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Schoolism - Nathan Fowkes week 4

One of my assignments for the Nathan Fowkes class over at Schoolism- this time showing emotions with our lighting setups I don't know how successful it was, but I'm pretty happy with how these turned out.

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The 'anxious' one really speaks to me. As someone with anxiety this is how I would describe it in colors! Great job.
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This must be a really insightful study! amazing colors can change the whole mood of the scene O.O

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Rageful reminds me of Walden and the Werewolf, a short videogame about a man who was bitten by a werewolf, and is trying to hunt down the wolf himself before he turns. Near the end of the game, the world looks like that.
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I don't know why, but this almost made me cry. Really beautiful, like, some of the most moving art I've seen. I don't know what, because one could say that, "Oh, there are such better drawings out there, paintings, book covers, movie posters," but this really got me. The way you took such a simple place a made it have so much life. It's perfect, all of them are, the whole set.

Thank you for bringing us this.


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Thank you so much!
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Well I'd say it was pretty successfl :)
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These are amazing, I think they are really accurate to what emotions you were going for, and the colors are wonderful <3
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I think these images captures the emotions really well. 
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Can you tell us what he said when critiquing them?
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They're really successful to me :D
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This is the sort of assignment that would terrify me. 
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I think they are well done in matching the mood with the image. I especially like "hopeful."
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I find them to be very good, especially the anxious one, I did certainly feel different things with each one O.O
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Nathan is a god among men, did he like these? It's nice to see environments from you, I really like this set!
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He had an amazing critique for them, I'll tell ya that. :)
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Again, these are awesome! seems like a really fun exercise too! :D
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Wonderful work.
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love these lighting exercises :)
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Hm, this might be subjective but not sure about hopeful and 'morose'... seems just kind of flat in comparison with the others, maybe?
Other seems pretty spot on though, good job :D
SynesetheticSymptom's avatar
The "ray of light" imagery in Hopeful was so very on the nose. :D (Big Grin) 
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I looked over them without reading first, and I think you got them down quite well! I'm not very sure about "hopeful" though, I think the black in the foreground gives the whole mood a bit of a too dark atmosphere.
Thank you for posting these, they were very helpful!
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These are great! You captured "calm" perfectly, it reminds me a lot of the morning walks I used to have.  The last one is particularly striking,  there is something unnerving about the underlit scene. 
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