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lol guys new hat

Sketched up the initial thumbnails for this while I was in Mammoth with my family, finished it up in September, aaand submitted it to the WoW comic contest... Waited until now to submit it out of sheer anticipation. :D Not that I necessarily need an iPod Nano, considering that I already have an iPod, but hell. I'm proud.


(ballpoint & photoshop)
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I find myself referencing this piece in daily conversation at least once per year. I also find myself coming back to this piece to share the link with friends... they don't play World of Warcraft so they say they do not get it but they play other MMOs so I think it is pretty universal.

Thank you Shoomlah for making this, I love the angular pencil-like sketch lines and ridiculously good expressions on Whitemane. Thank you so much for making this 14 years ago.

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ha, that makes me so happy to hear! Glad it's had such an impact all these years later :D

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not pencil, my bad, looks good.

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lol fantastic!!
I really had fun watching and reading that. :)
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she will get her revenge now as playbale character in heroes of the storm, IM SO HAPPY
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I'm also hyped.
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god dammit whitemane can you at least *try* to be ready for a sudden and violent attack from six level 100 characters
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Max 60 when I made this comic ;)
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I'm fucking stupid
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Whitemane after respawn: Light damn it!
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This is one of my all time favorites. I quote this ALL THE TIME!
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This is gorgeous. :)
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LOL, just looted this yesterday. Went alone with my 60 nelf hunter, DAT NOSTALGIA! /sigh I love SM.
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haha, i remember this comic. Man its been a while :P
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Picked up Whitemane's Embroidered Chapeau and thought of this.
She finally got a nicer hat, but some things never change.
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OMG, I laughed so much when I first saw this...and I still think it's one of the best comics ever posted. I don't know why I never looked you up before, but now I know. Awesome. =D
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Haha, thanks!
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Ahh I remember seeing this on the WoW site years ago. Classic. :)
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First WoW comic I ever read, I didn't know the boss but the last panel still had me cracking up.

Ever since I've said Lol guys new hat whenever a new clothie dons Whitemanes Chapeau. Much love for making this comic all those years ago

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