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When somebody who you admire likes your work, it is BEYOND flattering!!  Warren Ellis, thank you for the shout out!!!
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No kitties actually unless anybody wants a picture of the obese kitty that inhabits my tiny living space =P

This is totally a million years late, but San Diego was so awesome! I owe Sheldon buckets of chicken wings for letting me crash at his place. I definitely forever owe my editor extraordinaire Shelly Bond who introduced me to some really amazing people. I actually had a couple serious geek attacks ;___; so embarrassing! The classy mister Richard Starkings was wonderful to me as well! I got to do a mini draw off at his Elephantmen booth with Pia Guerra (she kicked my ass of course)

I think one of the craziest things I got to do that week was do a couple signings at the Vertigo table for issue #24 of Madame Xanadu. Totally insane! I've been reading Vertigo comics for a long time, and always hoped I would get to work for them someday, so this has been a totally surreal experience.    

Thanks to everyone who hung out with me that week. It really was a hell of a lot of fun and I met some really awesome new friends! Dana and Kathryn I look forward to our next annual SDCC cupcake hunt =P

NYCC is next!!!

BTW I'm going to be doing a short story in issue #31 of House of Mystery which is coming out in November. Very excited!!!
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I'm off to travel while the deported one stays home and eats KFC with my cat =P

First stop was New York on Monday and Tuesday. I had so much fun. This is the first time I've spent a significant amount of time New York, but what made it the greatest trip ever was my visit to the DC offices on Tuesday. Complete nerd mental breakdown as soon as I got off the elevator. Everybody there is amazing and friendly! Totally surprised they didn't want to kill me for disturbing their work environment ( or maybe they did ;____; ).

I went to DC specifically to meet with Vertigo editor extraordinaire Shelly Bond who is among my favorite people on the planet, and it's not just because we bonded over the IT Crowd. She is massively supportive and gives great direction. There is a blog she just posted about the 6 Issue "Extra Sensory" story line of Madame Xanadu. Go read!…

The issue I did interiors for Madame Xanadu #24 is in stores now!!! Tell me what you guys think!!…

Another fun thing in New York was I got to hang with my buddies Justin Moritat Norman, Gabo Bautista, Andre Szymanowicz and Joe Keatingeeeee. Moritat, Gabe and Andre are currently working on The Spirit for DC, and they've been producing some great issues!  

Now I'm off to Maryland for 3 weeks! Then SAN DIEGOOOO!!!
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I have some updates!

I have been working on issue #24 of Madame Xanadu with the legend Matt Wagner as part of the Extra-Sensory story arc! There's more information here… Shelly and Matt have been incredible and I know I've grown as an artist, due to their input. The book will be in stores June 30th! YAY!!

The last Forgetless is in and I want to thank everybody involved. Nick, Scott and Jorge you guys are all monsters. Thanks to Jim Valentino and crew for putting up with me =P This last issue is going to be badass, so everybody should pick it up!! Forgetless #5!!

Anybody else going to SDCC? I'm definitely going!!


Pick up ORC STAIN if you know what's good for you!!!!!
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I'm going to be heading down to San Francisco for Wondercon!! Anybody else showing up??? I expect good times are ahead.

The James Stokoe is still deported, so he will be staying at home with a KFC party pack and our cat, doughnut.


I am currently sick for the second time in 4 weeks. Bleh!! Need to get better, so I can work harder!!!
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Just watched the new one, and am totally psyched for the next episode! It's been a while since I've nerded out on a TV show. I should do fan art when I get some time to myself. I've been meaning to do fan art for Twin Peaks as well. Love that Agent Cooper. COOOP! I've always thought David Lynch cast Kyle Mclaughlin because he seems like a younger version of himself. That weird blend of wholesome and creepy, especially in Blue Velvet.

Alright back to work!!
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Things are awesome in the Vancougar. James' mom and I successfully crossed the border and retrieved our furniture. I saved one of the busted air mattresses we've been using since March for a ceremonial knifing in the back alley. We can finally realign our spines in real chairs Yaaay!!

Sorry to Justin :iconmoritat: for dropping that bookcase on your bad knee during the move. Very very sorry. Thanks to Mary 'one punch' newman for driving the U-haul! You are hardcoreee!  

Here are some pictures of the apartment now and a glamor shot of the cat we've unofficially adopted. After much bickering the Stokoe and I have decided to name the cat P.U.M.A. as in Paul Usul Muad'dib Atreides (god emperor of the known universe)………

Speaking of the Stokoe Wonton Soup Vol. 2: Hyper Wonton Soup 2 TwoTon Soup: The Quickening 2 ...Soup is now in stores and it's hilarious!! Ain't it Cool News put up a pretty rad review of it and there's a 19 page preview of it up as well… Go out and purchase if you love scifi insanity!

Did anybody else on the internets have an issue with the Vista service pack 2? That thing raped my computer for about a week. It's all good now though! Augh I shouldn't say that... it'll bomb tomorrow if I'm too optimistic hahah

I'm totally into the new True Blood episodes as well. Please god don't let them kill off Lafayette ;____;
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ignore this =P
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So... the immigration dudes misspelled my middle name twice. One time I corrected it at the office when I went for my "Welcome to Canada! You are totally officially allowed here!" meeting, and now they have apparently misspelled it again. Which means an extra 2 to 3 weeks before I get my permanent residence card. I wouldn't be frustrated about it if it weren't for the fact that I can't get my furniture until I get that card in my mitts.

Oh the sadness!!!!! I WANT MY STUFF!! SO MUCH STUFF!!


On zee comics front, my smelly husband thing :iconelspike-o: who has abandoned the internet for sandwiches has the second volume of Wonton Soup coming out on May 27th! Yaaay! GO GeT* IT!! Drugs, sex bears, strange planets, tits! You name it its in there!!…

Pulpo 4 is also available for purchasing, and it has lots of rad comics in it, including the works of
:iconzsabreuser: :iconstrayheadache: :iconshelde5000: :icongalvo: :iconmdpenman: Among many awesome others!!!…

* I can no longer make capital "e"s on my laptop because my "e" key is broken. I have to copy paste it hahaha.... T___T
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James and I are now officially Vancouver residents. Woo hoo! Right now our apartment contains two computers and and airbed, since all of our stuff is in storage in Seattle. We're making it work though! Once all of our stuff is out of storage, we will be open for visitors if anybody wants to make the trip!

I'll be able to make visits in the states once I get my permanent residence card, but not James. He's still deported =P

Otherwise its same old work work. I made the mistake of drawing my witchy comic Black Circle in random sections, so I'm basically going through all the pages and filling in the holes. I will not be doing that again. Foooo shooooo!

Anybody watch The First 48? I love that show, and I'm always extra happy when Sgt. Caroline Mason is involved in one of the cases. That lady means business.

Kenny vs Spenny is also in rotation on our computer. Kenny is an evil genius, but I love it when his schemes backfire. The episode where they had to run 10 miles was the best!!! If you haven't seen it and like the show look it up on youtube. Its awesome.

Hope everybody is doing awesome!!!
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Been a gajillion months since I posted last, so I apologize.

The Stokoe and I got hitched May 10th, and I've been kicking around with other crazy stuff since then.

I've also found out that I can't keep up communications and work at the same time. Actually I can't do anything and work at the same time. I got Diablo 2 for the third time this summer and that actually killed a couple weeks of production. There is no way I'm getting Diablo 3 when it comes out in 20 years. James will have to chlorophorm me and break the disc.

I'm truckin' away on Black Circle, and I'm a good 30 + pages in. I wanna be well ahead before I publish it. That and I would like Dead Girlfriend to be done before then. Hopefully, Dead Girlfriend will be in the bank by January 2009 and then sometime after that Black Circle will be out =P

Has anybody else watched True Blood. Lafayette the cook is seriously the best character on the show. It will never trump the redneck vampires of Near Dark, but thats alright. Paxton dancing on the bar top has to be one of my favorite cinema moments!
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Congratulations to my Jamesy :iconelspike-o: and mister BG :iconroyalboiler: for their nominations!!!  

To see the entire list of nominations follow the link below!…
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OH GOD!!!!

Actually, being in Seattle alone isn't too bad, I can play my own music, and use my new computer.... theres lots of coffee

Okay I'm lying!!! I MISS JAMES I'M A GOD DAMN PUSSY AND BEING ALONE IS WEIRD AFTER 4 AND A HALF YEARS OF NOT BEING ALONE!!! For those not in the know who will soon be in the know. My special boyfriend became my special fiance, but then we decided that crossing the land border on a bus was a smart decision. IT WASN'T OBVIOUSLY!! My slim godzilla lovin' sandwich eating fiance has been deported, and now I have be a big girl and talk to an immigration lawyer about it. If a pardon for my honkey isn't a viable option, then I will travel to lovely Canada and miss out on every con this season while applying for permanent residence.


In the meantime my buddy ol' pal for many many years :icongalvo: is involved in the zuda competition. Check out his entry!! This is just a small sample of what I know he can bring to the table.

Link to his entry -
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hello hello hello

James and I have been scouring the internet for entertainment, and have been successful for a couple of months. I love the internet. It saves us from expensive movie rentals and paying to see movies that we might possibly HATE. We were close to reaching an internet entertainment dry spell until the Brandon Graham came over and showed us the awesome that is the "Nevermind the Buzzcocks" and from there we discovered the awesome that is Noel Fielding and THE MIGHTY BOOSH.

Seriously The Mighty Boosh kind of owns our lives right now. Its basically a musical show about two dudes and their magical adventures. Howard Moon is the seemingly older geeky jazz enthusiast and Vince Noir is the bombastic guy with the awesome hair who talks to the animals. Theres also Naboo the enigma who is a drug dealer and a sorcerer who gets Vince and Howard out of sticky situations.

Its awesome beyond awesome and has been going on for 3 seasons, so if you see it check it out!!!!     

In other news our hairy former roomate sheldon :iconshelde5000: has won the zuda competition for this month! Thanks to those of you who jumped in and voted!
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Been 20 bajilliongillion eons since I've posted, but I've had good reason! Well not really. I'm sorry I'm a lazy ho!!!

I've done a lot of comic works in the meantime. I will be updating with some pages, and I'm going to start cleaning out my gallery. I've been considering  opening up another account on deviant under my real name, but that just seems like a whole lot of effort.

The reason why is shortfury always gets mistaken for shortfurry and I just can't have that. Not that I have anything against you furries out there its just that I'm not one.

happy new year to everyone!



The wonderful hairy australian friend of mine Sheldon Vella :iconshelde5000: is competing in the zuda competition and he needs votes!!!!!!! HE'S SO CLOSE TO THE WIN HE MUST NOT LOSE TO THE GARBAGE THAT IS DEMONS IN THE CLOSET!

Go vote here!!
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Tomorrow James and I are leaving the great white north for Seattle! WOO HOO!!!! CIVILIZATION HERE WE COME!

We're going to be hanging with the brandon gramus and the corey lewis and the jacob ferguson which will be awesome cause we haven't seen those dudes since we left!!! Plus gabe and kevin are coming it. It'll just be classy!

So if any dudes around here on DA are coming to Emerald City drop by and say hi! I'm not sure if I'm gonna have prints there cause I'm broke and all that, but come say hi anyway!!!

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What the shit? Why is this month moving so fast! Isn't this supposed to be the slowest month or something? I've done a bunch of work i can't show off on the web and it makes me cry daily ;____;

well... maybe not

I guess I should talk about Valentine's day or something.

Valentine's day was eventful. We went to a lovely restaurant called the Cactus Club, and since this is in Canada of course we were accompanied by many a mountie and roaming moose covered in maple syrup dragging their igloos behind them.

Actually, I couldn't believe the amount of ladies who had itty itty bitty skirts on. Like when you roll up to a party you expect there to be maybe 1 or 2 ladies with their lady parts on display, but damn. There was like a flock of them! So after the flock of vagina's had passed, we got the opportunity to see a dumbass redneck in a truck (F150 + retarded 5ft tires) roll over the car behind him. It was awesome.

Then we got seated for dinner. The food was great but there was only one problem... we got sat next to the loudest bunch of old people. I mean I can understand that the restaurant's decorative metal plating might be causing their hearing aids to malfunction. We got over it though and had some awesome food. That is until one of the slobbery banana eating wrinkly people decided to holler "SEX ENDED FOR ME WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL" hahaha Its fairly impossible for anything to ruin a meal for us, but we had to halt taking in some food for a second. James was giving me the the option of Logan's Run (with the age pushed back a bit... 30 is ridiculous) or satellite on the moon.

The end

it was fun though. The rest of this month has and will continue to be all business!!!

OH and I made my myspace awesome even though I don't really use it much heheh
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I hope everybody had an awesome holiday!

I decided to hibernate from the internet during the month of december, and I've been working on some cool things here and there =P I have two short comics I'm creating for two different anthologies (Meathaus and Low Orbit), and James and I are collaborating on a project with Joe Keatinge, which I'm super excited for! Joe is the man!   

Today is apparently my 3rd "anniversary" with james, so we got a cake and rented some really (REALLY) bad movies. Hooraay! Paul Walker time!

Here are some links to some really cool comics I found on the web for poor people like me

Pumpkin and Mayonaise by Kiriko Nananan…

Check out some other comics on Kotonoha also!! Soil by Atsushi Kaneko (Bambi), and any of the comics by Jiro Matsumoto are really cool.

Solanin by Asano Inio -…

The artist has a really neat approach and his paneling is fantastic. He definitely has some Jamie Hewlett influenced buried in him =P If you go to the downloads page on this site theres a direct download link. They have all 6 chapters in there, so check it out!!
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Becky :iconbeckycloonan: comix queen thunderslapped me with a tag thing

"Here's how this goes:

Rules: The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 Weird Habits/Things About Yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 Weird Habits/Things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "You are tagged" in their devPage comments and tell them to read yours..."

This is going to be such a pain in the ass!! hehe Alright here I go... I will forgive you guys if you never ever want to talk to me again after reading all of these!

6 - When I was a kid (around 6 or 7), my dad decided that it would be a great idea for me and him to watch this compilation of horror stories together. Well one of the horror story subjects was this monster that lived in a high school ventilation system, and would attack and eat people while they were using the bathroom in the school. This little movie caused me to be afraid of the toilet monster for many many years. I rarely used public restrooms because of it. If I had no other choice, then I would force my mom to stand outside of the bathroom stall, and I would spend the entire time staring at whatever vent was on the ceiling in fear.

5 - This was another childhood fear of mine. My mom and I were baking cookies one day when I was very young. I was a really really gullible kid by the way. Well, while we were cooking she put raw eggs into the batter, and I wanted to taste the cookie batter. She told me "No, if you eat raw eggs you'll turn into an egg." I believed her for a long time. ;______;

4 - I don't know if this is weird but I am Scarcore. I was attacked by a dog when I was five, and got over 150 stitches in my face, and plastic surgery. THE WORKS! You can't really see the scar too well anymore, but its totally there. I've also got another scar on my opposite cheek from a cat scratch too. SCARCORE

3 - I am extremely sensitive to the sound of metal and metal rubbing together or metal on tableware. The worst of the worst is when two forks get stuck together and you have to pull them apart. I get queasy, and have this weird metal taste in my mouth whenever I hear these sounds.

2 - I have a freakish inventory of song lyrics in my brain. Not current music, since I never listen to the radio anymore, but 70s rock music, 80s and early 90s pretty much everything and late 90s rock music. If a song is on the radio its pretty likely that I'll know it. I didn't think that was a weird thing (most people know lots of song lyrics), but James thinks its incredibly odd.

1 - I watched WAY too much Labyrinth as a kid. I can actually speak every line from that movie from beginning to end. I hadn't seen it in years and my friend David tested me to see if I still remember. He had to make me stop about 5 minutes in. Its really really SAD. Geekcore!!!!

AHAHH!! Now I get to pick 6 people!

JAMES :iconelspike-o:
BABY GRAVES :iconroyalboiler:
KIM :iconkimbot:
FISHYBOT :iconfishbot:
GABO :icongalvo:
JHO :iconjinguj:
Holy Crap!!

I got a daily deviation thats nuts! Thank you deviantart gods! You guys are awesome!

James and I are still in Canada, and we're still debating where we're going to move to in the long run! I love Vancouver, but San Francisco might be an option too. Who knooows. In the meantime, we're drawing our butts off


James :iconelspike-o: finally got his new snack books in, so those will be up for purchase. He's updating his site tonight with the pictures of the new book. They look really nice! Full color cover back and front are both his illustrations.

My long life friends over at :iconentervoid: the best sequential battling site on the net, are having some server troubles. The site has grown too huge and the people who host them are suggesting that they move up to a dedicated server, but thats a lot of moneyss!! In other words, they need some help and some donations and some love. They have two volumes of their awesome compilation book "pulpo" up for purchase, and some fun things like stickers and patches!! Check them out, and even if you can't donate, join the site and create a character!!!
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