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OLD ZM0078 GV Supra



:new: NEW PROFILE: :new: ZM0078 GV Supra


Registered Name:
 GV Supra
Barn Name: Eclaire
ID Number: ZM0078
Gender: Filly
Breed: Zlesdin 
Height: 9.2 hh
Coat: Wild Bay
Genotype: Ee/Ata/nPrl
Markings: Stripe
Discipline: Training in Progress
Star!Star!Star!Star!No StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star
Handler: Sam Byrne
Temperament: 4
Bullet; Black Curious
    Bullet; Black Laid-back
    Bullet; Black Active
History: One of two Zlesdin foals purchased, Eclaire is a sweet little filly on her own, in the stall, or in the wash pit. Put Raptor with her, and she becomes a tiny prankster who will nuzzle you when you face her, then nibble on your jeans when your back is turned. However, until they get a little older, the staff are loathe to separate them, as each will pine without the other. 

-------------------- Osiris
GV Supra
-------------------- SV's Tezcatl'poca

Breeding: N/A (too young)
    Restrictions: N/A
    Passable Traits: N/A
Slots: N/A
Foals: N/A
Bullet; Black She's very attached to Velociraptor
    Bullet; Black She's fond of Sam


Purchased From:…


ZP Total: 21 ZP
ZP Rank: Zayus

Bullet; Black Registration (+1 ZP)
Bullet; Black Parent reaching Fleder rank (+3 ZP)
Bullet; Black Parent reaching Zayus rank (+2 ZP)

Bullet; Black Fullbody Other Image (+3 ZP)
Bullet; Black Fullbody Training Image (+3 ZP)
Bullet; Black Fullbody Other Image (+3 ZP) 
Bullet; Black Fullbody Other Image (+3 ZP) 
Bullet; Black Fullbody Training Image (+3 ZP) 


One of two foals. I think she's gonna be quite a sweetheart. Well... maybe not a total sweetheart, but only with Sam. The rest of the time, I'm getting this feeling she'll be a brat. 


Art: (c) shot-fired
Ref: None used
Tools: Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos tablet, music player, etc.
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