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VoTP||Shimmerclaw Application| by shotabunnyfairy VoTP||Shimmerclaw Application| by shotabunnyfairy



Character Limit: Alexandria Gensis


Name: Previous: Amber| | Shimmerclaw

[Prefix] – Her brilliant multi-colored torbie (tabby/tortoiseshell) pelt shimmers dappled and magnificently in the sunlight.

      [Suffix] – She has extremely long claws, and keeps them very sharp at all times.

Clan: Riverclan

Age: 24 Moons

Rank: Warrior

Gender: She-cat

Appearance details: Shimmerclaw is only a bit larger than the average warrior, with broad muscles and a fluffy pelt. Her dark tortoiseshell colors are known for the way they shine brilliantly in the light- especially at sunrise and sunset, hence the prefix for her name. She has black stripes along parts of her body, giving her the interesting torbie appearance. She has long sharp claws that can be seen quite well even when they are not unsheathed. Her tail tip is primarily black and gradients down. Her belly is more black than anything as well. She has glowing vibrant violet eyes.


Personal Alliance: Dark Forest

Ancestor(s): Mapleshade (kin) -> […Lost lineage] -> Rogue named Prickle -> Rogue named Frostblood -> Rogue named Stripe -> Herself




Shimmerclaw, known as Amber before she joined the regrouped clans, was a rogue for sometime from the time she was born, but as she got a bit older she did not agree with cats in the group very much, often getting into spats and quarrels with them, and ended up leaving to become a rough loner of her own, deciding they were too boring and simply not her type of cats.
    She lived in forested areas with plenty of trees, hunting and getting prey from around her and thinking of ways she could perhaps begin her own group of cats that might follow her. However, she went about this in an odd way, often lashing out at any cat that came near; usually pouncing upon them from a tree and clawing their fur out, antagonizing them, continuously asking if they gave up and giving a swift swipe to the muzzle if they didn’t comply or listen- she let many of them go, but those who were more stubborn and who continued to fight even after they said they had “given up”, she took more interest in, telling them that she was “testing” them, seeing if they were cats worthy of being around her and communicating with, often offering flattery and apologies afterward, telling them what great cats they were and acknowledging the potential they had. She got several cats to stay with her thanks to this- creating a rough band of rogues who were good fighters and became somewhat feared by cats who knew who they were.
   She began leading them nearer to two-leg place, despite hating it; seeing if she could find more alley-cat recruits and not to mention having a crude habit of terrorizing small two-leg children left unattended in their backyards. Though seen as rather cruel, she had a disdain for twolegs and their children after as a kit, her mother was taken away by a twoleg kit, and the larger twolegs took her in and away, despite her mother, named Stripe, not wanting to, and told her to run away. However, she would come back around the house often to see her mother, who was never let outside, and could only gaze at from afar.
    One day that was not long after her mother was captured; she came upon the horrific sight of her dead in the yard- her throat had been ripped out by a large dog that had squeezed its way in from another yard through a hole in the fence.
    Yowling in pain and heartbreak, she had run far away, and ran into the group of cats that cared for her until she had left due to disagreements and simply no longer getting along with; though this isn’t to say she loathed them. She simply did not want to be a part of the group anymore and wanted to establish her own life where she felt in charge of her destiny.
    Amber was lost for quite awhile, not truly knowing what to do with herself or her life, and got used to being alone and fighting off any cat that came within her vicinity, as she thought that she belonged as a loner for the rest of her life, figuring that was the only way she had control of her fate.
   However, a visit from a Dark Forest cat would end up giving her the boost and determination she truly needed. Mapleshade appeared to her, immediately getting into a brawl from the moment she saw her. After the tussle between them, Mapleshade backed off, and looked far off into the distance. Mapleshade told her that she believed that all of her kin had died, and that she had no blood left in the living world- but came to her because she learned that she had come from the blood of her mother’s sister. Mapleshade simply told her that she had more potential than any cat, and that she should engage with others and become part of a clan unit once again.
    This spiritual experience reinforced a long-suppressed desire to have a group around her in which she was in charge of; although it was not a clan unit, she figured that was the first step to getting anywhere, and finding the strongest most capable determined cats that followed her loyally was the only way to do so.
    Eventually, however, she had stumbled off and away from her group of cats one day- a sense of something that she couldn’t explain drawing her to a certain area. It was here that she found an expanse of waterfalls and a beautiful area that seemed to be inhabited by cats. She at first did not know what to think, except that she felt a sense of belonging here, and turned a bit less aggressive when she met the cats here that were reforming the clans. She very quickly longed to become a part of the clan, and would join Riverclan this way, asserting herself and becoming chummy with those who were a part of it.






+ Determined- Shimmerclaw has a very strong sense of determination that drives her and always makes sure she is doing what she wants and what she believes is best for the clan and herself.

+ Clever- She is extremely witty and knows how to plan things out, and is good at predicting what another cat may do. She is skilled when it comes to making quick decisions if the situation needs it.

+ Freethinking- Shimmerclaw believes in what she does and is very much a free thinker- she is always thinking of ways to make things better or more efficient, and has her own set of morals.

= Manipulative- Shimmerclaw has always been manipulative and has a way of getting other cats to do what she wants. She can be extremely persuasive and is good at getting herself out of things or possibly even twisting an entire situation in her favor with her confident words. However, she does so often for what she believes is right, and for what she needs to do.  

= Blunt- She is not afraid to say what she thinks, and is almost always going to be blunt and say what she honestly thinks, whether it be to a clanmate or otherwise. If it is to a clanmate and she is aggressive, she may apologize later for being so forward, but will try to explain to them why it is the way she thinks, often in hopes of trying to stray them onto the right path in her mind, or try to reason with them at least about their differing opinons/whatever the situation is.

= Confident- She is extremely confident, firmly believing in what she does and how she goes about things, and makes for a good deputy in this case- her cleverness and confidence making her good at helping lead and be able to make quick decisions that she believes are for the good of the clan. However, this makes her come off as quite arrogant.  

= Charming- She can be a very charming cat- and this can get her places with others and also ties into her persuasiveness.

- Caustic- She can be very harsh with others and produce scathing comments at others. Blunt sarcasm and being rather judgmental can be a negative habit of hers.

- Brutal- When it comes to fighting, whether it be verbal or physical, she can be extremely brutal, and in physical arrangements can often be on the verge of killing another when she is blinded by the heat of the battle.

-Morbid- She has quite the interesting mind, and it can often be full of morbid thoughts. She tries to repress these often violent or awful thoughts with rationality- realizing that this side of her could be troublesome, though it can be difficult for her to get past.    


Long chats with cats she gets along with.
Discussing topics that have to do with furthering the clan.
Blackbird, water vole, and large carp.
Blood (in that morbid way…)
Strong Storms

Clan disruptions or problems.
Seeing others disrespect her clan or clanmates.
Those who disrespect or insult Minnowstar.


Other Information:

Though Shimmerclaw is seen as rather pompous and aggressive, and amoral, she has a very deep hidden sensitive side that is hard to find. However, when shown, it is a very big show of her closeness to others to those who see it. Part of this side is melancholic and depressed, but she wouldn’t let anyone know it.  

She really has problems when it boils down to it- perhaps being somewhat medically insane (not rendering her incompetent however) and disturbed, but she tries her best to push through it and be the best that she can be.




Orientation: Bisexual

Looking for: Not particularly looking.

Ideal Relationship and Traits: It really depends.


Mentor: Scales (part of group she had been in)

Apprentice: None currently

Crush: None currently

Mate: none

Ex-Mate/s: None

Kin: Stripe (mother), Cleareyes (Father), Shortstep (sister)

(I will get to these soon! I want to read all of the applications/roleplay with others.)


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Minnowstar | smile4tori9 | “Minnowstar is a great, genuine leader who should be revered to. We all should be thankful to have the best leader out of all of the clans, hah!” - Shimmerclaw respects Minnowstar very much and tries to do her best as a warrior. She is rather protective of her as well, being very wary of others and always chiding anyone who she thinks is disrespecting her or questioning her authority.


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The dusk sky was breezy and cool, pushing the fur along Shimmerclaw’s pelt back some in the wind. She loved Leaf-fall despite the dwindling prey that it brought; the chill seasons always brought her a comforting solace of some kind. A scratching sound on the ground though caught her hearing very quickly- and she was in the hunting crouch in less than a second. Stalking forward very carefully, she started to make her way forward; it was a water vole. She licked her chops as she neared closer, until the sound of paws somewhere else made the prey scamper away.
    Shimmerpelt bristled up and hissed towards the sound. “Who’s there?” She growled, moving forward without hesitation. She had nearly no fear of other cats- she was more than confident in her abilities. She had expected to see at least a clanmate that she could simply sigh and tell them to be more careful, but was surprised to see an unfamiliar face instead, and her hackles raised. “Who are you?! What are you doing on Riverclan territory? And even worse, scaring off Riverclan’s PREY!” She spat, unsheathing her long claws and baring her sharp teeth. The cat seemed frightened and ran off quickly through the reeds and away from the territory. She chased the cat, bowling it over onto its stomach. The fear that the cat had in its eyes told her that this was probably a dumb kittypet that had strayed too far- but she still had to teach it a lesson. “Do not. Come here. Again.” She hissed, digging her claws into the cat’s sides a little bit, but not enough to break the skin, before getting off and shoving it away; leaving it to run quickly away. She figured that would scare the kittypet enough for it not to come back anytime soon; it had posed no true threat, so she figured hurting it was probably a step too far, despite wanting to. She sighed, looking upset towards where the water vole had been. She shook her head in frustration, then padded along. Perhaps she could find another piece of prey to bring back to camp on the way.  

Preferred methods:
Anything really!

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