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Team Lutece Rocket Twins


I made a joke on twitter about drawing Team Rocket as the Lutece Twins, and now here we are

what have I done

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James: "Pokémon?"

Jessie: "Or the Poké ball?"

James: "Or perhaps the Pokémon?"

Jessie: "Nothing beats the Poké ball"

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I just LOVE this !

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Look like Giovanni found their replacement.

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Oh wow, that's very cool! :D
hmmm... don't see a golden birdcage or scratchy phonograph player... so we're safe 

What is this aesthetic? Not that there'se anything wrong with it,but this was a surprise

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Rare animation cell of the original Pokemon anime adaptation, 1914.
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I'll tell you what you have done, you've destroyed the multiverse.
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They're funny, like in the game.
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Meowth is Schroedinger cat
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As long as their Meowth doesn't talk, I'm fine with this. :shrug:
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Looks very classic. I love it
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haha this is amazing
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Gosh, this is so good! Made me laugh so hard. THE perfect cross-over! Loved the twins, but this is amazing on another level!
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Wow, these versions are great! And also SPHYNX CAT!!!
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I can almost hear the snobbish booshwa English accent to those infamous words. 
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These are now my headcanon outfits for the Rocket Executives in Gold/Silver/Crystal. Love it!
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you have done a good, good thing
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I don't play Bioshock but this is really cool!
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Ha! Made my day ;)
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