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Onibaba in Asajigahara

Onibaba is a Japanese yokai monster that a woman turned into by strong curse, grudge, or karma.
This Onibaba was living particularly in Hanakawado, Taito area, Tokyo.

In around 6th Century, There was a place called Asajigahara in hanakawado where is a only connecting pathway from Ohshu, or Shimosa.
There was only one old house in this area, and no accommodation for travelers at all.
Travelers have nowhere else to sleep except this house. This house is owned by two women.
One old mother and a beautiful young daughter.
However, that old mother was actually a Onibaba and she killed a lot of travelers in sleep by stones. She threw away the bodies into a lake, live on what she took from travelers.
Daughter tried to persuade the mother, but the mother never listen to daughter.

One day, when the number of victims reached to 999, one child stayed in mother and daughter's house.
The Onibaba mother clashed the child's head with no mercy in the night. But when she looked at the body, the child was actually Onibaba's daughter.
The daughter tried to persuade what her mother's doing by pretending as the traveler child and risking her own life.

When the mother was regretting what she's been doing, the traveler child came back.
The traveler child was actually a form that Guanyin of Sensoji temple transformed into to teach the mother the way of human.

After that, it is told that the mother was transformed into a Ryu by Guanyin and disappeared into the lake with the body of daughter, or Guanyin took the body of daughter then the mother threw herself into the lake, or the mother became a nun of a temple.
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