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Scorchvenom||TBT Application by shotabunnyfairy Scorchvenom||TBT Application by shotabunnyfairy
Name: Scorchvenom
Age: 19 Moons
Gender: She-Cat
Breed: 25% Aegean, 4% Munchkin cat, 27% Turkish Angora, 25% Chartreux 18% Snowshoe
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank: Warrior
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual


Bullet; Green Positive: Scorchvenom is kind and loyal. She is very loving, but extremely protective and loyal to her clan.
Bullet; Red Negative: She can be stubborn and quite vicious if pushed or if one is trying to sway her beliefs. She has a moral code and goes by it, sticking to her gut about what's right and what's wrong.
Bullet; Orange Neutral: She tends to get lost in thought and space out; she's quite the dreamer, and is very thoughtful, thinking things through over and over. She can be quiet at times, but if she feels very passionately about something she will not be afraid to speak her voice. She asks questions often as she is quite the curious cat.

Bullet; Green Kind: Scorchvenom is typically very kind. She is always willing to help out a clan-mate who looks in need ans can tend to act a bit sometimes as the Clan therapist- offering her bits of honest advice about emotional problems, troubles, or anything else another cat might be experiencing. She is always ready to give a lending paw to someone who clearly needs it. She also loves to play with the kits; letting herself sometimes get carried away spending hours with them doing whatever games it is they want to do. She enjoys this quite a bit, being a bit of a kit-at-heart herself and not getting many chances other than that to act like one again. As such, she also is often one to offer to help watch the kits or keep an eye on them if their parents are both busy and could use some help.

Bullet; Green Loyal: She is very loyal to her clan and always is one to volunteer for border or hunting patrols, and if she isn't busy, will often look for something else to do that will benefit the clan, such as going hunting herself, or see if the medicine cats need any help collecting herbs or something of the like. If she really can't find anything else to do, she will socialize with others who are around or play with the kits or keep sick or wounded cats company. Although she doesn't necessarily pride herself completely on her battle moves; she shows much more rigor and skill in this than one might expect given her typically good-natured personality, and will use every bit of her loyalty to her clan in her claws as well.

Bullet; Green Aspiring: Scorchvenom is  always aspiring to do better at things, wanting herself to be a jack of many trades, always wanting to be able to help in a situation that's needed. She enjoys thinking of what the future may hold for herself and her clan, often becoming a bit dreamy if she gets caught up thinking about herself- she just wants to live a simple life where she is loved by her clanmates and vice-versa.

Bullet; Green  Meticulous: She is not a fan of clutter or messiness, so she often will clean up or fix things up that look like that could use some work in order to make the camp look as pristine as possible, sometimes even obsessively offering to help the medicine cats out with organizing their herb stocks. She finds the process of organizing things calming in a way, so it doesn't prove as much of a chore to her as others might think it.

Bullet; Green  Reliable: If Scorchvenom says she is going to do something, you better bet your nine lives she is going to do it, otherwise Starclan strike her down. She can be depended on when she is determined to do something, and she might have a hard time getting to sleep at night if she thinks she is unable to do said thing or is failing someone in some way.

Bullet; Green  Sweet: Perhaps it goes along with her kindness, but Scorchvenom is always looking for the best in others, so is always willing to compliment another cat on something if she deems it worthy of praise. If another isn't feeling well or clearly isn't right at the moment, she will take a little of her time out to try and talk to them or go ahead and just give them a short pick-me-up passing compliment if they look like they don't want to be particularly bothered with conversation.

Bullet; Orange Empathetic: She is very in tune with other cat's emotions and feelings- whether they are good or bad. She tends to feel bad when others feel bad, feel good when others feel good, etc. However, with this empathy sometimes comes a confusion of her own feelings, and may make her feel more entitled to stand up for another cat since she feel's their emotions so strongly, even if they don't particularly deserve it.

Bullet; Orange Charismatic: Scorchvenom is very charismatic in a variety of ways, although being sweet- anyone that knows her knows that she has a dark side that is to be somewhat feared, with a scathing tongue if she believes something someone is doing is wrong or if she is standing up for something she believes in based on her own morals. She has a rainbow of colors to show the clan, showing that she is deep down a sweet loving cat, but not to get on the wrong side of her. She can be sarcastic and very playful, often reaching in for her inner kit with wanting to play games or hangout with others in a playful setting.

Bullet; Orange Outspoken: Even though she normally isn't extremely argumentative, she can be quite outspoken when it comes to something that she believes in or feels passionately about, not usually afraid to throw her two cents into something if she deems it appropriate, or if she feels the need to counter another cat, though she will try to do it as kindly as possible at first.

Bullet; Orange Sassy: She has quite a bit of wit and sass under her belt, often being sarcastic in a playful way, but she can also be sarcastic in the not-so-playful way if arguing with another, often using it in a demeaning sense- however, almost after any argument, she will realize that she was a bit tempermental and too passionate.

Bullet; Orange Questioning: When she learns about something, she often is questioning on many parts of it- always wanting to know the full story so she can judge based on her morals.  She can be questioning of others as well, often skeptical to some point or another with some, which she usually doesn't voice aloud unless based on something she knows as facts. She wants to know the whole story, but also can be a bit paranoid and wary of some at times.

Bullet; Orange Dreamy: She often is caught up in her own thoughts, which is yet another reason she likes to be busy and to organize things; she can daydream and have her own thoughts while she also provides for her clan. She knows that she sometimes can get caught up in these, and if she thinks it is hindering her too much she will stop for a moment and give herself time to  be thoughtful so she doesn't do something mistakenly reckless.

Bullet; Red Anxious: She can be quite anxious and paranoid at times, sometimes taking things as perceived threats or insults even if they aren't, which can lead her to snap. She grows anxious immediately at talk of battle, although not without an unrelenting energy also. She often will pace around to get rid of some of that anxious energy if she is feeling particularly so- she can sometimes work herself into panic attacks or frenzies however, which she often does not go to others to confide in and isolates herself instead.

Bullet; Red Self-Denying: Going into the last point, as kind and loving and wanting to be an emotional rock for others to lean on, she denies herself this often; in which if she is upset, sad, or emotionally turbulent of any sort, her immediate instinct is to isolate herself rather than seek the comfort of others, not due to pride, but fear more than anything.

Bullet; Red Blunt: If she thinks something another cat is doing is wrong, she is going to tell them in a very upfront way, not sugar-coating something if she really believes it's wrong, which can sometimes be expressed in vicious words. She may feel bad about it later if she gets too tempermental about something, as she usually does not want to leave someone, particularly a clanmate, off on a bad note, usually wanting to talk it out in a more well-mannered way.

Bullet; Red Stubborn: If she believes in something, good luck on trying to get her to change her mind about it. Although she is very open-minded, there are some concepts, ideas, and morals she simply won't budge on, and may react with spite or anger if tried to be pushed forcefully in another direction. She follows her gut feeling, which thankfully, isn't usually too terrible, but that's not to say it can't be either.

Bullet; Red Sensitive: Can be relatively hard on herself, another reason she strives to be better at things. Although she likes constructive criticism, she sometimes is hurt if someone is too harsh with her. If someone seems to be particularly targeting her, she will realize this from intuition and how the other is acting and likely lash out if they are clearly doing it just to be rude and are not trying to encourage her to do better in some shape or form.

Bullet; Red Cynical- Despite being a kind and loving cat, she is actually quite the pessimist at heart, always worrying about what could go wrong or if someone could be plotting something or seems suspicious (from another clan usually- she's not quick to accuse her clanmates). She usually is one to spout optimistic things, so it can surprise others to see her actual cynical feelings and nature.

Brief Backstory:

Before Birth
: Her mother and father, Stormpelt and Coppermist, are both of Shadowclan and knew each other since young kithood, only being a few moons apart. They were mere acquaintances for awhile, but eventually during late apprentice-hood and after becoming warriors, grew quite fond of each other, always insisting on going on patrols with the other, trying to make it seem "casual" even though every cat could see exactly what was going on, often teasing them both to their embarrassment. Of course, they didn't deny any such claims either, and after becoming mates, would stay like that just enjoying one another's company for several moons before having kits. It was to no surprise when Stormpelt announced her pregnancy, however, many having been wondering when it was going to happen, and many hushed "It's about time's".   Stormpelt and Coppermist were very eager and happy to have kits.

: Scorchkit had two siblings, Roaringkit and Clawkit, who were both toms. She was named appropriately after the brilliant orange "socks", spots, and tail tip adorning her black furred fluffy body. The three of them would be rather close in the beginning, but Clawkit would drift away from them as the moons went by, often wanting to be alone and doing things by himself, making him the odd one out. As such, Scorchkit and Roaringkit grew very close, being rambunctious kits that were ready to become warriors, as many kits are. They got into a fair amount of mischief together, Scorchkit often being the one to instigate them trying to escape camp together to go try and hunt prey and "prove themselves". They were only successful a few times, lucky to be caught and found rather quickly after having gone missing before any harm could befall them. Scorchkit however, would often try to get closer to Clawkit over time, realizing that he wasn't quite like her and her brother; he was much more quiet and reserved, and she tried her best to kindle a relationship with him. As a littermate, she worried about him intensively, hoping he would come around eventually.

Apprenticehood: Scorchpaw was extremely ambitious as an apprentice, and had no problem with doing things like cleaning out and bringing the Elders fresh bedding, hardly ever complaining about such tasks, knowing it was part of being an apprentice and helping the clan. Her mentor was Frostfall- an ambitious warrior who is a bit cold and vain, but very dedicated to the clan and to teaching Scorchpaw, who was a very determined learner and open to criticism that Frostfall would often lay on her to make her better.  Of course, she was more eager to hunt and learn battle moves, but she didn't mind any of the tasks she was assigned and took them in stride. Late in her apprenticehood, she was bit by a baby rattlesnake hiding under some leaves while completing her final assessment; she did very well otherwise, however, and earned the warrior name Scorchvenom in honor of her having survived the snake bite. (Along with her venomous tongue that she can sometimes have...) Scorchpaw was initially very dismayed about her final assessment, thinking she was a failure to not realize a snake was there, and really beat herself up about it, despite many cats in the clan telling her how well she did and how her mentor very much often bragged about his apprentice even before the final assessment, but even moreso after the final assessment, Frostfall saying how great she had done and how if anyone was to  be bit by a snake and survive, it would be her, of course, his apprentice. She only believed them half-heartedly, as Frostfall tended to not congratulate her to her face very often, as he wanted her to strive to be the best she could possibly be. She had to have her Warrior ceremony on hold as she waited to heal from her bite, and was even more sad about not getting to share her naming ceremony with her brother Roaringtide.  She was pleasantly surprised however when as she was getting better, Frostfall said to her herself what a great cat she had become, and how he couldn't have been more honored to be her mentor. This was very encouraging for her, even if she still did (and still does occasionally) beat herself up about her final assessment. Throughout her apprenticehood, it should be mentioned, that she was still close to Roaringpaw,  even though perhaps not as close as when they were kits (not because of any feud, just kind of natural distancing and doing different things), however, mid-apprenticehood, Clawpaw disappeared. Some think he died, and their mother Stormpelt still worries about him, wondering where her kit could have gone. However, Clawpaw (Now Claw) disappeared of his own volition, not wanting to be a part of clan life. Scorchpaw (Scorchvenom) had and still has a feeling that her brother ran off on his own, and often will go out of camp as much as she can not only to help her clan, but in the back of her mind hoping she will see him again one rainy day.

: Once made a warrior, much like her apprenticehood, she took all of her duties seriously, and still does, of course. She is very determined and an extremely good hunter, providing plenty of prey for her clan in the warm seasons, and always out to search until the late hours of evening to find at least something for her clanmates in Leafbare. Although she is good, she longs to excel even further in hunting, along with battle moves along the way, often implementing her hunting skills in with her battle moves to add a little kick of her own. With this importance she places on hunting, she often can be rather thin in comparison to some cats, as she often insists on other cats eating before she does, claiming she "Isn't that hungry" anyhow, and before someone can say something, is usually off an away. If another cat insists that she eat, she usually will get a bit stubborn, usually pointing out something about that cat that gives them "more need" to eat than she does, and for them to eat first, although if they are stubborn enough as well she'll eventually roll her eyes and give up. Aside from this, she looks up to senior warriors of the clan, including her mentor and also Loonfang, the deputy come soon leader. She admires Cricketleap (formerly Cricketstar) as well very much, seeing in her how much strength it must have taken to give up her position and to be the cat she needed to be in order to be happy; and gives her support to her all the way- another face she wouldn't mind seeing outside of the camp every so often along with her brother. She is very protective, as you could imagine, and simply wants to do the best she can for her clan.  

Mother: Stormpelt
Father:  Coppermist
Siblings: Roaringtide (male) Claw (male)


Death Dead
Bullet; White Acquaintance
Bullet; Purple Uneasy, unknown
Bullet; Green Friend | To Be Respected
Bullet; Blue Close Friend
Bullet; Pink Crush
Bullet; Red Lust
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Love
Rose Mate
Bullet; Black Hate | Enemy
Bullet; Yellow Family


Bullet; Blue  Always by each others sides and respecting one another to the fullest. She harbors much respect for her littermate.
Bullet; Yellow Her brother and littermate.

Cricketleap (former Shadowclan)-   Bullet; Green Has a high amount of respect for her as both a former leader and just as a cat herself- she admires her willingness to do good for herself and longs to be more like that in the future.

(More later after reviewing and rp'ing with some cats- hopefully that's alright!)

Roleplay Sample: The black and orange she-cat made her way carefully through some of the fallen leaves of the forest floor, her stomach barely touching the ground as she approached the mouse whom was hiding and scuffling through a pile of dead leaves. She couldn't see it much, as it's movements were small and hardly rustled the leaves, but she could hear it and smell its location with precision. She made very carefully as she stalked forward; making sure each pawstep didn't make a sound against the crunchy leaves. She licked her muzzle, the mouse smelling wonderful along with the autumnal breeze. As she sensed the mouse beginning to move away, she made a leap for it, masterfully hooking it into her claws and swiftly biting its neck. She held the fresh kill in her mouth proudly, and turned to see one of her clanmates. "Good catch!" The fellow warrior purred. "I hardly knew where it even was. A sharp nose and ears you have, Scorchvenom." They congratulated, and Scorchvenom purred back modestly, "Oh, it wasn't anything....good luck if you're hunting! I'm going to bring this one back to camp for the Queens." She said, walking off and then calling back before leaving, "Really though, check any fallen leaf piles! Prey hides under there for warmth.....but watch out for snakes!" She advised playfully before bounding off, happily taking her catch back to the Shadowclan camp. The burnt-tipped she-cat longed very much to excel as a hunter, and would prove herself to her clan, over and over. She wouldn't let any cat go hungry on her watch.

Please submit your application by clicking the "Join Group" button on the group's front page and fill out the form properly;

Username: Shotabunnyfairy
Clan: Shadowclan
Cat Name: Scorchvenom
Rank: Warrior
Gender: She-Cat
Application Link:
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Friskusis Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there! Gorgeous lass you got there!

Cutting straight to the case since I'm in a bit of a hurry: Would you like to RP with Pricklekit? His app is here if you want to read up on him!
shotabunnyfairy Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!! c:

And yes, Pricklekit is absolutely adorable! I'd love to rp with him.
If you'd like to shoot me a note, that'd be perfect!
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shotabunnyfairy Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep I saw it!! It's great, no worries. :3 I'll respond as soon as I get home!
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