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Day 307: Family Portrait

By shortpinay
The theme was "Family Portrait" (blurry ;_; gone a whole year without a scanner now ;_; )

Good thing the challenge included that, because I think this is the first time I really took time put together a cute family thing like this xD Our heights are, for the most part, quite accurate :D

We currently have one cat, her name is Kisa. There's Daddy, Mommy, Matt, me, Max, Michelina (Miche), Marie (Mree or Ree), Mark (Markle.. holding a balloon!). In the sky, we have my doggy Rex, chicken Ginger, goldfish Potato, baby bunny Buttons.. plus many more fish, another cat, dog, a hamster, a pigeon, etc... I think if I added all of them, the sky would be full >_>;

Fun Fact!! My older brother Matt and my little brother Markle are EXACTLY 21 years apart :D During my 18th and Matt's 21st birthday party, my mom went into labor, LEFT OUR PARTY 8|.... and had baby Markle <3 That was 2 years ago :'D

365 Project: [link]
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how big this family is super cute and i sorry that some off their pets died :(
DreamTheBunny's avatar
Awww~ Such a cute family picture~! <3
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so cute! how old are your other siblings? :D
I only have one sister (2 1/2 years younger)
XBAlyHooX's avatar
Awww! It's soo cute. Big families are always nice. :]
littlechakita101's avatar
Is that a mustache I see!
crify's avatar
potato is sooo sweet
Temporary-dAmage's avatar
So cute!

I love to draw you xD and your little-I mean big- family :S

I see the dead pets! :( AND YOUR KITTY IS ADORABLE xD LOL
thaliagrace1's avatar
wow you have a very big family
brynisch's avatar
poor dead pets D:
Gwevin's avatar
you have the cutest style :meow:
Leechuts's avatar
0pie0's avatar
wow big family i love how you included the past pets :)
yuuki-eleanor's avatar
What a big family! At my house we are six, in the total, and I think we are lot :D
By the way, the draw is absolutely super cute >.<
penxpaper's avatar
Sooo cute!!!! Watta family! Just like mine! :))
CherryBlossomLove's avatar
hahaha this is adorable. All your names start with "M"'s, have you ever wondered why?
Blindscape's avatar
was Ginger a chicken or some other kind of bird? i just love birds :la:

and it seems "short"pinay isn't just a DA name after all ^^;
SergiLove's avatar
❤‿❤ D-e-l-i-g-h-t-f-u-l~!
littl-voiz-in-u's avatar
thats a big family
IWonderIWander's avatar
you had a goldifsh named potato?? lol thats awesome xD i love the portrait, btw
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