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There's Something About Her

By shoomlah
Continuing my historically accurate Disney princesses! It makes me happy.

The Little Mermaid is hard to place from a time period standpoint- Grimsby's wearing a Georgian getup, Ariel's pink dress with the slashed sleeves subscribes to several eras from the Renaissance to the 1840's, Eric is... Eric.

I went with Ariel's wedding dress as a starting point since those gigantic leg-o-mutton sleeves (so embarrassingly popular in eighties wedding fashion) were a great starting point for an 1890's evening gown. It's also not unfeasible that Eric's cropped tailcoat could be from the same era, so I'm sticking with my choice. PLUS Ariel with Gibson girl hair? COME ON IT IS AWESOME.

I'm still not sure if I'd try to squeeze her pink dress in the same time period or if I'd just throw up my hands and draw it with a hoop skirt, but we'll see.

(Photoshop CS5)

See the rest of the series here:…
Read the FAQ here:…
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She's a very pretty Ariel!
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OMG I love that her bouquet is made of seaplants!!
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I love this one most of all! Gorgeous dress!! I'm so pleased because Ariel was my favourite when I was little
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This is absolutely gorgeous. I love your style and all of the little details. Personally, I would have put Ariel in the late 1820s/early 1830s, thought. The sleeves on her pink dress and wedding dress don't quite match up (but I could understand why Disney wouldn't want to portray the 1830s accurately, since most modern audiences would just find it too ridiculous), but I did think the neckline of her pink dress and the shape of her skirt might be a good match. Plus Grimsby's breeches and Eric's trousers would fit that transitional period (and it has the added benefit of being closer in date to when the fairy tale was published). But regardless, this is an absolute delight to look at!
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I enjoy these so much, I can't wait to see what you do with the pink one XD I love those sleeves XD the folds are beautiful, I love the seaweed ( I think its seaweed)
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oh i saw you on pinterst all the time for this work i always loved it you helped me with my childhood in a way i love your art
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This is gorgeous! Lovely work!
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I saw this on the What's Hot page and became confused as I didn't see this in my inbox. Well, no wonder, it's from 2011! :lol: Beautiful work all the same, and congrats on your re-discovery by the people of dA.
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This is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
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I love this series! And Ariel look's gorgeous in this. Though if you really want to find Ariel's time period, you should look at when the original story was written. Hans Christian Andersen wrote "The Little Mermaid" in 1837.
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yup, I address that in the FAQ that's linked in the description!
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Oh, you did? Oops! XD And here I thought I was being helpful. Thank you for letting me know of that!
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I just realized her bouquet is seaweed!! Lol Nice touch!!
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I love the sleeves and the colors so much!!!!
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I'd place her between the 1660-1700 to be honest! As you said the slashed sleeves in here pink gown are a sign for a renaissance period so it would be actually more the 16th century BUT they existed also still later from time to time! The skirt ain't stiff like it was in the Spanish Renaissance and not high waisted like in the earlier Italian Renaissance so right after the Spanish Renaissance would be logical her neckline is also already more of a down shoulder line, another sign for the after Spanish Renaissance time and the rounded edges or pleats didn't excited before either :) 
the weddingdress thing is a bit more complicated but what if the corset seam ain't cut like that but based on the squarey things you had earlier on the seam of a corset( don't know how to call them) because poofy was popular that time too :) and if you follow the next dresses she wears in the little mermaid 2 it coul'd fit also :) 

oh oh and it would be awesome to see also your version of her pink gown since I wanna start cosplay soon her pink gown in a more Renaissance mixed with the 1660 fashion :) 
shoomlah's avatar
They're called tabs! And those actually would have been called stays, not corsets at that point in time. :)  Unfortunately I think Grimsby's outfit pretty firmly cements it in at least the 1780's or later, but I love hearing other people's takes on the era! :D

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Oh yeah Grimsby! I totally forgot now on him... And how his clothes are looking...I am sorry but not less curious on your next historical costumes! :D I think about cosplaying your snow white  'couse I LOVE the Renaissance, I only have trouble researching the fabrics they used that time Sweating a little... 
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Not only the art itself is absolutely lovely, but I really love the subtle use of gradients. Did you use (a) texture(s), too?

Wonderful art :)
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