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Chapter 1: Welcome To My Hell
Story Description:
The life of a celebrity isn't always grand. Not for Taemin. His name is known around the world. He's seen as handsome, adorable, cute, a great dancer, funny and more. But inside the walls of Chungdamn High, things are different. He's bullied, attacked by fan-girls, and picked-on on a daily basis.
But what if something changes? In his last year, Taemin is thrown something new. Something unexpected.
Life lesson: Love comes from unlikely places.
He'd been dreading this day all summer: his return to Chungdamn High school.
He'd been ecstatic when school had ended for their summer break. It was three months of what he called peace; though not many would consider the life of a pop star peaceful. He'd spent the end of last school year working with his fellow group members on their latest album, which had been released in July. They all had done major changes to their appearances, mainly in terms of their ha
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Chapter 3: Meetings
Scarlett and Dumbledore discussed arrangements for her trip to collect her school supplies. They chose the next day to go, though Dumbledore said he could not accompany her for he had a prior engagement. He apologized and assured her that one of his most trusted staff members would be there at nine o'clock the following morning to escort her to a place called Diagon Alley.
Before he left he summoned the headmistress of her orphanage and explained about the school she'd be attending, though not in full detail. When they were alone again he told her about a law called The Statue of Secrecy that prohibited Muggles, non-magical people, from knowing about their world. He apologized once again as they said their goodbyes and promised to see her again on the first of September when term started.
Once he'd taken his leave, Scarlett returned to her room to pick an outfit suitable for the next day. He hadn't told her what wizards and witches typically wore. After laying a pair of jeans, a dark t
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Chapter 2: Beginnings
Our story begins in Cornwall, England, in the small, quaint town of Hayle, near the southern coast. It's mostly known for its 'three miles of golden sand' and bird-watching. But the true story is not the town itself, but in a small playground near the center of town. A small girl was the only occupant of the playground, as the heat of the summer had driven most of the children her age to swimming pools or the sea itself. She had taken to the swings and was now lazily twirling in slow circles. She was about ten years old with red hair that fell just past her shoulders and had freckles dotting her face lightly.
She was a rather odd child, though you wouldn't have guessed from her outward appearance. Strange things always seemed to happen when she was around. Things of the other children that were mean to her would vanish; she'd fallen out of windows before and would just bounce off the ground and be upright, completely unharmed. But one of the most bizarre things that she could do was sh
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Chapter 8: Ups and Downs
The night before had been fun. The guys all seemed surprised at the gifts she had bought for them. They all tried to protest, saying that it wouldn't be right to accept them. The bad thing is; that was just for the cell phones. When she lead them to the garage to show them the new SUV, they about died from shock. It took a lot of convincing to make them accept the car and cell phones.
Over dinner, Scarlett began to get to know them better. She asked them about laundry, and came to find out that they used two different detergents and each a different fabric softener! So she had to make a quick trip into town the next morning and get the right brands and pick up something special for lunch. She was going to make them a special stir-fry lunch, to show them thanks for everything they've done for her so far.
While she was out, she had called Tilo and asked if she could meet with him. As she pulled up to the building, she began to shake as anxiety set in. She knew she would have to tell some
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Chapter 7: A New Friend
How could her first week be so freaking hectic? Scarlett had departed the next day and returned to L.A. She spent two days there with her mother, packing and enjoying her last days at home. She had just gotten back to the flat to find it empty. She laughed. After four days of travel, two there and two back, on a cramped airplane, and two days with her mom, it's ironic that she came home to an empty house.
Home. She chuckled, now that was going be hard to fully accept. Tired and sore, Scarlett flopped backwards onto her bed. She growled. God it was uncomfortable! She vowed to get a new one tomorrow. And an alarm clock….and some new pillows. She sighed and thought, 'Might as well make a list of everything the house needs.'
Scarlett dug through her carry-on and pulled out a notebook and a pen and started. She had checked the garage and didn't see a car. Top of the list, she wrote "Transportation". She remembered the pantry being almost bare and wrote below that "Basic Groceries". Bel
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Chapter 6: A Late Night.....
Chapter 6: A Late Night Encounter.
"Grrrrr… Stupid insomnia," Scarlett muttered after tossing and turning yet again. Huffing she punched the pillow and sat up. The flat was dead silent, no cars were passing, and the only noise was the quiet chirping of crickets outside. There wasn't an annoying light shining in her room.
Glaring, at nothing in particular, her hands rested in her lap as she played with her cuticle on her thumb. She didn't think her nap would have affected her sleep schedule that badly. Sighing, she reached over and grabbed her phone to check the time. She groaned as the screen temporarily blinded her and then looked again at the time.
2:18 a.m.
She rolled her eyes, falling backwards onto her pillow, her phone falling somewhere in the folds of the blanket. As she lay there, she tried to think of ways to fall asleep. All that popped into her head was sleep meds, exercise, alcohol, or calling her mom. She couldn't call earlier, as she had forgotten the nine hour time
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Chapter 5: First Night....
Chapter 5: First Night At The Flat.
Once everyone got situated, all the guys went back to what she guessed to be their normal routines; Tilo on the phone, Strify and Kiro discussing clothes, Luminor and Shin whispering softly in German, and Yu was still watching her. She ignored him and turned her Zune on. The car ride to the office was a bit awkward, but Scarlett sat silently staring out the window, her Zune playing low enough to hear the others, but loud enough to be in her own world. Tilo talked to the guys about upcoming video and photo shoots, and a performance.
Everyone seemed preoccupied, so Scarlett turned her music up a little louder and tried to translate the street and shop signs. The streets weren't overly crowded and the motion of the city reminded her of her hometown in North Carolina. Thinking of her old life, friends, and school brought back memories of her accident. As her arm began to burn, her hand reached over and started to rub the scarred skin of its own accord. S
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Chapter 4: The Boy
Was it just his imagination or was he getting the cold shoulder from the new girl? The term 'cold shoulder' wasn't even the right for this. 'Completely oblivious' was a better way to put it but word 'ignoring' was the best description. Scarlett, she had said name was, looked perfectly at home sitting with them at the restaurant, clothes and all. She seemed to be getting along with everyone. The picture looked right except for one thing. Strify and Kiro were talking her ears off but she didn't seem to mind. Luminor pitched in on the conversation every time something spiked his interest. Shin was trying; his English wasn't as good as the others. Sometimes, when he couldn't come up with the right words, he'd have to say it in German and one of the others translated for him. Scarlett just smiled at him and answered in return as if he had asked himself. Tilo talked for a bit, mostly about the arrangements that would have to be made for her, upcoming dates, a video shoot, a few photo shoots,
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Chapter 3:Interview-Unexpected
Chapter 3: Interview and Unexpected
She didn't remember much of the flights, just the bustle of getting off, making sure she had her luggage, and then picking something to eat and making it to the next line in time. On the plane, most of the other passengers either slept, watched the in-flight movie (some old drama movie she'd never heard of that they played on each flight), or other personal interests. Nothing really peaked her interest, so she just watched as the sky turn from pink and purple, to twilight, to deep blue-black. Up until she fell asleep she had been watching the clouds drift by around the plane out her tiny window.
There had been one incident. She remembered looking down at the clouds when they suddenly opened up to a view of the ocean some odd thirty thousand feet below them. She went to the bathroom, with the door open (claustrophobic), to sit and slow her breathing. The male flight attendant walked by and went to shut the door unconsciously and Scarlett had to throw
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Chapter 2:Departure and Flight
'The past three hours seemed to fly by', Scarlett reflected as she stood at the gate entrance hugging her mom goodbye. She'd always been there; her helper and her protector. A small wave of fear overtook her as it finally dawned on her; her mom wouldn't be there to protect her anymore. She'd have to deal with the stares, curious looks, and questions.
Sensing her daughter's distress and guessing the reason, Lily gave her an affirming squeeze saying, "Don't worry about it. If anyone asks don't be afraid to tell the truth. It's always a good way to start any relationship."
Grimacing, Scarlett released her mom. Digging her cell phone out of her bag she checked the time. 10:36 am. She had a fifteen and half hour flight ahead of her. Hard to believe that in fifteen hours it would be nine a.m. where she was going. She'd get there with enough time to have a quick breakfast and go to her interview. Scarlett smiled, grasped her mother's hands and said, "Don't worry about me mom. I'll be okay." A
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The Light In My Darkness by shornsbaby The Light In My Darkness :iconshornsbaby:shornsbaby 0 0
Chapter 1: The Girl
"Mom!! Where are my socks? I can't find them!" Scar yelled as she leaned over the banister of the stairs.
A voice drifted up from somewhere below replying, "I think they're in the laundry room. Let me check."
She walked back into her room and began to put the pile of clothes into outfits to make sure everything was there. She was going to Germany for a week for a job interview as a make-up artist for a growing band in Europe. The only thing she was worried about was them rejecting her because of her age. She was only seventeen, but her birthday was in September; hopefully they would over look the age issue and base it only on her portfolio. She had been the best student in the program and the youngest. Normally it would have taken four or more years to complete the advanced cosmetology program. Not wanting to wait that long, Scarlett had doubled up the recommended course hours for the past two years and graduated early.
She was the type of person that didn't like to spend forever doing
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Okay. This is going to be a blog for my adventures with Black Veil Brides on April 11th. =)

Well, I went to my aunt's house on Saturday night because we were going to leave early Sunday morning to start driving to Richmond. Well, we ended up staying up to 3:30 am watching Sherlock Holmes but we went to bed after that. I got woken up around 7:15 when my cousin decided to come home. Went back to bed and got woken up again an hour later, because Chris decided to clean his room, rather noisily. Turns out Sherie's clothes weren't put in the dryer the night before so we had to wait till about 10 am before we could finish getting things together to leave and for us to take showers. We left about 10:30 am and drove for about 5 hours, jamming out the entire way, taking pictures, and tweeting. X3

I kept getting anxious and giddy. I was going to see Black Veil Brides!! We ended up in traffic congestion, we made me more anxious. So anyway……. We got there and checked into our hotel, which was GOREGOUS!!! Then ventured out to find Sherie a pair of shoes. She got me a pair of black knee high converse and a pair of shorts!! =D <3

On the way back to the hotel, we saw this poster hanging on a building. It was a picture of Obama with the Joker makeup on that said Socialism on the bottom. We tried to get a picture of it before we left but couldn't find it. =/

Anyway, got back to the hotel started getting ready. My shoes took forever to lace. X.x Called a cab and went to the club. When we got there the line was horribly long. Got to the door, guy looked at my I.D. and said, "Almost." and chuckled.

One of the most embarrassing things happened when we got inside. She was showing them her paper where she had bought tickets online. I was looking around the club, and a line of guys just walks by and Jake Pitts is at the end of it. I go into fangirl mode and start squeeing my head off and fast bouncing/jumping and spin around. My aunt is all WTH and I start going "Jake Pitts. Jake Pitts. He's walked towards the back!" She looked over at him and didn't tell me till later that he was looking around trying to find where the noise had come from. So that's embarrassing part one.

Anyway, we sat and listened to a few bands, while I was looking for Jessika, their friend and merch girl. But came to find out that she wasn't there. We didn't know the name of the first band, then Apparently We Can't Fly came on (they were pretty good), and then Sleeping With Sirens who was amazing!!! And then finally, Black Veil Brides, I was in the second row. =) I got two short videos of them performing, ANDY GRABBED MY HAND THREE TIMES AND INTERTWINED HIS FINGERS WITH MINE ALL THREE TIMES!!!! AND I GOT TO TOUCH JINXX'S GUITAR!!! I miss a few really, really good photo ops, like Andy reaching towards my camera and Andy on Jake Pitts back. XD But that's okay. =) I got really light-headed after they finished. I had been jumping, screaming and rocking out!! I'm surprised I was hoarse or deaf after that. XD Also, someone at the back of the venue had come just to make fun of the bands. They were retarded!! Someone kept flipping Andy off and someone else tried to punch Andy!! Andy started talking to him… just had to have been there. =) Andy told him to suck his dick. XD

Well, we walked to the merch table to wait on Black Veil Brides for autographs. While waiting, the singer of Sleeping With Sirens walked by selling cds, Sherie wanted one so I had to catch him. He was so nice!! I got an autograph and Sherie got her cd case autographed. We both had gotten pictures with him but they disappeared. =( So we'll get them again sometime. ^_^

After that we stood there talking to two girls we had met in the crowd. Jennifer wasn't paying attention when Jinxx walked by her. I pulled her sleeve and said Jinxx is behind you!! She spun around fast and I yelled JINXX!! He stopped and smiled and waved. I waved back and said HI JINXX!! He came over and talked for a minute. We all got pictures and autographs, but then he got swamped by the crowd and I felt bad because I had caused it. X3 He made it to the table when the rest of Black Veil Brides arrived. I swear, people are impatient. I was at the front, at the table, and I kept trying to move down so people could get to Jinxx, and Ashley Purdy but they kept pushing me and the table forward. I asked Jake I believe if Jessika was there, he said no and I told him I brought a comic book for her and asked if he could give it to her. I told Jake about me running the Trixy account on twitter and he was like "That's you? That's awesome!" and hugged me. ^_^ And I told him about how we have sushi conversations. My aunt told him about the accident when we first got there, and he admitted he had heard it and wondered what it was. I blushed and said, "Yeah that was me." He laughed and said it was okay. I then said, "Now if you hear that again this summer, you'll know who to look for." He laughed again and gave me hug. ^_^

Then I got down to Sandra and told her that my aunt loved her. Also, I told them all that my aunt drove me five hours to see them perform live after listening to just one of their songs. They all thought that was awesome!! Then I got to Andy and didn't get to talk to him very much at the table but I did talk to him outside later. After all that, Sherie and I just sat in a booth resting while From First to Last started their set. I was rocking out in the booth. I probably looked silly, mainly because we were by ourselves away from the stage and I was still rocking out!! From First to Last's final song was about to start and they said they weren't going to play any of the old songs after tonight. The last song was Ride The Wings Of Pestilence. My favorite one!! And I screamed and ran to the stage. I jumped, screamed the lyrics, and just rocked the hell out!! Near the end of the song, all the remaining bands went on stage and just rocked out and it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

After that I went to find the members of Black Veil Brides, because they all said they'd do a video shoutout to some friends of mine that couldn't make to any of their concerts. I ended up talking to the different members for a while. I went outside to wait. Andy took a picture of me and Matt Good. =D Ended up talking to Chris Stewart for about forty minutes. He was awesome!! He was trying to stay awake, so I talked to him to try and keep him up. I got a picture with him. He had come along to help them out. Andy came back outside and I had him sign some posters for me. After that he stood there waiting. I think he thought I had more for him to sign. XD Then he struck up a conversation about Ronnie Radke because of my Team Radke shirt I was wearing. We talked for a few minutes, then he went to make a phone call.

Sherie was ready to go, and I still hadn't got my video shoutout, and the whole band was outside now. So Chris offered to help me round up a few of them. We ended up getting Jinxx and Andy to do it. We messed up the first take and did a second. I thanked them and hugged them. I told Andy that Shaena had wanted me to tell him Hi. And he said, "Yeah, we know Shaena. She's cool." And he hugged me again and went to make another phone call. X3 I was talking to Jinxx, and thanking him again. Then I asked him to do a shoutout for Shaena. All the shoutout videos were horribly dark. I didn't think to ask Chris to shine his light down on them till afterwards. =X

Anyway, Sherie and I were about to leave. I had said my goodbyes to Jinxx and Chris. I remembered I had brought something to show him. A gag gift I had been given when I was younger. A female chastity belt. XD I told him I had showed it to him and Sammi on stickam before and wanted to bring it to show him in person. I dug it out of my bag and held it up. He laughed and said, "OMG. I remember that!!" He took it out and laughed and started messing with it. He put his finger in the hole with the plastic spikes and tried to pull it out and was like, "Ow. Ow." And just kept laughing. He was searching for his phone to take a picture of it and send it to Sammi, but didn't have it on him. He seemed kind of down about it and asked me to send him a picture of it. I was about to leave when I was just like, "You know what. Here. You can have it. It just sits on my shelf at home and gathers dust. At least if you have it you guys can laugh about it." Jinxx seemed shocked. He was like, "Really? You're just giving it to me?" I nodded and he laughed and gave me a really big hug. I said goodbye to Chris and Jinxx, found Sandra and Jake and gave them hugs and told them all I'd see them this summer during their summer tour. They all said they were going to a Denny's with the other bands.

I was sad to leave. But I had soooooo much fun. We went back to the hotel ordered some dinner while I uploaded photos and videos. I ended up staying up till about 5 am. X3 Had to get up at 9:30 to take a shower and go get some breakfast. We checked out of our hotel, tried to find that picture of Obama, and jammed to Sleeping With Sirens.

The only downside was we got pulled over when we were close to the North Carolina border. =/ I tweeted and tried to upload videos on the way back. After we got back to Albemarle, I ended up going camping with Tim, Chad, Jackie, Jason, and Dale. We had lots of fun. ^_^
I can't wait for this summer!! Black Veil Brides are headlining a huge tour this summer sponsored by Hot Topic!!! AND their debut album will be coming out on July 6th!! I can't wait!! I plan on seeing them again this summer!!

All in all, it was the best night of my life ever!!! I had so much fun and met some new awesome people. ^_^ The band members were so nice and very down to earth. It was Sherie's first concert and she was surprised by the band members. She didn't think that they would just hang out with the fans like they did. Her and I both had the times of our lives!! Can't wait to do it all again this summer. =D

Here's ALL the pictures!!! ^_^…


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