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Toudaiki is a Japanese Yokai monster myth written in books like "Heike Monogatari", "Genpei Seisuiki", or "Wakan Sansai Zue".

Long time ago, a Japanese mission went to Tang China as an official messenger, but disappeared since then. His son went over to Tang China as well to look for his father. The son saw so-called "Toudaiki" which is a human candle saucer that is holding a candle on a saucer on its head, body fully tatoo, and throat chemically damaged and having no voice. Toudaiki cried when seeing the son, bit its own finger and wrote a Chinese poem explaining that Toudaiki is actually the missing father of the son.
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Hum i must make a list of this books and search they
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i also recommend Mathew Meyer's yokai book and websites