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Kekipi App by shotabunnyfairy Kekipi App by shotabunnyfairy
Name: Kekipi

Gender: She-cat

Age: 21 Moons

Birthday:May 2015
Former Clan: None- is a Rogue

Former Rank: Rogue

Description:  Kekipi is a small, lithe she-cat that is a bit fluffy and has bright turquoise eyes that contrast with her dark, blue-black/gray fur. She gives off a very oceanic vibe from her appearance, especially with the markings on her body and tail almost resembling waves of sorts. She has blue-gray paw socks as well as on the end of her tail. Her appearance gives off an innocent sort of vibe.

She is actually very kind and sweet...overall. She seems naive and curious, and often well poke her nose in places she shouldn't. Despite her sweet nature, however, she has a vicious side to her that seems a bit off. She enjoys killing prey and their babies for fun, among torturing them before killing them, relishing it; all the while giggling sweetly. She sees this as nothing but innocent play however, and doesn't find anything wrong with this- among many other questionable things. She is quite the sadist in this aspect, among not entirely understanding cultural or societal norms, equating life as to doing whatever makes you happy, then do it. This doesn't keep her from doing kind acts as well, but the darker side of her is a very disturbing thing to see, especially given her demeanor. She is very kind to other cats though...usually. She can be quite charming, and is often eager to get to know other cats and show them things that they might not know about or engage in socializing with them. Overall, she's quite lonely.
Family: Family form is below. You can follow that or create your own.
-Mother: Alaula
-Father: Akamu
-Siblings: None
-Mate/Crush: None currently
-Kits: None

History: Kekipi was born outside of clan boundaries, on the Rogue Island. Her mother left her shortly after she stopped weaning, and was the only kit of her litter to survive. Her mother was a bit of a wild-card, and had ended up drowning in a terrible ocean whirlpool that had formed due to faulty currents while in an emotional fit. Kekipi's father, Akamu, is not known where to be, and did not stick around with Alaula very long after mating with her. He might have had multiple mates, so it is quite possible Kekipi has half-siblings from other litters. As a young kit, she loved exploring, where she also found her demented....hobbies. She is a very good swimmer, and came to the notice the clan cats in recent days, and now often spends time lurking around their borders, and sometimes even goes inside of them; usually hoping to meet another cat, but often shies back away, knowing that the cats are protective of their territory by watching them. She loves to swim and swam from several islands frequently and still does. She has no particular home, as she roams around everywhere, but she does have a bit of a pseudo-den that is beneath some rocks on Rogue island, close to a tide pool, that she considers her own.

Role-play Example: Kekipi padded gently across the grassy area; it was wet, with all of the mist that seemed to always accumulate on the island. "It's such a beautiful thing...." She murmured to herself, sighing a little bit. "I'm sure others could be fond of it as well, even those...clan cats?" She looked around and padded back to the mouse she had just killed not too long ago, carrying it to her den.
    She sat down and tucked into the mouse for a moment, only taking a couple of bites, giving it an ample gouge that bled out. She purred happily to herself. "Perfect." She meowed, dipping her paw in the blood and smearing it on the walls of her tiny rock-cave. Her whiskers twitched in amusement and happiness. "Beautiful..." She thought to herself, her two front paws stained red before going back to the mouse and lapping at the blood before taking another mouthful-- she had enough for her wall decor for now, and didn't want to waste prey. As she finished it up, she looked off into the distance. "If only I could share my beauty with others...."


Bullet; White - Acquaintance.
Bullet; Blue - Friend.
Bullet; Yellow - Good Friend.
Bullet; Pink - Crush.
Bullet; Red - Love.
Bullet; Black - Hate/Discomfort.
Bullet; Orange Dislike.
Bullet; Purple - Mixed Feelings.
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Oml, best kitty 10/10!! ;v;
Ahh, we should RP sometime with my Sunny ;;3;
well, when I make her app, that is.
shotabunnyfairy Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awh thank you!! c":
AND YES!! We definitely should! Let me know when you've finished her app!
MissMiniSenpai Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
x3 You're welcome~!!
Yay!! It should be somewhat soon
((I just need to write my story a biiiit faster))
HeyYew Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Accepted ^^
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