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The Fabric of Space

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Apo 3D... Yea!
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It's hard to describe, but it's beautiful. I'd really like to touch it. :D
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inspriational :)
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WOW this is simply amazing!!! I'm trying to do 3d Apo renders right now, but I just cant seem to get the right perspective like you have here... How the heck did you do that?
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so good with a great title too:)
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Really cool work, I like it a lot!
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wow! this leaves me speechless! It's AMAZING! Did you use 7X?
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Is there any way I can get the par files for this so I can do a but of HQ rendering?
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You getting better and better by the years. Beautiful!
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There are NO words to describe this. Damn dude, your awesome!
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You have been featured in my new journal Busy busy and Avatar !!!
:sun: Hope you like it :D :sun:
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wow! incredible!
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Fantastic!! Looks alive!
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:wave: I have featured this work in my journal [link] :)
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Holy fuck, I don't get how you can do things like this
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Oh my god... I will NEVER understand how you do this.
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A great fractal ! :clap:
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Well done - I like those truchet bubbles :clap: :clap:
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wooouuwww :D greaat !
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There needs to be a tutorial for this kind of fractal. Very cool. Very cool.
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This struck a chord with me, because it represents very well the way I think of gravity as working in space - from a two-dimensional perspective, a planet 'sitting' on a thin layer of reality and weighing it down, creating a dip that other things 'fall' towards.

On a rather less confusing note, this is a beautiful composition. :heart: I find it very soothing to look at.
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