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clone wars secret santa

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Published: December 17, 2013
© 2013 - 2020 shorelle
Another silly Star Wars comic inspired by an anonymous prompt on <a wytiwyg="1" href="<a href="…">Tumblr (I really need to stop procrastinating with these, but they're just a lot of fun! :XD:)

This one mentioned the dysfunctional family dynamic between Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan (in an AU where Ahsoka was taken on as Obi-Wan's second padawan, and has even more of a brother-sister relationship with Anakin haha) 

AND since it's Christmas season, I just thought of Anakin and Ahsoka trolling each other with dumb joke gifts for whatever the Star Wars equivalent of Christmas would be (it’s how they show affection okay). and Anakin is still completely out of touch with his fellow Jedi and pop culture… XD (why is there Harry Potter merchandise in the SW universe?? THE MYSTERIES OF LIFE. Anakin would totally be on the Gryffindor Quidditch team in a Harry Potter crossover though)

Star Wars © George Lucas
Wacom Intuos4, Painter 12
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zencookiesHobbyist Traditional Artist
ahsoka looks better in galaxy print leggings imhoShooting Star 
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"Galaxy's Best Dad" Don't you mean Plo Koon?
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Leobrine777Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Dude she's like 14 and he's 23 when they meet. That's kinda gross.
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Leobrine777Hobbyist Digital Artist
They have a 5 year gap
When she is 14 he is 19
Anakin becomes 23 when he falls to the darkside
For comparison padme is 10 years older than anakin
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CKung2707Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I'm kinda late but Padme is 7 years older than Anakin.

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Leobrine777Hobbyist Digital Artist
So you mean to tell me she was a 16 year old queen
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CKung2707Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Wait no I'm wrong. Someone told me it was 7 years but I checked and it's 5 years. Padme became queen at 14.

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TotalMalarkeyHobbyist Digital Artist
please do not ruin my childhood!
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Leobrine777Hobbyist Digital Artist
Internet is the worst place to be in if ya want ur childhood alive
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Pinguu-The-SillyHobbyist Digital Artist
I love the "Galaxy's Best Dad"!
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Well, at least Obi-Wan looks happy :XD:
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BoomBoxWizard14Hobbyist General Artist
Haha this is the best! And Anakin would rock quidditch! The best pilot in the galaxy applies to brooms too!
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Haha, so cute and funny, love it!
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Haha😂 Ahsoka's and Anakin's expressions while Obi is happy.That's so adorable :)
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obi is always adorable (except on mustafar)
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Yes that was an amazing battle between him and Anakin
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tinystalkerHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is so damn cute omg
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rababcoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Anakin would definitely be a Gryffindor. I could imagine him as a blunger rather than a seeker though. Ahsoka would be a Gryffindor too. Obi-Wan would be a Ravenclaw. Padme would probably be a muggle (making Luke and Leia half-bloods). Luke would be a Hufflepuff; I imagine Luke would want to be in Gryffindor because his father was but the sorting hat would sort him into Hufflepuff because it fits him better. Leia would be a Gryffindor. Han would probably be a muggle but if he wasn't he'd be a Slytherin.

I can't imagine Ahsoka in pink and I don't think she'd look good in it. Obi-Wan looks really happy with his mug. I imagine Obi-Wan as more like a big brother in many ways but he also he's also taken on father-like role as well. It's like Obi-Wan is like a big brother who has to raise and take care of his little brother, Anakin because their father, Qui-Gon died (kind of like Nani and Lilo in "Lilo and Stitch"), which explains how he's both like a father and a big brother.
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Cricky-VinesHobbyist General Artist
Ohmyrowling Obi-Wan's cute little smile and YUS HP REFERENCE LOVE IT. I totally agree, he'd so be on the Gryffindor Quidditch. Oh man now I wanna read Star Wars/Harry Potter crossover fanfics...
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shorelleHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :D
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WildMysticSongHobbyist General Artist
This thing is an amazing thing and I love it.  That's what it would totally be like, I swear.

And Ani would totes-McScrotes be on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, how could he not?
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