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Short stories off the griddle, just for you!

That's right, we are a literature group focused just for short stories, and we're here to encourage short story writers to show off their craft, to help each other grow and to be inspired. Feeling ignored as a short story writer? Feeling overlooked by all the poetry? Worry no more! This group is here just for you.

From the Griddle to the Plate, it's all about short stories.
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A Wish of 1000 Stars by shicmap
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Hello, I am angelStained and I'm your new ShortStackStories admin. I will be managing all your submissions and answering any questions you have about the group.

Please continue to submit your deviations to us. I'll be sure to get through them fast. Do read the rules first, however, to make things better for all of us. I have created a new folder here for your submissions, although you can also choose to submit to the Critique folder. If you're submitting to the Critique folder, you are also strongly encouraged to constructively comment on the deviations there.

If you've got any suggestions for ShortStackStories, please tell us through a comment or Note, thank you!

For a start, these are some great resources for short-story writing [or writing in general]:…

Also, a warm welcome to any new members!
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Rules of Submission- PLEASE READ

:bulletblue: As our name, we accept short stories only. They must be between 1,000 and 20,000 words.* Any prologues, chapters, epilogues or excerpts from novels are strictly not allowed. Unless what you have written can stand alone as a short story, it will be declined.

:bulletblue: Short stories must be prose. This group will not accept any short stories written in any other form such as a ballad. Prosetry is allowed.

:bulletblue: Flash fiction/vignettes are not allowed as they are not short stories. Please make sure that your pieces are categorised as Literature>Prose>Fiction>(topic category)>Short Story, otherwise it will be declined.

:bulletblue: Please do not forget to add a mature filter to your writing should it require it.

:bulletblue: You are allowed to submit TWO deviations per week to the current submission folder and the Critique folder.

*The 'short stories' here by no means totally represent the true definition of what it should be.


Please check out our fellow affiliates!



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