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Iso onna

Iso Onna is a Japanese Yokai monster known in Kyushu area.

Her look differs in each place. Some say her face and body look beautiful woman, but legs are blur like ghost, dragon or snake like legs, or normal like other women. Some say when looking at her from behind, her back looks exactly like rock. Some say her kimono, hair, body, everything is wet and the hair is reaching to the ground.

According to a story succeeded in Minami Shimabara city, Nagasaki Prefecture, Iso onna with long black hair is usually standing at a beach looking at the sea. If someone calls her, Iso Onna will look back and suddenly scream loudly like your ear can't take it. Then her black long hair will tie the person, and suck the person's blood through the hair alive.
Another story tells that when Bon or new year's eve, Iso Onna sits at the beach and calls whoever passes by. If the person stop and look back, she will attack the person. Therefore, people in the area used to say not to call any beautiful woman at the beach.

A story in Amakusa city, Kumamoto prefecture, Iso Onna sneaks into a boat staying at the port. She attacks the clue by covering them with black long hair, and sucks their blood alive. Therefore, when traveling to strange place with boat, people keep the boat only with anchor, never use rope.

In North Kyushu, Iso Onna is thought as a transformation of a crab, so she can climb anywhere. However, in Fukuoka prefecture, Iso Onna was seen when she's walking on the sea.

In Gojonourajima, Kumamoto prefecture, Iso Onna is thought as she can transform into anything. She transformed into a white haired old woman and begged fishermen some food.

In Ojika town, Kitamatsuura, Nagasaki prefecture, Iso Onna is thought as a ghost of dead in the sea. So she appears in front of fishermen and beg for taking back the spirits onto the land.
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So interesting! I love the way your drew her. Thanks for the description too! :D
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