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Tiny Horus toy WIP

Man, this little guy is all I post anymore- hope you guys don't mind the updates. :) Patch Together sent over the sculpt for the Tiny Horus toy, and I couldn't be happier! The toy is still for sale in the PT store if you want to pick one up: [link]

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I SO want one! I love the Egyptian pantheon.
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Wow! It's so cute! :)
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Awesome! :D..i want to sculpt something D:
teaaache mee
Trixterr's avatar
GAH he's just so cute!!!!! :la:
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This made me smile a lot. :D
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So cute, and I even know who I'd give this to!

But we don't know each other that well, and he's as easily-scared as I am... ;_;

also, I ended that sentence with a preposition.
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Eeee! So cute! I'm just picturing Tiny Horus building sand pyramids and then knocking them all down.
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I like it, but $35 is a little high for a figurine... Who sets the price?
For some reason, I think this would make a really cool bobblehead.
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he is soo cute ><!
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I still love his little belly! They've done a great job capturing the expression you drew.
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Neat! He looks great!
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Must have been watching too much Stargate lately, because my first thought was a Jaffa Serpent Guard gone chibi. Likes, in any case.
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DANG! Now I'm gonna have to draw that. :D
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Oh my goodness I wish I could get one. ; v; -nailchew- So cute!
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Aww, he's cute :3
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they did a pretty cool job!
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*is so very very excited to hold him*

Lookin' good :D
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I love that they sculpted this so fast! It's better than waiting MONTHS and months for a preview of the sculpt.

I'm a tad disappointed that they didn't emphasis the "distinct ridge' that you took the time to paint. It was one of the things that really sold the design to me.
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I was thinking about that, but I'm pretty darn thrilled with it as it is and I'm sort of freaked to ask them to resculpt the face area- the eyes already look so good that I'd be afraid to jinx it. :P

AmandaMyers's avatar
Yeah, I understand. Perhaps there is a technical reason why they didn't do it the way you painted it?

I think I may warm up to the face more after it's got some paint and will just be more careful about preordering toys in the future. I do really like the way they sculpted the body and hands. It's very cute and they did a great job translating a flat image into a 3D form!
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