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World Tapir Day

By shoomlah
Okay, so I knew World Tapir Day was coming up, but this is more of a complete coincidence- I decided I needed some more stuff for the big portfolio review this past week, and I love tapirs, so... Tapirs it is. The temptation to now outline some tapir epic is tempting.

(ballpoint & Photoshop 7.0)
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Starstruck / Starry Eyed The design of those tapirs is awesome! Nice job. They look like background animals for a Disney movie (especially one from the Disney Renaissance Era during the events of 1989-1999).
Hi ! Can i use this picture for my logo Youtube ? 
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Tapirs are one of the most underrated animals, along with okapis, pangolins, secretary birds, cassowaries, and tuataras.

I wish they would appear in movies more often.
Raphus-Wyvernus's avatar
My top 3 favorite animals in the world are:

1. Wolves

2. Rhinos

3. Tapirs

Don't get me wrong, I love them all the same. :) did you know that rhinos and tapirs are related?
shoomlah's avatar
YES I am totally fascinated by odd-toed ungulates. :D  And that's a pretty perfect list, honestly.
Raphus-Wyvernus's avatar
Thanx. #4 is lions, and numbers 5 & 6 are whales and camels.
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Every day should be world tapir day. :)
Very impressive! :)
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How are tapirs so awesome? I have no clue.

Your designs on these are great!
Imcoolloljk's avatar
I love this picture :0
SinjaAussiaAngels's avatar
Tapirs I believe are my favorite non-canine animal. They are so unique and beautiful.
gogreenorsuckmytoe's avatar
KouneliDream's avatar
T-there's a World Tapir Day? D: How do I not know this? Aw, all these tapirs are so cute...
Wereniss's avatar
Awh, this is adorable! I adore tapirs, especially baby ones. :]
WynBird's avatar
I love the personality of them all. x3
Budumpshh's avatar
i <3 Tapirs :3
flugilo's avatar
oh! tapirs... they are so cute!!)))
PureOwl1234's avatar
hey i live in a place were there are natural tapirs!!!
peckerwolf's avatar
Aww... The way you draw tapirs are so cute!!
Thechemist57's avatar
Very cute! I love how your style plays with shapes and sharp corners- very neat take on tapirs :P I love them, too!
Eidenet's avatar
omg tapirs r gods to me
Kureaa18's avatar
Wow, these are great. I love Tapirs, I didn't know there was a 'world Tapir day' though!!
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