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EDIT: I FINALLY CHANGED QUILL'S DAMN CHIN. IT KEPT BUGGING THE SHIT OUT OF ME. HE LOOKED FAT. AHHH Sometimes being too realistic can look bad. LOL; Now I can actually enjoy this picture some. >C

I was trying to work on commissions all day but frick I couldn't think of poses for the stuff I had to do. ;c

So I did this instead.

And I feel very so-so on it. ;-; I'll avoid saying all the things I don't like, though.

This is at sunrise. Quill sleeps during the night while Sol is active during the night. I dunno how they'll resolve this. xD

UHHH;; yeah. I need to work on my shading more so I can actually like my finished work. ;-;
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beautiful! öwö
shortybat's avatar
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you are welcome! ^^
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Quill's face! And his tail hug~
Damn you are just so good with playing with the color saturation!
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hehehe thank yooou ;3;
Eyes-of-Inferno's avatar
Sunrise determines the day, but it may make him stay ;)

Great piece! Love how the likes making its way through the tree branches
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Precious gay baby boys
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I poked my nose in every so often while you streamed this :3
I just loved what I saw each time I looked in. This came out beautiful <3
You can really see the intimacy between these two and it gives you a nice lovey-dovey feel
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Thank you. ;w;
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;u; Oof, my gosh this is so beautiful Shorty! <333
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ooooh I really love the way Quill's side faces the sun and Sol's side is to the dark. Adds to the contrast of their relationship and mannerisms!
Likewise, I enjoy the irony in Sol being active most at night in spite of his name :'D
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HAH I didn't think of that. xD NOW I CAN LIKE IT A LITTLE MORE;

hehehe yes. xD
PhantasmaLuna's avatar

Pshh, you're too hard on yourself, this turned out very well! ; 7 ;

Hnnghhg babies are so precious ahhh, we need more of themmmm~
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There just becomes things that bug me so much that I can't get over it. xD gaaah

THANKEEE. Yesss I must draw them lots more. <3
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