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:iconshotabunnyfairy:shotabunnyfairy posted a status
although he is terrifying in looks #1 is actually extremely friendly. #1 appears to be in a constant state of depression and he often talks about how he was "only #1 once" and how he will "never be as successful as he was that day". #1 is called #1 simply because of the blue ribbon that he has at the top of his cloak that reads "#1" and because calling him by this name gives him a brief moment of joy followed by a state of emotion that appears to lack in sadness or happiness which is better described as being emotionally non-responsive. #1 has a head made of solid bone with no skin and a neck that appears to be completely composed of muscle tissue. his eyes are simply x's that are carved into his solid bone head and his mouth contains many sharp teeth which also are made of bone.  #1 will often give friendly advice or help when someone is feeling that they have failed at something or if someone is depressed and he will even help save people who are in danger, that  is assuming that the person does not run away first

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