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For all of you asking about good costuming resources in regards to my historical Disney princesses, here's an initial list:

Demode Couture (There are so many links I could post that are already compiled and organized beautifully on Kendra VanCleave's site.  Absolutely worth your time.) demodecouture.com/links/
The Costumer's Manifesto (cluttered but deep, lots of good links hidden away in the fray) www.costumes.org/
Wikipedia (surprisingly useful!  Great for when you're trying to initially pin down a period.) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_…
For some unadulterated extant dress porn, Tumblr is a fantastic point of reference:

Some great overview/survey books:
A History of Costume www.amazon.com/History-Costume…
What People Wore: 1,800 Illustrations from Ancient Times to the Early Twentieth Century www.amazon.com/What-People-Wor…
What People Wore When: A Complete Illustrated History of Costume from Ancient Times to the Nineteenth Century for Every Level of Society www.amazon.com/What-People-Wor…
Fashion (Taschen 25th Anniversary) (amazing extant gowns) www.amazon.com/Fashion-Taschen…

Any and all of the "fashion in detail" books:
Nineteenth Century Fashion in Detail www.amazon.com/Nineteenth-Cent…
Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Fashion in Detail www.amazon.com/Seventeenth-Eig…
Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail, 1700 - 1915 www.amazon.com/Fashioning-Fash…
Underwear: Fashion in Detail www.amazon.com/Underwear-Fashi…
Dress in Detail From Around the World www.amazon.com/Dress-Detail-Ar…

For sheer variety during the Victorian/Edwardian eras, any photographic books or collections of fashion plates are great:
Victorian and Edwardian Fashion: A Photographic Survey www.amazon.com/Victorian-Edwar…
Victorian and Edwardian Fashions from "La Mode Illustree" www.amazon.com/Victorian-Edwar…
Victorian Fashions and Costumes from Harper's Bazar, 1867-1898 www.amazon.com/Victorian-Fashi…

I'm sure I have more (I know I have more, in fact), so I'll try to keep updating this on a regular basis. :)
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This is so interesting and useful (even though I tend to draw pure fantasy ^^; ). Thank you for compiling this and sharing it with us! :hug:
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I'm in the midst of designing a genderbend Prince Phillip and wanted to do something a little more historically accurate, and these links have been super helpful, thank you so much! 
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Anyone looking here should definitely check out her updated post on Tumblr! There is so much more.
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It's posted on DeviantArt already as well!
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As a clothes horse and a history buff (and all-around Disney fan), this list made my day!  Thanks so much for posting it!
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Thank you so much for these!
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This is so helpful for me and the work I do!  Thank you for this it saves a lot time!  I love all of your Historical Princesses!  Can't wait to see what's next.
Most of these links focus mostly on 16th-19th century fashion. Would you happen to have any sites you like to use to research 12th-14th century fashion?
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there are a bunch that cover the medieval period in this list!
Oh lol. Whoops. Thank you!
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I've reblogged this on tumblr, but just to be safe...
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Thank you so much. 
I was actually going to ask you if you for this same information so I could research for an idea I had for a character dress design I'm working on.
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Girlish squeals!
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You wouldn't happen to have resources on ancient/medieval Japan would you? (Specifically the Sengoku Period?)
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This is seriously what I've been looking for! Thank you for putting this out there <33

Google Images is NOT helping me, and I'm trying to find traditional dress references of the Ottawa tribe. Any tips?
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I feel for you. It won't be long and people will be bugging you for Anna. Do you ever regret making the Historical Disney Characters?
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Oops! Sorry about that. This was supposed to be on your front page in the comment area. Stupid cellphone. What I get for messaging from it.
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Awesome! i saw the pics and they surely look more accurate than the original disney design. :) super cute too! also, its nice to see the inspiration and fashion of each location and period of time (like the original tales depicted it)
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What's scary is how many of these refs are either on my bookshelf, or in my bookmarks. LOL There are also some really lovely groups on Facebook that are a clearinghouse for vintage photos showcasing period fashion. Even some dealing with very early burlesque and (?!?) rollerderby. One page I'm on is all about the House of Worth. That's when my keyboard is in danger of shorting out from all the drool.
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House of Worth is SO DANGEROUS. drool everywhere.
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Oh, yes! There's just something about a Worth gown that's just... Not even enough words to describe. Not that he didn't have the occasional klunker, but they were so few and far between!

If you go to Facebook and look up House of PoLeigh Naise (yeah, spelled just like that), and go into their albums, you'll find one that's just chock full o' Worth-y goodness!
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