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Enkou is a Japanese Yokai monster that is a folklore in Hiroshima Prefecture, Chugoku and Shikoku area. It is a kind of Kappa.

The difference to ordinary Kappa is that this Enkou has hairy body. It hates metals. It lives in the sea or a river. It attacks human and pulls out guts from anus.

According to "Modern Yokai Archive of Tosa", Enkou has been captured in Tosa 1683. It was like 3-year-old child, long arms and legs with nails, red face, feet looked like human, and arms can stretch long. One man was resting his horse at a river, Enkou appeared and messing with horse legs, so the man tried to lock the Enkou's arm. However, Enkou's arm can stretch, so the man could never lock its arm all night long. Enkou also rapes human female. A offspring of Enkou usually has a plate on its top head, and has teeth already after birth. Such offspring was usually burned and killed.
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Reminds me of a monkey/ape, am I correct to think this?
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Woah, I didn't know this about this enkou creature. I thought "enkou" stands for some kind of "moneky", I see.
Btw I really love how you not only do the picture but add the info as well! :lol:
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This is great. Love how you positioned his hand.