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June 13, 2024
Geoladaeg by Shotechi
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[middle earth shenanigans]

In TA 3003, Démaraeth, Thane of Elthengels, is ambushed and succumbs to a poisoned arrow. His oldest son Démawine succeeds him, suddenly thrown into great responsibility as leader of his home district in the Sutcrofts of Eastern Rohan - a position the 21-year-old doesn't in the least feel ready for. His younger brother, however, has no desire to support him in his office: Démagud is busy making mischief with the Captain's daughter, Hroswyn, and the way these two lovebirds can't seem to keep their hands off another is certainly raising eyebrows around town... On Geoladaeg (Yule day), Démawine is officially appointed as the new Thane, but over the course of the celebration it becomes apparent how much the rift between the two brothers is growing. 


Wild ride, this. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to make this piece DIN A3, and completely coloured pencil? XD I've been working on this since October, and the past months have also been the final stretch of my graduation film, which now only needs its music and sound finished before I can officially close it. Anyway, this thing was mental. My favourite part of the process was when I took 5 hours to transfer the sketch, only to realize I had put it on the wrong side of the paper. 
It took some pretty heavy editing, other traditional artists would probably call this blasphemy BUT I JUST WANTED NICE COLOURS.  

(c) by Shotechi | Faber Castell Polychromos on DIN A3 (I don't know the paper brand or gsm, it was a big sheet - the last of its kind - that I picked up in the art supply shop)
references used: screenshot from LotRO for the background and clothes, [link] for the woman on the right, many images of medieval feasts for the table, some stock photos for certain parts of the characters (but most was pretty much freehanded) 
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I really enjoy Tolkien fanart as lively as this is. I can really feel myself feasting and drinking in a mead hall with King Theoden.

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