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Nanahiro Nyoubou

Nanahiro Nyoubou is a Japanese Yokai monster folklore in Shimane and Tottori Prefecture.

A woman with either her neck or whole body size of Nanahiro(seven hiro) = 12.6m high.

During the reign of Oda Nobunaga, Nanahiro Nyoubou often appeared in a mountain and attacked people going through.
One man was going on a horse through the forest, someone threw a pebble at him. The man stopped, drew his sword and approached to when pebble flew. There was gigantic Nanahiro Nyoubou standing right at him and laughed freakishly. The man pretended to turn back, but suddenly slashed Nanahiro Nyoubou's face. Nanahiro Nyoubou screamed out and turned into a rock with size of 6m high and 3m wide. The rock still exist in Hinozu, Amachou and growing.
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