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June 12, 2019
Electric Breath by ShootingStarLogBook
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Electric Breath

Good day everyone.

Another surreal painting. This one was spontaneous and took 2 sessions to finish. 

I always wanted to experiment the concept of plant with electronic mixed together. Like a PCB on a leaf or tree roots.

This one came up after few frustration attempts because of a major creation block that came to my senses. I was relived when this one start to take shape on canvas and I got calm as I start to know where I was going with it

The painting process then turned from a frustration session to an enjoyable one.

I will do more paintings with those themes in the future if I am still a life.

Enjoy viewing it as much as I did painting it, and more.

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This is the kind of atmosphere that I get in dreams... It always has this sense of awe to it

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This what I was trying to capture, and I am happy to hear the atmosphere and the dreamy feeling reached you. :-)

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Congrats on the DD!
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Congrats on the DD!
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Great atmosphere you created here :)
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Thank you so much. I am happy you feel this way about it's atmosphere. :-)

This is trippy.  I like your color contrast, I would suggest adding more of the feathery same at the bottom to "flesh it out" a little more.  Your star is glowing brightly and seems a nice source of illumination.  I think some more careful blending as color transitions around the star would make this piece near perfection.  This makes me think, it makes me wonder and then speculate.  The work is very engaging.  I always really appreciate perspective that is well presented, although being surreal in nature you could mess with that.  
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Happy to see that my art grabbed your full attention. It is nice to hear your interpretation of this piece. Thank you for commenting and your fave.

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This is beautiful, love the concept. Thank You
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Thank you. I am glad you liked it and you are welcome.

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This is so beautiful, and I love the meaning and the colors. The combination of plant and animal remind me of a video that I saw of a walking robot that carried a living plant on its back, (I want one if they're ever something I can afford, or if I can figure out how to build one, myself! :) ). There's just such a soft and gentle vibe to this. Your art is like lullabies for the eyes and soul. :) 
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Thank you so much for the sweet comment. I really love to hear your interpretation of the piece.

I'm glad you liked the concept and the theme. A walking robot with a plant, it would be great if the plants ( Not all ) one day can control robot and they have a mean of mobilizing to an extent.

Again thank you for you kind and thoughtful words, as mentioned in the description, I will explore this concept again in a different sitting.

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