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Itsumade is a Japanese Yokai monster that is mentioned in a book "Konjaku Zugazoku Hyakki" written in 1779 by Sekien Toriyama. The original mention was on "Taiheiki".

In 1334 Fall, when a lot of people died by epidemic. Some strange bird flew around the Shishinden building in Kyoto every night. It speaks out "Itsumade... Itsumade...(For how long more...)" and freaked out the people. Governors ordered Oki Jirozaemon Hiroari to shoot the bird with allow. Hiroari shot the bird down. The bird had a human-like face, hack saw like teeth, snake-like body, sharp nails like sword, and the length of the wing was 4.8m.
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wow i never heard about this yokai or the awesome story behind it