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Republic City Evening Post

My piece for Pixel Drip's I'm the Avatar, Deal With It! art show coming up later this spring. Preeeeetty self-explanatory.

-Claire, who is never one to pass up the opportunity to draw muscled lady-arms
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Wow I love this!! You did a great job reciprocating what seems to be Leyendecker's style Im assuming, whom I admire greatly! Also I love the strength in her face! 
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Nice wink
(if you use this expression in english)
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Just stumbled on your page in the midst of an unrelated search, and I've got to say, WOW!  You are ridiculously good.  This piece though, I'm saving it forever.
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This is my new workout motivation :)

100% Awesome

110% Badass

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This is SO badass! Awesome. 
Starhorse's avatar
I love seeing stuff like this. SUPER well done too, I might add! 
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Wonderful! I confess to being a fan of muscled lady-arms too… :)
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This is incredible!
Muscled lady arms are the best kind of arms <3 Great work as usual.
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This is pretty awesome!
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Really love your take on Korra - I could just imagine her walkin around!
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Thank you for making her ripped. I'm tired of noodle armed heroines who are supposed to make us feel empowered.
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I love how she still manages to be feminine whist being muscled and strong :)
Tomat's avatar
Jesus, how cool is this!? :happybounce:
KtObermanns's avatar
I can't believe I hadn't added this to favorites! It's up on the wall in front of my power rack- thanks for giving me such a great visual of what I'm working for!
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I want this as a print please : )
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This was on Bryan Koneitzko's Tumblr recently, but had no idea you were the artist. I admire your versatility in style. Job well done. :)
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Thanks so much! Yeah, I was completely flattered when I saw that. :D
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You're most welcome! Yeah, I bet! I felt the same when Sifu Kisu signed my martial arts belt, or perhaps just a little. lol
It is really how Korra should look. So strong...
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