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Published: August 3, 2011
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There's nothing too mystifying about it, but this is how I work. My thumbnails are kind of excessively detailed, but I like fleshing it out before I go to pencils.

Colors I do in photoshop. Really really simple colors hahaha! More like flatting.
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love the attitude of the thumbnail
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quickmindProfessional General Artist
I love your inking. The third stage of the process is so striking I love the contrast between the black and white. Your sense of color and tone is very sophisticated. Very understated, but it works perfectly.
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I love the final piece !
Although I gotta say, in the center panel I love the forward lean( how her hips seem to be pushing back as she arches her back) of the girl in the thumbnail and the roundness of her face . Always great stuff! What book is this for? I would Like to pick it up.
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But your flat colours are so excellent!
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I like the fact that the colors are flat, especially in the third panel! It doesn't try to compete with your inking.

BTW, how big is that thumbnail? : o
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That's exactly what I'm aiming for. I work the hardest on the line work, so I just want simple colors to compliment.

The thumbnail is small. About 3 inches tall 2 inches wide.
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I love seeing how you work! Your inks are really beautiful and so detailed. May I ask what you use to do them? That tree and the grass is just gorgeous.
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Thank you!! I use two pens for ink. One is Pentel capped brush pen with ink cartridges you can replace and the other is a Pilot .4 G Tec-C4 disposable pen. The brush pen is about 20 bucks, but it's worth it because of the quality... you won't have to worry about ink gunking up or fraying.
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Thank you very much! I've been looking for good pens to use, so this is very helpful.
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Its always cool to see the process of other artists. Thanks for sharing! I tend to work the same way kind of, only I skip the pencils stage since I do everything digital. My thumbnails get really sketchy, sometimes they're really detailed sometimes its hard to tell wtf is going on.
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Thanks!! Man, I can't do digital inking. Ctrl+Z is too easy to hit which results in me tweaking the lines too much. There's something about putting the ink on paper that makes me commit to the line. Also helps me focus on what I'm doing, since it's a real pain to white out mistakes.

I'm glad it works for you though! I've seen some really cool stuff come out of digital line work!
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Haha yeah I sometimes have that problem where I just gotta sit back and go "okay, enough tweaking, that looks okay". I've never really even touched any inks too when I do happen to do traditional stuff. Lay down a quick sketch underneath in blue pencil and go overtop of it with a crappy mechanical pencil and just use the photoshop curves function. Tends to give me pretty good results.

That said I do sort of envy those who can traditionally ink. I'm sure if I did I'd have to use a pen of some sort though to do it, I am the worst ever with using a brush for anything haha. Your stuff comes out quite awesome!
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