get that Character Turnabouts done, so that will be the main thing. I've also got another character I'd like to do and I'd also like to try making myself into a character. It will all have to wait till later though. I may get something up before the move, though.

I hope to do a lot more of a lot more there, rather than wondering what to do, then not having the motivation to do much of it. However, I will be needing a job when I get there. I will try to get something I would actually like, but a persons gotta take what a person can take.

To think...I'll be doing that trip in my unrestored Arrow.
Maybe that's what I'll put up, photos of my Arrow.
Will just have to wait and see.

See ya later and take care while I'm gone!

(Hmm, maybe I should do more journals too. This was kinda nice to do.)