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So familiar a gleam

By shoomlah
Just stepping in to give a quick DISCLAIMER - most of this art is five years old at this point and embarrassingly out-of-date!  I would love to redo these, armed with additional knowledge and wisdom, but my day job does't leave a ton of free time for personal projects.  Please take these with a grain of salt, and share accordingl; check out literally any of my more recent art if you're looking for more thoughtful historical fashion.  Thanks much!

First things first.
For those of you who swear by the pink dress, yes, there's a version for you as well:…

...Aaaaand moving on. So Prince Philip does specifically and emphatically say "this is the 14th century!" at some point during the film, but Philip's an idiot (a handsome, handsome idiot) and I, never afraid to ignore source material, ignored him.

Oddly enough Philip's clothing is a better point of reference than Aurora's (since the hourglass, off-the-shoulder cut of her dress is straight out of the 1950's), and there are far more examples of his get-up from the 1460's onward than in the 14th century. I went with my gut and ended up with something around 1485- a little later than one might expect, but it's such a (beautifully) stylized film that all bets are off.

-C, who really wants to own all the dresses in the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries
(Photoshop CS4/5)

See the rest of the series here:…
Read the FAQ here:…
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Hey, the link to the pink dress disappeared

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Gorgeous work! I imagine this as what she would wear as queen.

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I know you have mixed feelings on this series, but I love browsing them so much. Thank you for keeping them on dA for us to continue to enjoy! This one still inspires me eight years later. : )
kade32's avatar
Make it pink!
Nocturnal-Daydreamer's avatar
Out of all the princess outfits you've done, this one is my favorite :iconinloveplz:
Is it still possible to get a print of this?
Unseen-Dreams's avatar
The pink link doesn't work ):
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Just so you know, there is a version of this on ShutterStock with the exact same dress design and pose, but a black haired princess. The art thief is profiting off your design. 

It's Shutterstock Image #272720621
shoomlah's avatar
oh god, thanks for the heads up!
zelameh's avatar
Glad to, your art is inspired and thieves suck!
DarkPrincess116's avatar
The dress and crown are really beautiful, I prefer these over the original ones :D
artchic99's avatar
I love the spindle detail on her dress
Moon-Shadow-1985's avatar
What about a green version, green for Fauna? 
ManeBionicleGali's avatar
The whole point is that, in the film, the other two were fighting over the dress color pink v. blue. Fauna never argued about it and never really seemed to want the dress to be green.
Moon-Shadow-1985's avatar
I know, but it was still worth asking. 
ilikepie874's avatar
I love how gold and blue compliment each other, as well as the form fitting and elegant shape of the dress. It's beautiful!
KishiVonP's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous, although I always preferred the pink version of her dress Wink/Razz 
BumbleCat1's avatar
This is so awsome!! Great choice of colours
LizzyChrome's avatar
I can't believe you would see any need to redo any of these amazing pieces. I suppose it would be interesting to see more versions, but please don't remove the ones you already have! Especially this one. It's hard to find Aurora in the proper color these days (and I personally have come to find her pink dress to be like nails on a chalkboard to my eyes.) 
Paige362's avatar
I don't know if you researched the countries but is this based on the German, Italian, or French tale? I keep getting so confused on which one Disney was trying hard to portray in the movies. The castle and most places are based on German architecture. Disney credited it to the French ballet. Then the names and the story originated in Italy. 
JeffersonFan99's avatar
Not only the castle and architecture are German, but they’re also French. George Bruns, composer of this film, also directed and adapted the score which Tchaikovsky’s version of the royal anthem of France in the end. Fauna, Aurora, and Stephene are also french names as well. Fauna might derive into Faunette. The fleur de lis banner can also be seen in most scenes of the castle with Hubert saying “En guarde, sir!” The ballet was Russian which also based on the Charles Perrault version of the same name. Aurora can be found at the French Epcot center
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