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The Blues Brothers!
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Anything good
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Apophysis, Ultra Fractal, and Paint Shop Pro X2
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Science, Fractals, Music, and other interesting things

A DD??

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Hi Everyone! First I'll start with the obvious, sorry I've been gone for a while again! This semester is kicking my butt so far! Intense amounts of homework are keeping me fairly busy, not too mention all the other events and such of college life... On a happier note.... Thanks for the DD!!! It made me really happy to see that in my inbox! In place of thanking everyone for the faves and comments individually, I'll just give everyone one big THANK YOU!! Although I'd like to update more I'm already feeling guilty for taking a break from my java homework to update my journal.. Hopefully things will slow down a bit here soon and I'll be able t
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Hmmm.... So... I just realized I haven't actually posted anything since October last year ^^;... I would LOVE to have an excuse for that, but frankly I've just been lazy... I really want to get back into making more fractals as It's really good for my creativity and problem solving skills (both of which I haven't had an outlet for recently...) So! For this reason I'm going to ask a favor of anybody who still watches my dA account and still reads my journals. DON'T LET ME BE LAZY ANYMORE! If I don't post something soon, or I stop posting more pictures send me an email or something please? I think my email is posted on my profile, but if it's
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Hello everyone!!! Here we are two months into school.. you'd think it would slow down at least a little bit.. but NO!! Bah... Anyways, First off, I have a couple weeks with a very low test load I hope to do some fractaling in ^^;... Second, my school is hosting an art contest thing that I've been told I should submit some art to, and was curious what all people thought I should try to submit? (I can submit as many as I'd like to :)) Just a quick update, I'm doing good in school so far, so we'll hope that keeps up through the semester. I'm currently thinking about switching my major to computer science, although I'm still not entirely sure.
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