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Standing at Stud: GV In Regards to Love

183 GV In Regards to Love by shot-fired

GV Breeding Rules

:new:Note: Eros has a tendency to throw twins quite frequently! ;) 

:new:Baby just reached General de Brigada in his breed ranking. 

God, shading all of the images of him took forever. Especially since I was winging most of it. 

Super happy with that headshot, though. 

Edit: Side note I just considered. That mirrored image? Yeah, I redrew 85% of it because his hair was down and I had to calculate for part of his body being covered by the more opaque image so it counts as an extra image of him rather than just flipping it. It's a different thing. I didn't flip his color layer, I colored him in separately. Why, you ask? Because I put myself through this as a form of penance for buying so many damn horses. :)

Art: (c) shot-fired
    - Can't locate ref for headshot. Will update this if I can find it. 
    - No ref for double image at left center
    - Lusitano Dressage Training Piaffe Stock (for piaffe) 
Tools: Paint Tool SAI, Wacom Intuos tablet, music player, etc.
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BlackRavenStables's avatar
I would LOVE to get a slot to this guy for this mare 218 | BrS Killin' Krime
shot-fired's avatar
Sure! For payment I'm looking for one fullbody image of Eros, and then the breeding image. :) 
BlackRavenStables's avatar
Awesome, I can do that~! :D 
shot-fired's avatar
Great, tag me in it when you get it done and I'll reserve a slot for you! :) 
osteophaguss's avatar
Can I get slots for two of my mares? >.>
Semper Fi

Would be two individual drawings and the two breeding images?
shot-fired's avatar
Sure thing! In his case I'm looking for two fullbodies of him as payment. :)  Just let me know when you've got those done and I'll mark those slots as paid for you!
osteophaguss's avatar
Two for each slot or two total? :o Just so I know I have it right lmao.
shot-fired's avatar
Two total! :) Thanks for verifying, I just realized how ambiguous my last comment was, haha!
osteophaguss's avatar
No worries! Thank you!
SpiritWindcaper's avatar
He's beautiful!! <3
How much would a slot cost? 
shot-fired's avatar
The cost of a slot would probably come to one image of either him or 087 GV Knight, fullbody with detailed shading. :) Then the breeding image, which should follow Barroco-Horse regulations. Who do you have in mind? 
SpiritWindcaper's avatar
It would be probably this mare: [RS] Saga #329 (pureblood barroco)
But it might take some time since I have a lot of things to do :D
shot-fired's avatar
Oh she's absolutely lovely! :) Once you do the payment, the slot is yours until you decide to use it, but there's no real rush so take as much time as you need. :) 
SpiritWindcaper's avatar
alright! thanks <3
ChaRo91's avatar
oh my! what a sexy boy!
shot-fired's avatar
Thank you! ~ 
Angellsview's avatar
oh lord i love him *grabby hands* 
shot-fired's avatar
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