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Poisoning the Pure (Scolipede tf)
    Just about half an hour west of Marshall, a quiet little mountain town, was the most famous Pokémon ranch in the entire region, Gitlow Ranch.
    The Gitlow Ranch is well known for its wide variety of children’s activities, including a petting zoo with all types of docile barnyard Pokémon, with Grumpig, Skiddo, Miltank, Ducklett, Pokémon just like that. The ranch also featured an arts and crafts stand, a face painting stand, a few carnival games, and also, the main attraction of the large ranch, was the Pokémon stable, where children or adults could ride the Pokémon they wanted to and take them down a very specified path set by the ranch staff.
    The ranch had been closed for a few months now to the public however, given the fact that it was still winter, there was still snow all over the ground, and most of the ranch Pokémon weren’t well suited to snowy conditions in the slightest.
:iconshorpies:Shorpies 13 3
Sealed Fate (Brionne tf tg + Personality Shift)
    Out in the world, you tend to find a lot of people who believe, “Oh, wow, being a Pokémon would be so cool!” Then, there are those who think, “Man, I would do so well as a Pokémon! It’s my dream!” And, whether they’d want to be captured by someone or not (I have absolutely NO idea why anybody would want to be trapped within one of those dreadful balls), every one of these wannabe transformation victims forgets several key factors related to them transforming, what about friends, family, your job, your home, your own Pokémon?
    Before you go out trying to get yourself transformed into a Pokémon, just think about the many aspects that make you special, instead of just some basic Pokémon like any other member of your species.
    Also, please reflect on this story that I’m about to tell you, this story about my own experiences of a transformation, and ho
:iconshorpies:Shorpies 48 12
Ilima's Eevee tf
    A bright, gleaming sun hung over Melemele island, and clouds were nowhere to be seen upon such a beautiful, sunny afternoon. The ocean tides gently caressed the shores of the beaches of Melemele, a perfect day both for the tourists and locals of the island to get out and have a fun day at the beach, shop, or simply enjoy the rich culture of the island.
    However, one of these citizens of the prosperous island, something of a local celebrity in the Alola region as well, walked along the coastal pathway of Route 2, making his way towards the trial site at Verdant Cavern, the Alolan trial known best for normal type Pokémon. The young man carried a plastic bag with him, the bag containing various goodies from potions to pokeballs. The bag was clearly labeled with the outline of a pokéball, the easy to spot emblem of the Pokémon Center.
    While Ilima, the only trial leader upon Melemele, had a much closer Pok
:iconshorpies:Shorpies 18 2
Fragmentation: The Introduction
    The salty mists of the sea paired together almost perfectly with the marshland’s cold mud. A man walked through the mud, through the wetlands, his stature tall and intimidating, wearing a long black coat, and black fishing waders covered in mud covering his feet.
    The salty air berated his face, as the mud made his feet cold from within his boots. However, he looked upon the marshy land ahead of him with a wide grin upon his face, standing still and looking upon the vast expanse of wetland. Oh yeah, this would be the perfect spot.
    The man, Dean, clapped his hands together, rubbing them right afterwards as he turned around to his small squad of 4 other people, three men and a woman. Behind them was the vast expanse of Rialto Tero, a rather large town, but certainly not a towering metropolis like Ridgeway City.
    Dean simply looked to each one, his smirk still hanging upon his face. He looked to them from left
:iconshorpies:Shorpies 6 9
Cannery Secrets (Eevee tf tg)
    NOTE : This is a GIFT story.
    The economy of Ridgeway City and the whole region couldn’t be worse. People were lined up at unemployment offices and were standing at breadlines, hoping to feed themselves and their families.
    For James, a young man with brown eyes and long brown hair, this depression in Ridgeway’s economy was the beginning of the end.
    James had lost his job, as the local Pokemon Center simply couldn’t keep him on their staff with the way business was tanking. He had to pawn his car to afford three square meals a day for only one week, and he was barely able to keep up with payments to his landlord, having to wait in lines for hours just to find himself a job - which hadn’t come to fruition up to this point.
    He walked down the side of one of Ridgeway City’s many ports, or piers, hands in the pockets of his dirty black slacks, James’ faded gray button
:iconshorpies:Shorpies 24 14
Flipper's Origin Story
    “Flipper! Oh Flipper!” A little Popplio heard in a muffled way, grunting a bit as he let out a very tired yawn, lazily opening his eyes, squinting a bit.
    Around the Popplio were metal bars, being all caged up, just a bowl with a few bites of poor-man’s Pokemon chow and a small bowl of water. The Popplio then opened his eyes further, looking towards the the door to the trailer which he had called home. Well, that was the little guy’s sleeping space at least.
    Just then, a young lady opened up the door to the trailer, walking up to the desk where the Popplio slept. She gave him a happy grin, while he just gave her a sleepy scowl of not wanting to do anything. He dug his head into his flippers, shutting his eyes, his version of “five more minutes” to the human trainer. She sighed, crossing her arms, her expression turning from happy to flat.
    “Flipper, come on! You need to w
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An Undesired Gift (Winter Sawsbuck tf)
    It was late, and it had been a long day for Rudy, who stood in front of Marshall’s locally popular supermarket, Buy N’ Go. The crowds from the store were mostly gone, as it was pretty late into the night, but it wasn’t just that, tomorrow would be a local holiday for the small town.
    You see, for Marshall, the legends had it that a certain Pokemon would ride in from the mountains, bringing with it a sack of presents. This Pokemon rode upon its loyal Sawsbuck companion, as they would bring gifts to every citizen of the small burg, giving each child, adult, and even Pokemon in the woods, mountain, and town their very own present - a personalized item that said Pokemon, a Delibird, would climb down the chimneys of the homes and place his presents underneath the household’s decorated berry bush. Legend had it that Delibird would eat from the berry bush, and that the bush would be your offering for a gift.
    For y
:iconshorpies:Shorpies 16 14
Into the Unknown (Noivern tf/Noibat tf ar)
    NOTE : This is a REQUEST story
    The job of a cartographer, or map maker, if never exactly a great job. Not only must one create the maps, but a cartographer must scale mountains, sail across seas, and trek across great desert. A cartographer had one of the hardest jobs in the book, especially in the olden days.
    Olivia dug her fingers and climbing boots into what little space she could find on the side of the mountain, free scaling an uncharted mountain range to try and be the first person to map out the range. Upon her back was a large hiking bag made out of the finest Tauros leather she could buy.
    “Come on, Olivia! I think I see a cliff edge!” She heard her boss, Mr. Roanoke, call out from a distance above her, not even bothering to look down. She could barely even see him from all the cloud cover, needing to squint to catch a glimpse of him. Olivia groaned and rolled her eyes.
:iconshorpies:Shorpies 21 21
Request : Kennel Care (Sylveon tf wg)
    NOTE : This is a REQUEST story.
    It was about closing time at the Palomino Cove Pokemon Rescue Center, with only two employees remaining at the shelter as the sun had set a couple of hours ago. However, while the adoption phase for these cute creatures had long ended, the employees, Nori and Tammy, were just finishing off their shifts.
    Tammy was an interesting employee. Being the manager of the center, she loved every one of the Pokemon, and treated each one with the same care as the last. Be they a big mean Ursaring, or a small and timid Mudkip, Tammy would give each of the Pokemon a little hug before leaving, and tell each one that they’d be adopted tomorrow. In the morning, right when she would arrive she would do the same, but instead tell her Pokemon that today would be the day. The Pokemon loved Tammy, even if some of the other employees found her to be a little weird.
    Nori, well, Nori was known as t
:iconshorpies:Shorpies 21 9
Trade : The Pyramid of Kasamy (Hoopa tf mc)
    NOTE : This is a TRADE story.
    The Pyramid of Kasamy, long considered the crown jewel of the Shorefield Desert (Other than Shorefield Landing, that is). Sticking out of the sands like a pecha berry in the middle of a field of oran, the Pyramid of Kasamy had sat untouched for thousands of years.
    Guards were placed around the perimeter to ensure nobody would enter the pyramid, the residents of the area much too worried about the rumors of curses surrounding the place to even allow anybody to get close to the pyramid. Only a select few people were allowed within a twenty foot perimeter of the pyramid.
    These people included the mayor of Shorefield Landing (Something of a power symbol), local priests and monks who were of the highest respect, two highly trained and elite guards, and as of only a few days ago, a professor from Ridgeway Academy.
    Professor Watts was an archaeology and ancient studies
:iconshorpies:Shorpies 8 15
Halloween Curse (Pumpkaboo tf)
    Several hundred children walked along the streets of Palomino Cove, all clad in outfits of their favorite television characters, outfits of their favorite legends, and of course, dressed in outfits of Pokemon, big and small. The costumed children went door to door, asking people for candy, first having to pass a trial of spooky decorations to reach the front step of the house! Of course, this was just any other Halloween in Palomino Cove.
    Then, there were the troublemakers, the older kids who drove around causing havoc and pranking both the costumed children, as well as homeowners alike! One of these evil doers was going to be Jeff, an older boy who had just stopped trick or treating a few years prior, turning his costume in for rotten tomato berries and toilet paper. Jeff giggled a bit as he tied his hiking boots, wearing a black hoodie and some blue jeans. He was excited for a night of mischief with two of his buddies, Ralph and Fillan.
:iconshorpies:Shorpies 10 11
Request : Hard Evidence (Anthro Mega Absol tf tg)
    NOTE : This is a REQUEST story.
    It was a slow day at the Regional Weather Station near the top of Mount Volt, with the four active crew members of the station all checking their computers with bored looks upon their faces. Clearly, meteorology wasn’t the most entertaining job, especially when the weather man was the one reporting it to the public.
    Luca lazily yawned as he watched his computer, typing with one hand and eating a donut with the other. Well, typing was a strong word for Luca’s situation, it was more like he was pressing down on one key when he decided to go and check the geographic for a new location, nothing in sight. Nobody in the station was having a very fun time.
Luca’s co-worker, Jessica, was off by the coffee maker talking with Francisco. The two of them always flirted on their graveyard shifts, considering the station manager was never in at this time, and they really didn’t have much
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Sup fellas, I'm finally getting on story commissions. I have 2 open slots at the moment if you guys want to check them out and reserve one. Please note me if you have any questions.
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