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February 11, 2008
Music and Math make for an innovative and artistic marriage in Music Notes Tutorial by ~Shortgreenpigg. The artist offers straightforward instruction that is easy to understand and implement. We should be seeing some really fun fractals made from this generous Apophysis tutorial. Check out the ones created by the artist himself, then download it and make some of your own fractal music!
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Music Notes Tutorial



So.. I've had a number of questions on how to create this kind of picture in apo.. hope it helps :D (apologies for the bad html writing.. i haven't wrote html in years :P)

If you use this tutorial for a picture, please link back to this page. :D also, if you'd like, i'd love to see some of the pictures you come up with. A note or a link to the picture would be much appreciated :D
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Thank you for your beautiful art, and this Tutorial, This is a result I got using the tuto.
MusicNotes-wFinal-signd by marthig