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Kamaitachi is a Japanese Yokai monster of wheasel folklore mostly in snowy area like Koushinetsu.

It appears with a dust devil and cut people's skin.

In Hida area, Kamaitachi is three devils. First one pushes a person, second devil cuts the skin, then the last devil put medicine on the wound, so it doesn't bleed much and hurt much.

In Nara Prefecture, Kamaitachi bites people, but it doesn't bleed or hurt much though the wound is quite large.

In Nagano Prefecture, Kamaitach is called as Izuna. The master of Izuna didn't succeed whose apprentice how to seal the Izuna, so Izuna ran away and appears to drain blood from people by cutting the skin.
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Nice job. Gotta wonder though, why cut people and then make it not hurt or bleed?
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because it can i guess?

yokai have a strange sense of humor =3
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i would imagine its victims are very confused.
Drifter-Dx's avatar
that's probably what yokai find as funny;
seeing humans baffled and scared by
their tricks =)