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An epic lady warrior :iconnernie: who I plan on making soup for in the near near future got me into Dragon Age. This game is bad for my future, so it is on indefinite lock down far far away from me.


Marian made a comic for it as well, and all I have to say is that's what she gets for not killing Logain. HAAAAA! JUSTICE!! I really wanted to use Duncan god damn you LOGAIN!!!!!!
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A roll in the hay is considered a death warrant?  Mister, you have a problem!
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this banter is so perfect!
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LMAO  This is priceless! Alistair's lines are great!
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"Poisonous Witch Vagina"? 

Does that mean my Male Amell got poisoned when he and morrigan??? o.o
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I did the same omg
the ship is too strong to die
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I'm in love with your art style!  It reminds me of a cross between "Adventure Time" and vintage cartoons from the 1930's.
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HAHAHA! i love this part! this is sooo funny! HAHAHAHAHA...HAHA.HA...HA...*smiles fondly*
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"Poisonous witch vagina" got me.  
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This...believe it or not actually makes me feel a lot better about making Alistair doing the Dark Ritual (even though I have the mods that allows you to skip the 'seeing' of dark ritual and show the before and after with your warden) but I tend to play on the 360 more.

And I love Alistair's reaction and I think the Warden's reaction matched everyone perfectly when they discovered this little 'loophole' of joining the Wardens.
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HA! hilarious, i love it
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Bahahah this is why I get up in the morning!!! Why are you not running Bioware? BRILLIANCE!!!

"Poisonous with vagina..." I'm crying :D
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really great. fun dialogue and characters and genre spin.
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well i wrote ".....hybrid of a tainted human and a equally tainted divine fallen dragon", i just realised that the baby will no be a hybrid, but a complete human(tainted, but not hybrid) with the soul of the old god of beauty urtehmiel...sorry, i got carried away LOL
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i just love how morrigam it's all like "in order to save you two i have to bang your boyfriend(that she totally hate by the way) like ta pair of bunnies and get heavy with his child that going to be a hybrid of a tainted human and a equally tainted divine fallen dragon, to a secret purpuse thats(that will probally come back to bite the role thedas in the ass or save it, i am betting on the former), and the warden lirael it's totally into it, and the dismay of alistair is just fantastic and hilarious, come on alistair, i know your hate for morrigam holds no bonds, but she is a wicked sexy witch that wants to jump your bones(and since you both despice one another,it can only mean that you can never be to rough with one another, just wild, insane sex) and your girlfriend it's totally okay with it, plus thats all to save you both so you can finally live as lovebirds after the archdeamon it's killed, that the ultimate impossible fantasie coming true!! LOL
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OMFG perfection. xD I love this~!
I love the Warden's face when going "Escandalo" - I get a very clear picture of how the rest of the playthrough was, troublemaking everywhere.
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Omg I laughed so hard at this.
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HAHA, Cunt HARPIES. *giggles*
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