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Umibouzu is a Japanese Yokai monster in the sea that is a folklore in many areas of Japan.

It appears in the sea usually during the night. It appears as a dark skinhead buddhist monk look-a-like creature from a quiet surface and destroys boats. The size of Umibouzu varies from a single meter high up to tens of meters high.

In some places, Umibouzu appears with many of them and attack fishing fleet. It speaks out "Hey hey" when swimming. When hit by human, it speaks out "ouch!". The weak point of Umibouzu is a smoke of tabbaco.

Umibouzu-like creature has been witnessed in Modern world.
According to Mainichi newspaper published on 17th July 1971, Umibouzu was seen by fishermen in April. In Onagawa town, Miyagi Prefecture, a tuna fishing boat 28th Konpiramaru was on the sea close to New Zealand. Suddenly a fishing net rolled up by rolling machine was cut out and a creature appeared from the sea and made the fishermen panic. It had a dark grey body with a lot of wrinkles, 15cm eyes with no nose or mouth seen. Some witnessed fish-like fins in the water. While the fishermen preparing spears, it disappeared into the sea.
According to an interview of a person in National Research Institute of Far Seas Fisheries, it is hard to think that those professional fishermen misidentify normal sea creatures like fish, dolphin, or whale as a monster. The body from the water surface was about 1.5 meters and never heard of anything like it.
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still one of the weirdest Yokai, that my be a real thing