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Gray Isolation
        Every day, another block of my city loses its colour. I didn’t notice it at first, I’d see a building of gray and assume that was how it had always looked. But with time it became clear that buildings that I know used to have colour were suddenly monochrome. The loss of saturation eventually extended from the buildings, creeping into the streets and engulfing everything in that block with gray. I’m standing at the border of one of these gray zones. Behind me are the usual colours of a city, beige, gray, and faded red buildings, a black road, and bright billboard advertisements. Ahead however, gray coats everything for about a block, before the world regains its vibrance again. I watch an adorable pearl blue Yaris in the colour beyond the desaturated area drive across the border and into the zone. Its hue fades to a dim white, and it stays this way even when it crosses over the border where I stand, back into the world of colour. I stare as
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Mature content
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You Cannot Rest Here
Brianna Coleman is losing her mind.  At least, that’s how it seems to her.  There’s no other explanation for it, there can’t be…  Her mind stops there, refusing to follow that train of thought.  For the fifth night in a row, she sits up in bed, wide awake at three in the morning, every nerve taut as a wire and her whole body trembling uncontrollably.  She runs a shaking hand through her dark brown hair, tugging against the knots she’s been fighting for years; it seems that the stubborn tangles reappear not five minutes after every time she brushes it.  Blinking rapidly, she takes a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart.  It almost works.  Just as she’s thinking that maybe she’ll actually be able to fall asleep at some point tonight, a faint scratching so soft that she’s half convinced she imagined it reaches her ears.  She freezes, a thrill of fear like ice in her veins, not even daring
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Apple Juice: Part 1
 “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”
― Henry David Thoreau
    My mind is like spaghetti. A bunch of twisted limp noodles that look like they go somewhere, but when you pull one out, it’s broken on both sides. And that’s how I see the world. Nothing before or after death, and in the middle just a bunch of lives twirling around tangled together coming from nowhere and going nowhere. Why prolong this drudgery, I thought.
    The concrete below, oh it did look lovely. Every time I look over the edge of the balcony I lust for a fall. But I’ve got years to wait before I taste sweet death. That’s why I don’t like to go up high without my medication, as I fear rash impulse may win o
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Shadow in The Night
I sit in the dark of my room, clutching my blanky until my knuckles are white,
I sit silently, waiting for a noise, watching the door,
My parents tell me it's not real, but it is I've seen it,
I tired to tell them it was real but they just say Go to bed,
But how can I?
A noise, my heart race's,
It came from the hall,
Do I dare go see what it is?
No I can't! But I must,
The door creeks open,
There's darkness, 
But the darkness takes on a shape,
The shape of a beast,
It moves along the wall as if it were a shadow,
I want to scream, 
But the shadow won't let me,
My screams are nothing more than silence, 
The shadow moves closer,
It reaches out to touch me,
I turn on my light,
The shadow disappears,
Only to return another night, 
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Low Light - Rewrite of Behind Bars
The low lighted darkness holds me captive.  I look out, beyond the bars, at the box next to my prison.  In that box is my salvation.  The brightness to this dull; drab world.  I bang my head against the bars.  The scream escapes my lips, "Why?"  I can not stop, over and over again I scream.  Each one growing more strained.  My feet move on their own, back and forth they take me nowhere.  My screams seem to have moved her.  Looking at me, she slowly comes out of the box.
She says nothing; but comes towards me, each step makes my heart beat.  She is the color in my world; and I yearn for the feel of her, but the bars separate us.  She knows no words of her own; so she just screams my desperate cry back at me.  I scream back, even this simple exchange is worth the suffering for my colors, my sweetest Sunshine, but even the sun sets and I dread the coming darkne
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A cry of a girl
I hear a cry of a girl. She sounds terrified and scared. From the sounds of her sobs, I think she is not far. So I start running toward her and as I run her screams get louder and clearer. She's screaming "Mommy, Mommy wake up!!?" I start to run even faster. She's so close but I can't see her. In the darkness, a sliver of light catches my eye. It's coming from the window of an old shed.  I rush to it and peer in. A girl is curled up in a ball on the ground. She's shaking and staring, I look to see what's she is staring at. I see a young, pretty woman lying on the floor. She looks peaceful and tranquil. Then I hear a noise. I turn my eyes back to the girl. She was in the same place as before. Then I hear it. The voice is velvet and as soft as a feather. I can only make out a few words at first; "I … sorry… I … can't…" It takes me a minute until I am able to piece it all together. It's the voice of the mother, she's saying, "I'm sorry I can't stay and watch
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Digimon Explorers Beginning
Name:Jake Wolf Thunderstar
Anthro Species: Wolf
Age: 20
Part in team: Leader
Partner: Kudamon (Anime)
Star Crest: Leadership
Bruce: Bruce Dobermen
Anthro Species: Dobermen dog
Part in team: Second in Comand
Partner: Blackagumon
Star Crest: Courage
Name: Jessie Miller
Anthro Species: Huskey Dog
Age: 19
Part in team: medical treater
Partner: Lopmon
Star Crest: Friendship
name: Peter Gilligan
Anthro Species: Fox
Age: 21
Part in team: Researcher
Partner: Gaomon
Star Crest: Knowledge
Name: Rachel Shepherd
Anthro Species: Germen Shepherd
Part in team: Fighter
Partner: Falcomon (savors)
Star Crest: Reliability
Name: Trudy Jay Thunderstar (Jake's little sister)  
Anthro Species: Wolf
Age: 12
Part in team: in training (to be new team leader)
Partner: Gabumon
Star Crest: Kindness
Name: Kenny Raptor
Anthro Species: Raptor (decised as a Wolf)
Age: 12
Part in team: Tracker
Partner: Conronamon
Star Crest: Loyalty
It was a normal day as the Team desided to return to normal liv
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The Boardroom
She was sitting at the President's chair at the main table.  The room was a little dark, even though there was a wall made of glass, the day was sunny and there were no curtains.  It was the 21st floor and she was waiting.
He was late.  In 30 years, some things had never changed.  You would think that the boy who grew up to be the CEO would actually look at his watch every once in a while.  Maybe deep down he was still that young punk whose self esteem was a little low. Perhaps he liked to make people wait.  She hoped it was because the watch he wore was a present she sent him a while back, and looking at it would remind him of her.
He walked into the room and thinking it was empty, he tried to turn the lights on.  The lights did not work.  It took him a few minutes to see that she was already there.  She had lost more weight.  Ever since they ran into each other a year ago, he had notic
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Admist the countryland, there were hectares of farms full of blessings such as rice and other crops. The life lies around it was a life of daily grinding and waiting patiently for the harvest blessed by the heavenly God. There was a little girl named Roselia. Just like a little child, she was innocent, kind, and energetic. Her family was poor and her father is the head of their village. As a kid, she always has a dream; to fly to a land far away with wings with her family. She wishes to be free from the land of suffering. She heard tales of beauty, privileges and luxury beyond the land they live. She did always think that the life she and her family were living was a boring one.  One night, the friar from a corporation, together with his two guards, visited his family. The friar came to demand the family for the tax that was unpaid for a long time. The increase of the tax due to interest is insane that even the family have to complain about it. The father and the friar have a heated argument. The friar insulted the name of the family because of their unsightly circumstance. The father was furious. He landed an unexpected blow on the friar’s face. The guards knocked him down and continued beating him even when he is already a beaten pulp. “No! Stop please. I beg of you! We will pay it if you just give us more time.” The mother helplessly begs. “That’s enough!” , the friar shouted. A blood dripped from the opening of his mouth and a bruise is noticeably marked on his face.  “All of you are stubborn as ever like your late grandfather even though I have generously let you own this part of the land. Fine, since I’m   kind, I’ll give you one, ONCE MORE, a chance. This will be it!.” The friar exclaimed. “We’ll be on our way”. He further added as he turns his back on the family while exiting the household.
--“Hmph…There’s nothing to be rushed about. As long as I keep it low, these pathetic people around this land will have nothing to say about against me but what a kind friar I am. This puny family will though feel my wrath soon.”--
--“It’s alright my children. This is nothing to be worried about. Daddy will soon shove to that obnoxious friar’s face what we’ve got. Let’s all have our dinner now.” –
Tomorrow is another day for the family to do its usual stuff; working all day at the fields. “Rosel!” Her mother called. “ Can you fetch some water at the well”. Her mother asked. “Haahhh” she gasped. “Can’t little brother or at least pa do it?” she complained. “Eh? What’s with that attitude? Do you think your little Pepe can actually do that and also you know your dad has better things to do at the field.  I have to help too your father. You’re at least the only one who we can count on.”  She replied. “But it’s so far away and I have to carry that too much.” Rosel talked back. “You’re so helpless. Now, now, enough complains and do your part.” Mother said so to forcefully end the menial argument. Rosel pouted then frowned while walking pass the fields heavily. “We’re looking forward to it, Rosel” The father loudly said so when she was passing the field. She looked at the direction of her father from afar and sees her father smiling. She lost the sullen face and took a deep exhale. She continued to go to the well. The well is very far from home that it would take about 20-30 mins of walking. She came across several nipa huts along the neighborhood and other owned farmlands. The cold breeze blew when she finally reached the well. There was someone there also gathering some water. It was an old woman. For her it’s already a déjà vu that something like this happens. She never met that old woman though. The old woman looked like she was having a hard time. Roselia complains quietly to herself with ever so childish murmur and proceed to help the woman. “Thank you, young lady” The old woman said. “Nah, this isn’t much for me.” Roselia modestly answered even with a weird smile on her face. The old woman understood knew the truth behind that smile. “Do you live nearby?”,  Roselia asked. “Yes, come quickly so you can hurry back to your home”. They walk to the home as they are supposed to. They form two significant shapes on the scenery of the country land when looked from afar.
“Beautiful day isn’t it, neh?” the old woman asked “Yeah, it seems so. Everything though is usually boring and unsightly no matter how nice the day is.” Rosel said so with the tedious expression.” Is that so? Maybe there just things you don’t see or at least don’t see the way I see it.” replied with a small but seemingly sincere smile.
-“I mean nothing that interesting happens everyday except those days when the military police just randomly scouts the village. That’s really scary. And… those times we were having fiestas but it’s not like we even get to join with those flashy folks.”
-“Hmm…That may be true, that it is. Even so, there are just circumstances that are worth thanking with the little things we just have, neh. Going extravagant is not bad though. What kind of interesting things would even want to happen, neh?”
-“Hmmm…I don’t know. Maybe a haunting ghost haunts the village. See a giant tall monkey smoking tobacco wandering around?  Actually, I am really thinking of leaving this land go beyond from here and see how big the world really is. I even heard there is even a land full of yellow people.”-
-“Yellow people?”-
-“Yes, you know… those people who say “chings and chongs” a lot with eyes so narrow and slanted. (I’m sorry) I met once one of those people who is a merchant. I just don’t get it why they are the yellow people though. I did hear there is land where dreams can even be fulfilled. A land that is anything but it’s not this one. My pa and ma said I can go to that land if I try to study hard. They promised me to get to school soon…….
You know, grandma? Sometimes I do wish something interesting does happen to me and even to my whole family. Sometimes I wish God would just grant us wings like birds in just one prayer. Then, we’ll finally fly far away from here.”-
-“Hahahaha ahahah ugh ugh. You’re a quite a dreamer, young lady, neh. I hear you though, that I do. I do wish God can just give me wings and enjoy flying. Heeehheeeheehee.”-
-“You didn’t have to laugh like that you heard something stupid”-
-“Oh no it’s nothing like that.”-
The two already arrived at the house of the old lady without noticing it after the quite a while conversation. “You know, young lady? I am quite a magician of myself” the old woman said.”Eh?” Roselia questions with a confused face. “As a magician, I can actually give you wings without asking to God for some. Come anytime again here if you want to see for yourself”. She exclaimed.”…..” , Roselia . Roselia parted from the old woman and get back to the well. As she was walking back to her home while carrying a heavy bucket of water, she was thinking deeply about what the old woman said about giving her wings. Part of her thinks it’s just some old jokes or tricks would any adult pull on little kids. On the other hand, she thinks it would be amazing if it wasn’t a bluff. She thought about it throughout her trip.
The night came, the family already settled on their beds. Everyone is already heavy silent on their beds but Roselia was not. The voice of the old woman while saying that statement she made at her home echoes back and forth in her mind. Finally, she decided to come over again to her tomorrow.
The night has passed and so a new day starts. She cheerfully accepted her mother’s request to gather some bucket and immediately took off. The mother was confused and surprised of the sudden behavior. She ran to her destination but lost her breath halfway through. She finally arrived at the front door of the old woman’s home. She for a second hesitated. The cold breeze suddenly blew.  Before she can knock, the door opened as she was able to see old wrinkled face woman again after they met yesterday.”Oh you’re back already? I guess you couldn’t rest that easily. Some girl are you, neh.” the old woman said with a laughter. “Come in please” she continued. Both settled on the living room. The house was nicely furnished. The old woman prepared both of them sweet potatoes. There a was silence for moment while eating. The old woman finally broke the silence, “I see you have taken consideration for what I have said yesterday. “I-I knew you were just tricking me by bringing it up just like any other adults would do.” Roselia said with bashful tone. Well then, follow me then.” She said it with a smile. They both walked into a room upstairs where the atmosphere is totally different. The room was like a setup for a horror show. There were amulets hanging on the side. Some preserved bones of some small animals. Candles were scattered around the area. “Grandma, this room looks a bit scary”, Rosel said with a distressed face. “This is nothing worry about. These things are just for show. You are completely safe in here. The writer couldn’t ju-AAAHH” the old woman scream in fear when a rat passed by. “Is that so?” Roselia said. “ As I was saying, you after all came here to have wings, didn’t you? There’s nothing else I would do to you but give you that wish as I will promise.” She explained. “Does that I mean I can finally fly freely just as I wished to?!”, she said quickly with a cheerful expression. “Yes, indeed my young lady. This will be the best day of your life, neh?”.  Roselia gradually lifted up her expression just like how his cheeks lift when she smiled. “All you have to do is drink this formula I made and sit over there.”  Roselia did as she was told to. The old woman stand in front of her and started to perform a chant while waving some strange hand gestures in front of her face. Both of them found it funny but they resisted to laugh back. Before Roselia knew it, she fell asleep.
She woke up the next morning in her house feeling a bit heaviness in her head but she feels lively as ever. She thought for a second that it was all just a dream. She felt disappointment but smiled and said, “What a totally random and strange dream I had”. She proceed to eat her breakfast along with the family and greet them a good morning. A fly passes by bugs around her little brother while his breakfast. The little brother tried to catch the fly but he couldn’t. Suddenly, Roselia single-handedly caught the fly like it was nothing. All were confused for the moment “Woah, you’re so amazing, sis!” the little brother exclaimed with wide-opened eyes. “Yeah, I guess” with a low tone, Roselia said so. The family didn’t bother ponder on further and think it was just some luck and continued their breakfast. So anticlimactic. Everyone proceed normally on they should do. The drill is out of question. Roselia still ended up being asked to gather some water. When she sets on, she felt so much energy in her body that hastily ran. She noticed her pace seems faster than usually she has. She felt she can go on running forever without feeling to fall on her knees. At the well she arrived, she didn’t feel like breathing deeply to catch up some breath. While she was loading some water she looked on the direction where it would lead to to old lady’s house. She digress her thoughts and as soon as the bucket filled she headed back home promptly. As she headed home, her father noticed something unusual to her daughter. He can’t somehow settle his mind about. “Rosel.” He called “You seem full of energy today. Did something good happen?” he said. “Well, maybe… maybe something did”, she replied. “Boyfriend?”, father added. “Stop adding overused jokes just lighten up the mood.” ,Rosel with dreadful tone said to her father…or me. The father just smiled and continued to do his work. A little while has passed and Roselia’s neighborhood friends came to invite her to play along with them. The mother accepted the daughter’s permission and so Roselia was saved from doing some more duties on that day. Many of her friends noticed her unusual but amazing physical performance while they are playing. She seems way faster, more flexible, and faster at reaction. They found her amazing. Roselia felt good and embarrassed with so much praise from her friends. The night came and everything was already done for the day is ready to move on. Everyone was asleep but Roselia wasn’t. She didn’t feel like it at all. She quietly went outside to get some fresh air with the night having its full moon. The night at the countryside was calming and its scene may strike one’s soul. She felt refreshed and calm as the cold breeze gently blew against her. She remembered at some point from her dream when that the old lady she can only fly at night and never in the morning for its rays would turn her into ashes. She also remembered how the old lady taught her to put out her wings. She still thought the whole dream was funny but ironically she still did as what she was told to…………..WWWHHHHHEEEEEE She’s really flying!
Roselia was astounded by the unbelievable result. She is really flying. Her wings spread freely and resembles of those of the bats. Her expectations got spoiled after seeing that. Nevertheless, she flew freely and with joy. So much joy she was experiencing, she almost burst into tears. She flew across the night sky making a remarkable scene along with the full waxed moon. When she flew more higher she lost a bit control. She knew she had much more to learn about flying. She came back to her home quietly to join her family back  at their sleep. She finally slept peacefully. A smile is left at her face. One day she will be ready to show and tell to her family about the magic within her and the story is just yet to be finished…..
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