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Trompe L'Oeil Corset

By shoomlah
Hahaha, I never post anymore! Apologies. Work takes up most of my time, but I realized I still hadn't posted this so I'm putting it up here to tide people over.

Expand for all the construction details, as I'm faaar too lazy to recount them here. Cheers!


(Photoshop, digitally printed silks, .65 mm steel boning)
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Glanzfell's avatar
Luv that, thats so inspiring.
FullMoon74's avatar
Cool! I love it!
Theriona's avatar
Wow, what a neat technique! The silk printing class sure paid off.
tilwen's avatar
stunning! :D what an awesome design - you do look fabulous, as does the guy next to you! :)
AnimeKoneko242's avatar
I love that corset. Great design and fabric!
Goraell's avatar
It's really awesome :D
How did you made the boning?
NotaSouthernGirl's avatar
rainbowonfire's avatar
All I can say is.... DO WANT
oyasumuidesu's avatar
O_O where did you get the printing done? that is epic!
elevatormouse's avatar
Yup. You're my new favourite person on dA.
BeccaSad01's avatar
You just make steampunk even MORE awesome! You're amazing!
PockyNightmare's avatar
wow i only found this because i have Andrew von Fogel on facebook!

i'm so glad about it right now, your costumes are AMAZING! i love the things you do :heart:
Aritimas's avatar
I LOVE the Myst games! I didn't know you'd done something based on them!

So what does the D'ni writing say? :3
shoomlah's avatar
It is some nonsense that I scribbled on there- it was late at night and I wanted to add some D'ni, so I just wrote the first few characters/numbers that came to mind. :P
Aritimas's avatar
XD It'd be funny if it was something innapropriate. You go to translate it later and you're like "Oh....****"
MathildeCR's avatar
Are you French ?
Love your art (:
shoomlah's avatar
I am not, but I'll take that as a compliment. :)
MathildeCR's avatar
Haha, I asked that because of the title. (:
ElreniaGreenleaf's avatar
Oh wow, as if you couldn't become even more awesome - a Steampunk and all! :D
Andailite47's avatar
wow. you'r really good. YOur art this, wow.
Borderwalker's avatar
This is still the most awsome thing ever!
sindos's avatar
This is gorgeous! o_O
I would love to make my own corset... I simply never thought you could design and print it!
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