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There are some awesome redesign contests over on Warren Ellis' forum every once in a while and, while I watched from afar, I've never had time to participate... But who am I to resist Egyptian mythology, COME ON.

The idea for this particular challenge was to do a modern day version of Sakhmet, as she might appear in comics. I took a bit of a high fashion route in interpreting her traditional garb (read: ZIPPERS EVERYWHERE ZIPPERS), and what the hell! I like it.

(Photoshop CS5)

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Cool looking. Funny coincidence, one of my original super villains is named and based off of this particular Egyptian Goddess.
ranrice's avatar
I have a tattoo of this drawing
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She's the other half of Hathor cow Goddess of love, Sekhmet is all, bloody revenge on whoever threatens those Hathor loves. Typical duel-aspect Goddess. "Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned" meets Mama Bear protecting her cubs. Love the face, the body (the colour of the body), the pose & the winding smoke really polishes it off... don't hate the clothes but I don't love them either.
DC-Girl's avatar
This is just amazing! Its hard to explain how much i love this picture! I love your style too! I think i love you in general lol
ectoborge's avatar
beautiful and scary!
Realms-Master's avatar
Is that cloud representing Apophis, or just a random cobra? btw Love your Egyptian art!
DoodleDragon's avatar
This is so awesome, and powerful, and sexy. I love it! :heart:
Marililc's avatar
She's gorgeous *__*
karanaglephoto's avatar
Okay. When I get my own little nook in my own little house I am buying prints of your work and pasting them all over my walls. Your work is amazing.
ArtByBrindle's avatar
Stunning! You truly give this pantheon justice :D
329's avatar
By the gods, this is absolutely beautiful. I may be putting my foot in my mouth, but what about Bastet? Now I may be gushing. I just adore the clothing you decided to give her. It's absolutely beautiful.
IrotLessur's avatar
this is so awesome!!
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
corvidcorax's avatar
cool design and great color.
Lindblut's avatar
Marvelous, I just dog the colors and the movement in her body!
HenLP's avatar
The Goddess of War is on the prowl.
GumballUltima's avatar
GeezGeorge's avatar
So gorgeous! I love the flow your lines follow.
And the couture costume high road was totally the right approach XD
Really suits her~
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