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Didge | Filly | Herd Member



Basic Information

Name: Didge
Gender: Filly (Note she is gender fluid though she tends to hover around female)
Age: 1 (Ref is her at age 3)
Year of Birth: Y766 of the New Age 
Height: Projected height 9hh
Build: Light
Phenotype: Mealy Silver Classic Champagne Dun Partially Restricted Classic Fawn (Flaxen, pearl and smoky fawn carrier)
Genotype: Ee/aa/nCh/nD/nprl/nPg/Ff/fwfws/nrz
Eye Colour: Hazel will turn green when she's older
Design Sheet: Shibo x Marcie Fawn

Sire: Shibo | Silverthorne Stag | herd Member
Dam: Marcie | Doe | Herdmember
Bloodline: Pureblood Silverthorne 100%
Magic Type: Fire

Skill Points

Skill Points

Speed: 7 [No Level]
Stamina: 3 [No Level]
Strength: 0 [No Level] (Build Cap: 5 points max)

Magic: 0 [No Level]
Herbs: 2 [No Level]

Experience: 0

Herd Information

Herd: Silverthorne
Herd Position: Herd Member
Mate(s): Too young (not to mention AroAce)
Current Location: Silverthorne


Personality: Didge is an awkward fawnling especially when it comes to interacting with other fawnlings. She finds the 'rules' difficult to understand and even more difficult to keep straight. Sometimes things are ok but other times they're not and she feels like nobody'll tell her which one's which. She will try to interact with others sporadically but often doesn't do so for long as her nervousness about messing up an interaction grows more and more the longer she tries to interact. Socializing does take quite a bit out of her which also limits her interactions with others outside of her family and a few friends. She'll sometimes have moments, usually after a particularly long socializing session, or sometimes for reasons only she really knows, she'll end up freezing. During these episodes she becomes largely nonverbal, will refuse physical contact of any sort, and will start rocking. At this point her mother will usually try to herd her towards a quieter area so she can calm down.

She's not the biggest fan of physical contact even with family members however if she can see you coming she'll likely be more open to it. She's learned to mostly grin and bear it but it tends to bug her for the rest of the day. 

When she gets particularly nervous, but not enough to completely close off, she'll hold her tail or rock. She'll try to break herself out of the habit but it never quite works so she just adapts to it. When happy she'll do a sort of dance like she's prancing in place.

Appearance: Didge is a fawnling that's a bit on the paler side, she's a classic champagne with fawn markings rather like her mother's though the spots don't spread nearly as much. Even into adulthood she does her best to keep her hair in general short as she rather dislikes the sensation of longer mane and tail. While she tries to keep herself mostly presentable she still ends up with quite a bit of dirt caked on her thanks to her mini-adventuring. 

(More applicable after she's 2) She has a small pouch filled with stones of varying sizes meant to signify how much energy Didge has that day. Larger ones represent more energy, smaller ones less. For every task she does she'll give her mother a stone, which Marcie then places in her own pouch, once she's out of stones both she and Marcie know she's done for the day. To some it seems a strange practice but it works and for both Didge and Marcie that's all that matters.

History: Didge is born to one very 'HOW DO PARENT' momma but is mostly healthy. She is healthy but admittedly kind of confused about the world in general.

New life - Summer year 766NA

Some ooc notes on Didge's personality because it's bound to come up: Didge's symptoms are based heavily on my own, including stims (her rocking, tail grabbing and prancing the latter two being modifications of my tendency to play with, wring, or flap my hands as a stim), her dislike of being touched unless she initiates the touch, and her general 'how do people'. I've just tried to adapt them to fit this world and fawnling anatomy. I mean no offense by them honest.

Art commentary: I swear I tried with her markings. I don't know what happened but something went dreadfully wrong. As for what's with her tail I tried to do a tufted worked kind of alright. I also realized I forgot her beginnings of fangs whoops....I'll have to remember those for her update. Redlines are more than welcome. They're actually pretty helpful

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What an adorable critter! Nice pic!