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star wars instagram AU


Star Wars…. if it were told through Anakin Skywalker’s Instagram Adventures :XD:

I’M SORRY I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THIS IS A THING THAT EXISTS I just got too excited about the new Clone Wars and

This could either be a modern AU, or an alternate universe where everything is exactly the same... except everyone has instagram. (let’s be real this universe would involve a lot more bad hashtags, ~dramatic filters~ and check-ins at Mustafar) :noes:

Star Wars © George Lucas
Wacom Intuos4, Painter 12

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their the same person but i know that anakin would love being able to relax on earth i bet he would go surfing on a beach

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This is fantastic. Reminds me of the good times, with the perfect skew of humor. Nice!
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"Wait, why did Darth Sidious like this?"
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Yeah, and Palps

"No reason "

(realise some moments later: "Woops, wrong account")

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BAH hahahahahahahahahaha!! Just ran into this again and it made me laugh all over again. Out loud, too. Good thing my husband's not home at the moment or he'd be looking at me like I'm crazy, like our two cats are.  LOL
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I wonder if the clones are allowed to have accounts.

I'd love to see Rex's feed.
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It's just an accidental wallspam of clones liking his posts.
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Obi-Wan: Anakin...if you post ONE MORE PICTURE OF ME....
Anakin: whatcha gonna do 'bout it, hipster? Throw a book at me? *snickers*
Obi-Wan: no, *glares* I'll take your phone, throw it out the window (notice we're on Coruscant), and pour sand down the back of your tunic.
Anakin: *contemplates what Obi just said* hmm...WATCH ME!!! *snaps a pic*
Obi-Wan: ANAKIN, THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW!!! *tries to grab Ani's phone*
Padme: *just walked in* what are you two doing?!
Ani and Obi: Nothing!!! *both smile innocently*
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Padmé: Okaaaay. *leaves room*
Obi-Wan: *grabs handful of sand*
Anakin: *runs away screaming*
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thats just hillarious xD
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img i am dying laughing. "why did sidious like this. lol
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I just wish clone wars never cancelled :(
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There was SO much potential for another 3 seasons. I miss it so much :(
Your wish is granted.
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Haha, that is amazing! You should draw more stuff like that :D Love it! 
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This is so good, I forgot and tried to scroll down... I guess that just shows how addicted to Instagram I am... beautiful and hilarious.
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I tried to scroll down to
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hmmm chancellor palps+sidous likeing photo=jedi not reconising threat even in instagram AU
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^_^  Hahaha!  This idea is great.
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