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Flash: Happy Wedding!

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...It's my mid-term school assignment! The task was to make a storybook with flash, so here it is -- except I went overkill and added 2 more routes in addition to the original end because I can /o/

Story is not graded and so it's really simple; the princess is having her wedding ceremony, whereby she gets kidnapped and then you choose which guy you wanna aim for. Kinda like an otoge, right?

Nevertheless, I hope you'd enjoy the 'game', however short and small it is. 

Thanks for viewing, and thank you my friends who helped me QC this thing ajhsg I'm sorry you had to see this embarrassing, embarrassing project

Yeah I can't be bothered about the names and title too shhh. It's okay, it's just a school assignment
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Mushroom-ProphetHobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha, this was adorable.  :3
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I really like this even the manga's at the ending xD
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Thank you!
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You're welcome :)
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bookwyrm1181Hobbyist General Artist
Must say, it was actually very enjoyable to play around with this! I played through all the endings, but the "You're lying" ending was probably my favorite, because it was so cute and unexpected! :)
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it's just a product of hidden desires lmao but aah, glad you enjoyed it!
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I love you for making this!! fdjsfoisdjfsdi all the endings are so cute :3c
the homo ending comic strips.. i see what you did there ^q^
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Aah, thank you, Nal!

My fujoshi spirit was screaming 8)b
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its such a good jobbbbbb!!! well done * v*b
Im squeaking as I play it //screams with you
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emohotty1996Hobbyist General Artist
i enjoyed this game it was so hard to decide who she should be with though... she ended up being with the mage tho and they were cute couple
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Really now! I'm glad you think so; thanks : D
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reroluneHobbyist Artist
ASVJNDHNJTTR this was actually rlly adorable to mess around with --
My first choice was the third option?? And I wheezed so hard at the ending
Good job LP //smooches
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LMAO OK Ty Pastie

I JUST HAD TO OK hnggh I love 2D homo ends. I've always wanted to pair the boys up in otoges but there's no such endings (for good reasons) in those games, hence my desire was poured out on this, ehehe ///
Glad you enjoyed it! It's the ED I had the most fun with ^q^
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