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How about guys:

Today I bring you a new Rainmeter suite.
It is a simple thing. It is a skin in the shape of a four-pointed star. Each of the tips is numbered from one to four and by clicking on them we can activate or deactivate the elements of the suite.

Tips 1 and 2 activate or deactivate the shortcuts, but have the particularity of changing their distribution according to whether they are pressed with the left mouse button, or with the central button (mouse wheel).

Tips 3 and 4 activate or deactivate the Date Skin and the Weather skin respectively, and in this case only the left mouse button is used.

In this way you can alternate between various configurations. From the most minimalist (only the star), to the most complete, which includes all the elements.

For the rest of the elements of the suite I will leave you the links below.

That's it guys. I hope you like it



© 2021 shorbete
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This is the best Rainmeter skin I've ever seen. If you allow me I would like to share this on my site at where I promote Rainmeter skins.

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Thanks a lot friend. It would be a pleasure if you show my skin on your website. If you wish you can see more skin configurations in my reedit profile (

Have a nice day😉👌

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i was wondering, where do you get your resource's from, like the png's for the widgets and whatever, i would like to know because wanted to start making my own skins, lets just say that the quality of layouts on reddit isn't that great

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I'm autodidactic. All pngs are created by me. When I come up with a design, I first draw it in photoshop and then create the skin elements based on that drawing.

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keep up the good work, it's a shock that they are not even a lot of comments on this deviation. you should try hitting youtube and seeing whether you get an audience.

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Do not worry friend. I do not do this for the visits or the comments. It just amuses me. During the creation process I have learned a lot about the handling of photoshop and Rainmeter. For me, it is reward enough. In any case, I really appreciate your comment. Regards my friend

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thanks, i didn't know that you create these on your own. you are very talented, keep up the good work

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Thanks a lot friend ;)

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