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Ohaguro Bettari

Ohaguro Bettari is a Japanese Yokai monster illustrated in a book "Ehon Hyaku Monogatari" in 1841.

It is a woman with nothing but just wide opened mouth and Ohaguro makeups on its teeth. Ohaguro is a kind of makeup for married women in Edo era. It freaks people out, but never harm anyone.

One night, a man was walking by an old shrine. He saw a good looking woman squatting and praying. The man tried to say hey when passing by, but the woman looked back to the man. The woman's face, there's no eyes or nose, just a big mouth opened and laughed loud. It was a dreadful thing that the man never want to see it again.

Ohaguro Bettari dressed a good kimono with Tsunokakushi ornament on her head. Tsunokakushi ornament is usually worn by a woman at a wedding, so Ohaguro Bettari was thought as a ghost of a engaged woman died before marrige. However, some Buddhists wear it for praying in a temple. Therefore, it is not clear the reason for Ohaguro Bettari wearing them.
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Can it kill you or what?😛
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No, it just likes to scare you.

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