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Hello everyone!

:iconthe-archaeon: here!

Big fat cookie for anyone who gets that reference by the way; you're both old and awesome. Congratulations!

Anyway, point of the journal is that recently, a fellow member wrote to me asking about having their story featured. I won't mention them, since, truthfully, I haven't gotten around to reading their submission yet. I promised I would, though (dangerous, I know!). But the point of this little anecdote is that they mentioned how they didn't quite understand how to proceed in order to be featured.

This lead me to go into the FAQ and see what exactly :icongalialay: and I had written down over several years ago. It wasn't long before I realised that some elements of the FAQ actually date back to the days of our founder, :iconhananadragon:, nine years ago.

So... before I knew it, I had opened up Word and Notepad and got to work, trying to revamp the whole thing. It's not perfect, but I like to think that the changes are pretty straightforward. Let me all know what you think!

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:bulletblack: Is this group still active? :bulletblack:

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:bulletyellow: What folder does my story go in? :bulletyellow:

:bulletblack: I put my story in the wrong folder! :bulletblack:

:bulletblue: Do you only take fiction? :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: What kind of stories do you accept? :bulletgreen:

:bulletred: How do I get featured? :bulletred:

:bulletyellow: Why is your gallery so weirdly organised? :bulletyellow:

:bulletpurple: There’s a lot of really long stories in this short story group. :bulletpurple:

:bulletblack: Do you have contests? :bulletblack:

:bulletblue: How do I get people to read my stories? :bulletblue:

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1. Is this group active?

Yes! Between changing admins and personal life, we haven’t been as active as we would like. But journals and features go up every now and then, infrequent as they are. The current moderators are still active however, and more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

2. Why should I join?

If you’re looking for a diverse group focused on short stories, this group is ideal. The door is open to all, from hobbyists to professionals, and we don’t discriminate against any type of writing (that includes not only literature, but essays, too!)

We also try to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to themes. If you’re not certain if your story fits in any of our current folders, write to us. We’ll be more than happy to help!

3. I'm not a very good writer...

Like we said, the door is open to everyone! While we don’t specialise in critiques like some other groups, we’ll be more than happy to provide some feedback if you ask for it! Besides, posting online is a very good and brave first step to honing your skills and craft!

4. My stories aren't English?

Not everyone speaks English. We have a foreign languages folder. And if ever there are frequent enough submissions from writers of a specific language, we’ll create a folder to save users’ as much time as possible.

5. How do I join?

Click the "Join Our Group" button at the top of the homepage. You’ll be automatically added to our list of members. Welcome!

6. Can my group affiliate with your group?

When it comes to sharing our passion for literature, there’s very little reason for us to not want to connect with as many people as possible. Feel free to invite us, we don’t bite!

7. Can I submit to the group favorites?

Only if you’re currently a member and as long as you have that artist’s permission to share their work. We will not accept requests by the author themselves. It’s a folder to help highlight someone else’s work that you’ve really enjoyed and that you feel deserves more attention.

Send us a note, too, explaining why you feel it deserves recognition. We’ll be more than happy to feature the work and your thoughts. Writers deserve to know how much we love and want to support their work!

8. How do I submit to the gallery?

First, when uploading a piece for the first time, you can choose to submit it to a group you're a member of, and you will be asked to select to which folder you wish to submit to.

Second, in the group gallery tab, you have a "Submit to this gallery" button. From there, you may select a deviation from your own gallery (or submit an entirely new one) to one of our folders. To select a folder, click on the pull down menu by the “Submitting to” button.

Finally, you may also add your work via the “Add to group” button on your deviation’s page. You’ll be prompted to manually enter the group’s name however.

9. How often can I submit a story?

There is no current limit on submissions. This is subject to change, so keep an eye out on any journals that address this topic.

10. What folder does my story go in?

This is actually where you guys come in. For a group this large, it’s unfortunately impossible for us to monitor every single submission and to make sure it’s in the correct folder. We try to keep the folders as broad as possible in order to reduce confusion and encourage you to submit to the proper categories.

11. I put my story in the wrong folder!

Send us a note either on the “note” prompt on the main group page, or directly contact either :iconthe-archaeon: or :icongalialay:.

We ask that you add the subject “Submitted to wrong folder” to your note and that you include in the message the following:

- Name of the submission.
- Which gallery you accidentally submitted it to.
- Which gallery you want it to actually be submitted to.

12. Do you only take fiction?

Non-fiction is accepted as well. As always, just submit it to the appropriate folder.

13. What about comics?

This is kind of a grey area. Our official stance is no. But feel free to send us a note explaining why you would want to submit your comic/graphic novel to our group and why you feel like it belongs here. We’ll see what we can do from there.

14. What kind of stories does this group accept?

All kinds.

Key points to keep in mind:

- Your submissions need to be long enough to tell a story. The shortest story ever written is credited to Ernest Hemingway. His story was 6 words long: "For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn."

While there is no maximum in terms of story length, we’d ask that you be mindful of your potential readers. For example, the longest story written, per Guinness Records, is A la recherche du temps perdu by Marcel Proust. It contains an estimated 9,609,000 characters (each letter and space count as a character).

Don’t try to be a Proust.

- We accept chapters. You are required to submit the entire story to the Chapters folder, as opposed to any actual genre. It doesn’t matter if there is a folder that fits your story perfectly, each chapter must go in the Multi-Chapter Folder. No exceptions.

- As we said, we accept every genre. But obviously, we’re a group on deviantArt. So follow their rules, found here. Since we don’t have time to read every single story, it is your responsibility to make sure your story follows these guidelines.

When it comes to Erotica specifically, it also needs to follow deviantArt's Pornographic Literature Policy as linked above. They need to be submitted to the Erotica folder.

Excessive violence or gore follows the same principle. Submit it to the 18+ folder (not to be confused with the Erotica folder). Be aware minors use this site, as well as people who are squeamish of certain things, so just be sure to limit access to your work in those cases. And be sure to always follow deviantArt's Mature Content Policies.

The same goes for any story containing minors. Any inappropriate content will be swiftly removed and you will be reported. If you’re uncertain what we mean by inappropriate content, be sure to thoroughly read deviantArt’s Minors in Content Policies.

And finally, please keep in mind deviantArt’s policy on Ideologically Sensitive Content. Stories that talk about racism or hatred of specific groups must conform with the above rules.

If you stumble across stories that violate these policies, please notify us immediately. We take this very seriously, and will not hesitate to go the extra mile to make sure everything is kosher.

15. How do I get Featured?

Simply put, ask. Send us a note with the following subject line: Short-Stories Feature. In the body message, we ask that you give us a brief summary of your story and why you feel it should be featured. It can be as simple as you want as much exposure as possible in order to get as much feedback as possible. We’ll then read your story and judge whether or not we feel it should be featured on our main page.  

Typically what we look for in a story are the following: general plot, narrative devices, detailed characters, and basic mastery of grammar and spelling. Please be sure to edit your work before submitting it to us. While it won’t automatically disqualify you, we may very well ask you to re-edit your story before we feature it.

Also, keep in mind we’re not all professional writers. We’ll offer whatever advice we can, but remember, our opinions are just that; opinions. The-Archaeon studied in literature, and will be more than glad to offer their expertise on the matter.

16. Why is your gallery so weirdly organized?

Nothing gets under The-Archaeon’s skin more than not enough folders. Not even too many folders. Cleanups occur when needed or prompted. Sometimes. :giggle:

17. There's a lot of long stories in this "short-story" group.

We began as a short story group, but things change. We evolved, the needs of our members changed. Our focus is on being an awesome literary community, supporting all forms of storytelling and narratives.

Our members enjoy all kinds of stories. We encourage everyone to write what they want, how they want. Follow whatever road your passion takes you on. We’re just along for the ride.

18. Do you have contests?

Not really. We’ve tried to organise multiple events in the past, but we’ve never been able to commit the time and resources in order to get these initiatives off the ground. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them with us. For now, we mostly reserve our journals for features. As such, we encourage all members to send us notes to participate in these features, as detailed above.

19. How do I get more people to read my stories?

After years of being active, the only suggestion we have is to put your name out there. Submit to as many groups as you can, not just ours. Comment on fellow artists’ work in the same way you wish people would comment on yours.

We have irregular journal features that remain on the main page for as long as we can keep them. Remember to send us a note and we’ll be more than happy to take a look at your story, offering advice and feedback.

20. I saw a story in the gallery that goes against the rules!

If it violates deviantArt's policies, please report the deviation to the deviantArt Help Desk and let us know. We’ll remove it from our gallery immediately.
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AnnaZLove Featured By Owner May 25, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! Do you accept these kinds of articles?  The article 3 (E) - AWAKENINGInformation. Education. Mental practices.Available in Russian and English AWAKENING Hello, dear friends! Before I begin my story, I want to note that the knowledge I share comes from the original source – my higher Self and the teaching system, which is part of the Creator. These are not egregors thought forms or information received from others. Note that the information I receive is not directly available to everyone, it depends, figuratively speaking, on the individual built-in antenna and a sincere desire to turn it on. Nevertheless, a lot of people have this antenna, but they don't know how to use it. I am not engaged in channeling, I get independent information and answers to my questions only when I express my intention. Also (I think this is a more important aspect than others), people who receive higher spiritual knowledge are obliged to share this knowledge with others. It is not necessary to carry it in huge masses, but we must transfer it to at least one person, otherwise there may be "acidulation" of communication channels, and a person loses the ability to communicate with higher energies. Let's go to the main part. Imagine a pyramid. The base is our perception of ourselves, and the top is the true state of things. I'll start at the top. My dear friends, for many this will be a brain explosion, but sooner or later you will still come to the realization of what I am about to say. We are just energy, light, vibration, which is being observed. In quantum physics, there is a theory called the "Observer effect" (Hawthorne effect), which is when observing a phenomenon or a particular particle inevitably changes its parameters. So, we are these particles - rotating tetrahedrons and photons that form the Merkaba. And biological avatars are the programs that affect our perception of each other. Yes, for us they are totally real, but it is like living in a dream, at that moment our consciousness perceives the dream as the only true reality. If we explain this in familiar language, the structured souls are computer programs consisting of numbers, letters, and icons. This is how operators (the subtle structures of the material world that are our "architects") see us. They themselves are also programs, but basic, written in 0-1 code. When we come out of the body shell, our codes, figuratively speaking, break down into basic ones. Then the operators write a new program for us, and we come back in a new design quality. The game itself, where the holographic characters pass through the levels, is the illusion in which our consciousness arrives. Therefore, awakened people do not just know about it, but feel themselves like the structured energy of the Absolute. They pass into a new quality of consciousness and literally become citizens of several worlds. Fears disappear, opportunities expand, and people enjoy every moment, allowing the Absolute to live a bright, rich life through avatars. Any experience loses its division into good and bad. And although our consciousness still catches the negative signals of the biological body (feels pain, hunger, discomfort), it no longer perceives it tragically, but perceives it from the position of an operator who can adjust the program. Dear friends, I have given a schematic, very crude example, but in time you will begin to see the whole picture in its true light. This image will be as clear to you as now you see the grass, the sky, the city... Believe me, I've been through it all. I was twenty-one when a one higher civilization decided to show me the structure of our planetary system. My husband then said that I, standing at the window, suddenly fell into a trance for five minutes. I was breathing, blinking, even reacting to his touch, but otherwise I looked like a wax figure Madame Tussaud's. Then I really experienced astral travel outside of time and space. Having moved away from the Earth at a decent distance (this is a conditional concept), I saw our solar system as if on a TV screen. The stars were gone, but I felt that their energy was present in an unmanifested form. All the planets, including the sun and moon (they are considered planets in Astrology) turned into luminous balls. Each had its own color spectrum and pulsed in a different key. It looked like the human chakra system (by the way, I did not know anything about the chakras at that time). The Earth was shrouded in a luminous Golden net. Later I learned that this grid is the magnetic grid of the Earth and it is synchronized with our corporal avatars. In fact, this grid is responsible for our health and the health of the Earth at a dense level. Let’s continue. What prevents our awakening? First of all, it's fears. They can be manifest (they are much easier to work with) and unmanifested, that is, located in our subconscious. But since there is a category of fears that is necessary for people of three-dimensional consciousness, we cannot get rid of all the "anchors" at once. As you move toward awakening, many fears will be erased automatically. However, you need to start with trust in yourself and the Universe. There are many different practices for balancing this part of the energy, but you must always choose the one that resonates with you, upon acquaintance with which your intuition will tell you "Yes". Also, let your operators (the teacher system, the higher Self, the guardian angels) synchronize the situation so that the necessary practice simply manifests itself in your life. Let's move on to the concept of "allow". To allow is to have an intention. I have already said that you should always express your intention. But thoughts and words coming from the brain are not our intention. True intent is in the heart and it advertises our sincere willingness to act to achieve the goal. Note, not to receive a gift like manna from heaven, but to act. I'll give you one example. You have a cold with a high temperature. Getting sick is not a pleasant event, so it is natural that your brain will be set up against the disease. However, there is a secondary benefit hidden in your subconscious – the disease gives you a mental rest from a job you don't like, for example. In this case, the person will recover for a long time, because his true intention is not to recover, but to rest. By the way, all types of colds usually originate from a subconscious desire to avoid responsibility or trouble, to hide from any problem. Therefore, children often get sick in those families where scandals occur, the kids just hide from the situation they hate. But if you are a mother of three small children and wish them happiness and prosperity with all your heart, then you will recover in a few days, if you do not "erase" the disease in a few hours at all. And this is a real example from my life, showing how intent works. A few years ago, I suffered a serious muscle injury because I ignored the warning of my guardian angels. And in order to protect me from more serious consequences, they made me "hard format", in other words, confined me to bed. Of course, after thanking the angels from the bottom of my heart and promising that I would no longer ignore their concern, I calmly began to work out my mistake. However, my mother, without realizing it, expressed her intention to take the mission of my accelerated recovery on herself, which in the our reality was voiced by the following phrase "Anna, you will be helped quickly to get back on your feet by strong stress". Her spiritual curators accepted this mission gladly and, adding bonuses to my mother's karma, carried out the intention. As a result, the next day my mother went to the hospital. And what do you think now? My mother was right. I, accordingly, having a sincere willingness to help her in everything (intention), briskly, like a goat, rushed to the hospital and spent almost the whole day there, completely forgetting about my own indisposition. Of course, before that, I took painkillers (rupture in muscle tissue is very painful!), but my husband still doesn't understand how I managed to get out of bed. Sincere intent works wonders, dear ones! The second essential part of the path to Awakening is love. My dear friends, don't confuse it with attachment and passion. True love is not associated with the pain of loss and desires, especially carnal ones. True love is present in our heart regardless of the circumstances, you can even feel it physically, as something hot in the solar plexus or as a motivating force to do something gratuitously for other people. Almost everyone who lets this energy into their heart begins to cry involuntarily at the initial stage. Don't be afraid of it. In this way, the physical cleansing of toxins and alignment of our subtle energy plans (bodies) takes place. You begin to feel relieved, as if you've lifted an impossible burden. Allow yourself to enjoy this cleansing process. Love also erases our fears, negative thoughts, and karmic blocks. (Karmic blocks are programs that prevent the expansion of consciousness and not allowing us to believe that we can be operators of our lives.) People often say, "make room in your heart for love". It is in the heart (fourth) chakra Anahata that love is born. This is the borderline chakra that unites the physical and spiritual aspects of a person. Growing, the energy of love rises higher and turn the throat (fifth) chakra Vishuddha on, which is responsible for intuition, creativity, beliefs and communication with the higher Self. In the same way, the sixth chakra Ajna (third eye) is activated, which makes a person develop the ability to clairvoyance and healing. This chakra allows us to see the world as divine, non-distorted, not as our three-dimensional thinking usually presents us. And if the seventh chakra Sahasrara is activated, then the person reaches spiritual enlightenment. When all seven chakras work in maximum mode, a person passes into the guna of goodness (sattva-guna), he begins to live consciously, in harmony with the world and himself. But there is another chakra – the eighth, it is located in the unmanifested field of human, and just its opening leads to Samadhi (Awakening). In this case, the person energetically merges with the energies of the Universe and during meditation can reach the Nirvana. But most importantly, his attitude to life and to himself becomes completely different. Moreover, the awakened people are not obliged to practice yoga, they just begin to live in accordance with the divine plan and get real pleasure from life. But most often it is through meditation, especially through ancient yoga techniques, that it is easier for a person to come to Awakening. I note that this requires a teacher (guru) who not only knows these practices but is dedicated to them. Otherwise, yoga will only be a health-improving exercise for you. I will explain that the chakras are never turned on chaotically, as some healers claim. They turn on from the bottom up, and when turned off, they slow down their rotation from the top down. The chakras never can be completely disconnected, at least a small flow of energy, but it passes through them, although this is not enough for good health. Especially bad for physical health, if there is a problem with the three lower chakras. The eighth chakra is completely disabled. And you can start it if the other seven chakras are working at full power. Treatment of the chakras can be found on the Internet. There are many ways: color therapy, emotional therapy, theta rhythms (music), acupuncture, bioresonance, minerals, etc. I will answer your silent question right away. I don't practice yoga. I opened all my seven chakras with just one intention. But my eighth chakra is still closed, meaning I didn't reach yet the Awakening. And the third is a sense of freedom. Our thinking, contaminated by fears, prejudices, and misguided beliefs, limits our capabilities. We put barriers to ourselves, having a fear for our lives or fearing to go beyond comfort. Here are a few common beliefs that literally poison our lives: I am too old to go in for sports, start studying, understand something specific, etc.; genetic diseases and cancer are incurable; the world is hostile and unfair; everything that is unproven by scientists is a lie; without material wealth, we cannot be happy... It should be understood that while we have a corporal shell (the program for the biological body), then, no matter how much we believed that the bullet never go through our bodies, this does not work, the bullet can come into our body like a knife in butter. But we can correct the program with our pure intention, and then the bullet (by chance, as many will believe) will not touch the vital organs, and we will survive. Note that it is not always possible to rewrite karma. The ability to rewrite it should also be considered in the program. As a rule, the main events, as well as the time and method of leaving the dense plan are written in the Contract of the soul. Contract of the soul is the commitment we made before the incarnation. Yes, we participate in writing our karma, just as we choose our avatar. Remember the analogy I used with a computer game? So, the avatars of all the manifested and unmanifested worlds for past, present and future incarnations were created simultaneously. It's like characters in different games, they are always present. It's just that some are being used now, others are still untouched, and there are those that are temporarily forgotten. By the way, we can contact any civilization, even an ancient one and one that is not yet in the concept of our linear perception of time, because they all already EXIST. Let's go back to freedom. The flexibility of our thinking and neuro-linguistic programming (affirmations) help us get it. Flexibility of thinking develops well when we periodically immerse ourselves in children's perception of the world. Try to remember what it felt like to climb to the top of a tree as a child. Were you afraid of falling? Did the height frighten you? Did you think it would be difficult for you? Did you have any thoughts about how your parents would react? Why now, when we take on something new, often tell ourselves that we will not be able to solve this problem, look back at the reaction of other people, and fear their judgment? With this approach, we are unlikely to be lucky. Children's perception of events, when there are sincere intentions to achieve what they want without looking at past experiences and predicting future options, is something that modern people lack so much. By the way, it is the level of flexibility of thinking that will determine whether affirmations work for you or not. The fact is that we are usually influenced by what we believe in. Athletes would never set records if they doubted their abilities. Let's sum up. The first and main steps to the Awakening are to get rid of fears and inertia of thinking, self-belief and acceptance of divine plans, selfless love, freedom of choice and pure intention. Dear friends, the Awakening not only opens our eyes to reality, but allows us to escape from the wheel of Samsara. And already on the way to the Awakening, our attitude to life begins to change dramatically for the better. With infinite love, Anna))) ------ 
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are we still active?
The-Archaeon Featured By Owner May 14, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, we are.

I've just come back from prolonged leave. I'm planning on posting a new journal with updates.
NightLigt Featured By Owner May 14, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Cool beans. I asked because the last comment was from almost a year ago. 
The-Archaeon Featured By Owner May 14, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
I know... :(

But I still see fairly frequent activity from members, if that reassures you
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Hope you enjoy my story :) :heart:
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Thanks for sharing :heart: :)
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I feel really intimidated by all the great works here. Sorry, I'm just browsing through the story groups to find the right one for my current predicament.
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No worries, feel free to post whenever you want :)
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